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August 31, 2011

Day 3 of Player Suggestions

Color Custom Aura of Power hits Kiosks today!

It’s the third day of the 30 Days of Suggestions! So far, you can get your super mits on the Pulse Crossbow, the villainous Inverted Justice, and the heroic Final Blade. Today, we want to give a warm welcome to the completely color custom Aura of Power!  


Inspired by your fellow player Drakkoniss, the Aura of Power is available in both the Herospire and Skulldeep Kiosks for 35 DTs. This should be pretty easy to come by for all those skilled Sharpshooters!

And *SPOILER ALERT* there might be a new training game coming to the Kiosks soon… =D

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August 30, 2011

Day 2 of Suggestions

Two new player suggested weapons in stores now!

Well, technically, they’re in Kiosks. Two separate Kiosks, in fact. One is available at the Skulldeep Kiosk and the other is at the Herospire Kiosk.  

Day 2 Sugeestions

The Inverted Justice (left, and quite Villainous) was inspired by your fellow player, Na Tra, while the Heroic Final Blade (right) was created by Omega.

Head on over to your faction’s headquarters and get the newest player suggested swords!  

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August 29, 2011

Got some Super ideas?

Here’s your chance to show them off!

It’s finally here! Today starts the highly anticipated 30 Days of Suggestions!

The whole thing is pretty straightforward. For the next 30 days, the HeroSmash team will choose a wide assortment of player suggested Armors, Weapons, and Powers straight from the suggestion forums. That’s right, super boys and girls: the items YOU wish to see in game just may become a reality!   

herosmash armor symboolClick here to post your Armor Suggestions!

herosmash wep symboolClick here to post your Weapon Suggestions!

herosmash power symboolClick here to post your Power Suggestions!

The rules to follow are pretty simple, but make sure you follow them accordingly! Here’s a checklist of the things to include in your post:

  • URL to IMAGE * see "Do not post images directly" under rules* - Original sketched, or chosen media for ideas must be a clearly visible image. (Stolen ideas/artwork, and blurred images will be over looked and NO CO-Creators [We want original ideas; not remakes by other artists])
  • Item Name and description [Optional] - Please do not name the items after yourselves as they are not MOD/personal items, the creator's name will be in description/credits
  • Link to HeroSmash Charpage - So creator can get the item free in their inventory

A Super Important Note: keep the theme of items to super heroes, modern and/or futuristic vs fantasy style… since this is HeroSmash, after all!

Where can I find the new suggested items?

Player suggested items will become available at the DTU Kiosk inside Herospire and Skulldeep. If the item is Neutral based, it will be available in both the Herospire and Skilldeep Kiosk. On the other hand, if the item is geared for Heroes, it will only be offered in the Herospire Kiosk. Likewise, if the item is only suitable for Villains, it can only be purchased at the Skulldeep Kiosk.     

herospire kiosk

All of the player suggested items will be selling for DTs, a type of winnable currency from the Kiosk minigame. You will have to earn enough DTs from completing the Kiosk’s missions if you hope to equip the newest player suggestion gear! Good luck =D

Day 1 Suggestion!

Yergen von Smerwhateverhisnameis is getting today’s Player Suggested Item(s??) ready for release! And as soon as I find out what it is… or what they are… you will find out too!

Hooray! The first Player Suggested item has arrived in the Herospire and Skulldeep Kiosks!


The Pulse Crossbow was inspired by your fellow player Askewen and can be obtained for 30 DTs. If you see Askewen, congratulate them on a job well done!

Can’t wait to see what item hits the shelves tomorrow!

Smash On!

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August 25, 2011

HeroMash Forums Webcomic Update!

Page 16 of the HeroSmash forums webcomic is now live!  See it here:

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Super Excited!

August 25, 2011

Super Death’s Decision Tonight!

The Shadow War has nearly ended. Which side will Super Death choose?

This is it, super folks. The Shadow War is coming to a close tonight. And you know what that means (and if you don’t, I plan on telling yah anyway): Super Death will make his final decision whether or not to align with the Heroes or the Villains.

super death banner

But from the look of things, the Villain War Meter is pwning the Heroes… so one could make an educated guess if they so choose.

Find out tonight during The Trials of Super Death finale!     

Level Cap Increase!

How super is this?! You can now level up to 20!

New Shadow Powers

Helping Super Death through his trials has taken its toll on you. Trust me—it was super hard for me to complete, and I’m a Mod! Thus, you have undoubtedly earned Death’s respect.

And as such, you have earned the right—and the honor—to unleash Shadow Power!

  • Darkness
    Lvls 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 20
    Envelope your enemy in spontaneous darkness lowering his chance to hit while draining his health over time.

  • Shadow Blast
    Lvls 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 20
    Conjure the forces of darkness to blast forth from your eyes and destroy your opponents.

  • Shadow Bomb
    Lvls 14, 17, 20
    Blow up your opponent with an explosion of supreme shadow power.

  • Death Touch
    Lvls 14, 17, 20
    Summon the power of Super Death unleashing tremendous damage on a single opponent but gradually draining your own health for 15 seconds afterwards.

Speak to Astroman to get your new Shadow Powers!

11 Never-before-seen Shadow Weapons

This loot is never before seen ‘cuz it’s new…and ‘cuz all these items are blacked out! (Okay yes, that wasn’t my best pun, I know, I’m still a bit rusty =p But I’ll get there eventually, don’t you worry!)


See that HUGE gun up there? That’s Event Horizon. And Event Horizon will be going RARE next week, so if you want to own a piece of Shadow War history, you better get it tonight while you still have a chance! It costs 250 SmashCoins, so if you're running low, now is the perfect time to stock up!

Click here to purchace your SmashCoin bundle!

All these items require a good amount of Shadow Rep, so if you see something you like, you’re going to have to….

Grind for the Gear!

Following Super Death’s decision, new Missions will unlock under Twi's supervision that will allow you to grind Shadow Reputation. There are 3 repeatable quests offering 1500 Rep total, and one exclusive Member-only mission that awards a massive amount of Rep!

Sweet. Those Shadow Powers and Shadow weapons are as good as yours now!

If you are not already up to date on The Trials of Super Death, then you have some serious catching up to do! The only way to obtain everything you see here (and more) is to complete Death’s missions. It’s a lot of hard work, I know, but no one ever said being a super person was easy =D  

Good luck my friends, and SMASH ON!

+Oh and yeah, here's a super thanks to my Twitter friends for reminding me of how Beleen does things around here ^___^

Tags: Super Death War Decision new Tonight's Release Power Rare Beleen

Super Death
Future Bocce Ball Master

August 24, 2011

Shadow War Update

Greetings and Salutations, mortals.

The new season of Super Mega Extreme Bocce Ball is about to begin. And this whole Shadow War is seriously cutting into my practice time.

How can I call myself “super” if I am unable to win a little game of Bocce Ball?

I am glad you see the importance in this matter. Thus, I am converting 500,000 Shadow Beasts into Bocce Balls and leaving the others for you to defeat in the war.

I haven’t got all the time in the world, you know. Sure, I’m immortal, but I got things to do. Like winning Bocce Ball tournaments. And figuring out if I should side with the Heroes or the Villains.

So stop reading this and head back to the battlefield and show me what you’ve got. Shadow Cores aren’t going to turn themselves in, you know.         

Hugs and kisses,

Super Death

Tags: Shadow War bocce ball Super Death

Everyone is Super!

August 22, 2011

If Evil is never supposed to win…

then why are the Villains winning?!?

Super Death’s war has reached Day 4. Heroes and Villains alike are dukin’ it out on the battlefield against a flurry of shadow beasts from Death’s previous trials. Here’s the score so far:

hero side

Hero side vs the Villain side

evil side

It looks like the Villains are in the lead! But…but….but… I thought evil never prevails?

Or was that only true in AQWorlds? *pulls out hair* I have sooo much to learn about HeroSmash!

I guess there is only one way to find out which side Super Death will choose—and that’s to keep on kicking shadow monster butt! You and your super pals have until Thursday to show Death whether or not he should side with the Heroes or the Villains… so get your double click finger ready and head to the Fortress of Deathitude to settle the score!

What’s with the Ultra Rare Mega Movie stuff?bbarbarian

Any HeroSmash newbies here? Like me? Hehehe! Well, last week was my first official week on the HeroSmash team. And it was my first time seeing how HeroSmash releases play out. Needless to say, I was quite surprised and confused (well, more confused than usual) when I came across the Ultra Rare Big Bad Barbarian loot.

I was all like, “Heeeey Yergen… wats all dis Barbarian stuff, and why are dey Ultra Rares?”

Now here’s where it gets REALLY awesome, as if Ultra Rare items weren’t awesome enough: Yergen explained to me that every time a new blockbuster movie hits the big screen in real life, your creative HeroSmash team whips together a handful of movie-parody collectibles that are only available for a limited time!

lol not that kind of trailer
The trailer for Big Bad Barbarians.

Sadly, I missed out on the Pirate related stuff and the Harriet Popper swag =( But I didn’t know!

And now I do. And I’m all loaded up on Big Bad Barbarian gear! Aaaaand I’m going to make sure that I get my hands on the next batch of Ultra Rares when a new movie hits the big screen!

Prepare the popcorn for total domination! Omnomnom >:D

A Quick Glimpse into the Future

I know what you guys and gals love more than Ultra Rares and movie parodies: sneak peeks!

And do I have a treat for you. Next week is the start of a little something we’re calling

30days of suggestions
30 Days of Player Suggestions!

Yup. You guessed it. Just like the name suggests, HeroSmash is going to take your super ideas and suggestions and try our best to implement them into the game for 30 days straight! We are looking to release at least one new player suggested item every day for the entire month!

WOW. Can it be done? Well… we are ganna try our best to make sure of it! We’re stocking up on our coffee bean hoards as I type this.

Wanna get a head start at submitting your ideas and suggestions? Head to the forums and let your ideas be heard, seen, and admired!     

Seeing all of your wonderful ideas on the forums makes me soo happy—and seeing your wonderful ideas in game makes me even happier!  With double the smiley faces and triple the exclamation points!!! =D See!

Because you know what? This game was made FOR YOU, so YOU should be a part of making this game! It is because of Members like you that we are able to keep HeroSmash up and running for everyone to enjoy, and as the game grows stronger with each passing day, we want to hear your ideas and suggestions on how we can make it even better!

And what better way than with the upcoming 30 Days of Suggestions challenge! Heck yeah!

Although we are open to all kinds of suggestions, we do want to keep with the whole HeroSmash theme. Think modernfuturisticmilitarysomething that you would want your Hero or Villain to bring along with them during their super adventures. Or a special ability that you want to harness and master.

We wanna hear it all! So start thinking and get submitting!

Click this link when you are ready to submit your HeroSmash idea or suggestion!  

The entire team is super excited to see what super ideas you come up with. Don’t worry—you’ve got 30+ days to submit your ideas, so there really is no rush. Take your time, think your ideas out thoroughly, and we will all see sooner or later if your idea makes it into game.

Good luck to everyone, and in the meantime… the Shadow War still rages on. C’mon Heroes, we can win this battle (and get our hands on that sweet Shadow rep gear too).

Battle Smash ON!

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August 18, 2011

Tonight’s Release is Live!

Well, technically, it’s dead, since Super Death has started a war!

This is just great. What kind of luck do I have? The moment I come over to HeroSmash… aaaand a huge war breaks out.

super death war

I didn’t sign up for this! Who’s in charge here?!

...Oh right. I’m part of that team now =D

So here’s what’s going on in tonight’s super release: For the past couple of weeks, Super Death has been sending you on his ridiculously difficult trials in order for him to decide which side to fight for. Should he be a Hero, or a Villain?

It appears that both factions are equally matched, so the only logical thing for him to do now is to start a war! Heroes will fight on one side while Villains man the other, taking down hoards of baddies that will earn you Shadow Reputation.

Oh and yeah, all that Shadow rep you get will let you unlock awesome gear in Super Death's shop. He is even releasing some brand new loot just for the war! Here's your chance to get your super hands on the Shadow Beast armor, Flames of Shadows, the Lights Out blade, Shades of Chaos, Shadow Knight Helm, Shadow Reaper axe, Shadow Beast Wings, and the Shield of Darkness!

me and my homeboy deathNow that's what I call a shady character!

Whichever side wins the war will be the final say to whether or not Super Death becomes a Hero or a Villain. Personally, I'm hoping he sides with PINK... but Artix insists that that's not an option... so I guess we will see which side wins at the end of the war!

Ultra Rares in Store Now

YAAAY! Brand new ultra rares have arrived at the Movie Mega Plex on Market Street! This week, Big Bad Barbarian is hitting the big screen and you can score some epic barbaric loot!

big bad barbarian loot

This is your only chance to get these ultra rares, so if you see something you like, you better snag it up before it's too late! Show off the Stygian Sorcerer armor, the Big Bad Barbarian armor, Assassins Mark, Barbarian's Curse, Barbarian Swipe, Barbarian Helm, Sword of Backonus, Sword of Teanna, The Hellenic Mark, Barbaric Buckler, Axe of Brofeeni, Gaul's Slayer, Chakram of Mlechcha, Nerfarious Mittens, Barbary Scimitar, Shiled of Barbaria, and the Barbarian's Conquest sword!

On a side note...

This has been my first week back to Artix, and my first full day working with the HeroSmash team, and I have had SO MUCH FUN so far! I cannot wait to brainstorm with the team tomorrow and start working on next week's release. School starts up again in a few days, so I am going to devote as much time as I can to working on (aka playing) HeroSmash. I have a lot to go through before I become a super master at the game!

Me and the team have A LOT of ideas for HS that we cannot wait to unleash. You and all your friends help make HeroSmash possible, so we want to make HeroSmash the most fun possible for you! =D

Thank you all for your support, and we are honored to have such super friends to play with. There's a lot of great things a'commin', and we are stoked to have you along for the ride!

Now, get out there and prove to Super Death why he should be a Hero or a Villain. Battle on!

Tags: Barbarian Super Death War Ultra Rares Beleen


August 18, 2011

HeroSmash Webcomic Pages 14 & 15!

Pages 14 and 15 of the HeroSmash forums webcomic are now live!  See it here:

Tags: Galanor

Super Death

August 17, 2011

An Update From Super Death

Greetings and Salutation fellow power people.

You all have played through my trials perfectly. You all have fought extremely valiantly. This challenge really took you all to new “heights”. Team Villain has vastly dominated this last trial, powering through the missions. However power is not always the key to winning. Team Hero has been calculated and has made fewer mistakes throughout this trial. Their strategy has shown that they can possible outlast sheer might, and that quality is very appealing to me. Where does that leave us? As it stands now, I just can’t decide. While I was talking to Flermen Shmergenhergen about that incident in the caves, that you all told me about, we discussed the dilemma I am in. I told him that I have created all these amazing portals and locations to help me decide, and yet, I am still torn as to which side to choose. I have warped reality and time to put you all through challenges that would help me see the right team to be on, and yet there is no clear answer. Merphin Glerbindergen understood my problem and had a simple suggestion. A war. Pit the two sides against each other, and see which ones come out victorious. An interesting idea. And interesting idea indeed. This Thursday should be very interesting...

Remember - I will always have my eye on you.

~Hugs and kisses,

Super Death

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Pink Power

August 17, 2011

Beleen is BACK!

Just when you thought it was safe to put away those Anti-Pink Protective Eyegoggles…. think pink again!

Oh yes. I am back. Along with all my delightfully horrible puns =D

Let me start off by saying that I have missed you super guys and gals sooooo much! Not a day went by that I didn’t think of you. It’s true! How could I ever forget such wonderful friends and family?

Beleen is baaaccck

Where have you been, Beleen?

So I guess I’ve got some explainin’ to do. You see, this past summer, I signed up for a bunch of classes at my University that ended up consuming every waking hour (and some major dream time, too). Since I do not possess the super power to slow down time, nor the super power that would grant me automatic A’s in all of my classes, I had no choice but to hang up my pink armor and fill my inventory bags with school books instead. (On that note, chinchillas LOVE to eat homework. Bad Chongo, bad!)

But as a new semester (and a lighter class load) dawns on the horizon, I am able to return to the Secret Underground Lab and will eventually bring the PINK back to all of Lore! Yaaaaaay!

I just hope Artix has built up some pink resistance during my absence… Don’t wanna burn the boss’s eyes out on my first day back to work, yanno? *sizzle* =p

What are you doing on the HeroSmash Design Notes?

Glad you asked! Because I’m super excited to let you in on a little secret! You see, the reason I’m posting on HeroSmash’s DNs is because I’m joining the HeroSmash team!

Yes way. And more specifically, I’m going to be writing up brand-new action-packed adventure-laden storylines that are ganna have you and your super buddies begging for more. There will be more DN posts, too. More item descriptions. More character development. More scripts. And more more!

I am stoked to have such an awesome opportunity in front of me. And stoked to see how AWESOME my HeroSmash outfit looks! Sure, my getup in AdventureQuest Worlds is cool and all… but COME ON! Have you seen these boots!?!? Rockin’!

When will you start working on HeroSmash, Beleen?

Well… I guess I start now since Yergen already handed me all the secret passwords! HAHAH! But I have some serious catching up to do. Seriously. I haven’t played HeroSmash (or ANY game, for that matter) since Summer classes began back in May, so I’m a tad bit rusty to say the least.

Can pink rust?

Hrrrm, I should know this, considering I just finished my Chemistry class…

But no worries! As soon as I’m back up to speed—and have enough coffee in me—I’m going to dish out some super storylines with brand new zone development!

Just let me caffeinate myself and I’m ganna get started. I’m back on Twitter too so you can always keep in touch with me there =3

*Hugs* It’s sooo great to be back! I have missed you all so much!

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August 12, 2011

The Fourth Trial has been released

Super Death has worked hard on this last trial. He has his portal taking you high atop a snowy mountain. From there it’s deep into the heart of the mountain. Through a large maze of twists and turns. There you will find raiders, and archeologists trying to find the ancient treasure of the Inigru people.

The Inigru are an ancient civilization. A race of warriors, prophets, and poets. They lived around the top of the mountain, living off the land, and protecting their lands. Then they mysteriously disappeared, leaving only a labyrinth of caves in the mountain.

This is where Super Death’s trial begins. See the world renowned adventurer Illinois Johnson or visit the villainous Charries. They will send you on your mission deep within the maze of the Ingiru. 

Tags: Yergen Super Death Trials Bulwarks

HS Comic

August 12, 2011

HeroSmash Webcomic Update!

Pages 12 and 13 of the HeroSmash Forums webcomic have just been poted!  Check it out here:

Tags: Galanor

August 12, 2011

LightningCats gets an Update

The Lightning Cats shop just got an upgrade. Three new items have been added to the Movie Plex shop. The Bow of Prophets, Blade of Prophets, and the Cat Warrior Helm, all made by Zheenx! Hurry, these will only last for another week!

After that, you better get your giant sword sharpener. Cause the movie-plex release is going to be barbaric! 

Tags: Jemini Movie Release Update


August 11, 2011

Sneak Peek of the Fourth Trial of Super Death

This Friday is the release of Super Death Fourth Trial. For the fourth trial I thought I would do something completely insane! Show you stuff ahead of time! Whaaaaaa? Yup. You have wanted this release for so long that I thought I would show you what to expect. Let’s not wait any more – ON WITH THE SNEAK PEEK!

Super Death has arranged a trip to the top of an icy mountain, and then deep into its heart to find ancient treasure! Inside you will find

Cave Bandits, 


Cave Yeti’s.

And the giant stone Kahli May!

Get lost in the cave labyrinth – just watch out for giant rolling spike balls!

What items are in store? Well, you have to tune in tomorrow to find out.

Tags: Yergen Super Death Trials Sneak Peek Adulate


August 04, 2011

Mysterious Game Kiosks, Suggestions, and Sharks

A mysterious Kiosk has appeared in both HeroSpire and SkullDeep. They have on them, an addictive target game. It’s great for training your hero or villain skills. HeroSmash Members can play the game and complete the missions from the kiosk to get the special members only power that involves STRETCHING ATTACKS.

Dumoose went crazy on this release, setting up the minigame, and all the powers! Go Dumoose!


The kiosk will also be home to the first Suggestion Shop in HeroSmash. Not ONLY will there be items and powers available, but they will be GOOD and EVIL powers and items. That’s right! The first items based on your good and evil reps. Evil players can go straight to SkullDeep, and look for the Kiosk, while good players should make a bee line for HeroSmash, and do the same.

Also, Circe has been gracious enough to create an official thread in the forums for Suggestions(coming soon). Please follow the suggestion rules for submissions. We look forward to seeing your great submissions!

Randor and Zheenx worked hard to make the suggestions a reality!


In honor of Shark Week, the Summer Shop is getting a special limited time addition. Three new shark themed items have been added to the Summer Shop. Hurry, because these items will only be around this weekend. On Monday they will disappear forever.

Summer Shop you say? Yes, on Market Street look for Captain Mack’s Head Shop. Inside, the Platinum Surfer not only has some fun Head Morph items, but she also has the Summer Shop Items. The summer Shop will be around as long as Summer is here (Probably mid September).

Emotes and Canned Chat update

Thanks to Nytheria and Llusion, the emotes and canned chat have gotten a MAJOR upgrade. New emotes include ROFL, Dance, and Say WHAT? Btw – ROFL is my favorite. Also the canned chat now features *ahem* HeroSmash themed sayings.

Tags: HeroSpire SkullDeep Suggestion Shop Summer Shop Yergen Dumoose Spiffiest

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