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Happy PumpCON!

October 31, 2011

Cosplay Contest Winners!

Awarding handfuls of treats for costume creativity!

Happy PumpCON everyone! Are you enjoying the spookiest day of the year? Just wait until you gorge yourself on some delicious sugar-soaked candy! Omnomnomnom!

But you know what’s better than candy (…if that’s even possible)?

Here’s the answer: getting to award our awesome HeroSmash players with SmashCoins for their AMAZING cosplay contest submissions! 

Grand Prize Winner—5,000 SmashCoins



Runner Ups—2,000 SmashCoins



d-evil npc

D-Evil NPC





Winner’s Circle—500 SmashCoins










Everyone who participated in this contest did a SUPER job! We wish we could award everyone—but that defeats the purpose of a contest ^___^

(It would also make our jobs A LOT harder having to award 200+ entries! WOWZA!)

Thank you all for participating in this contest. We have some really talented artists out there and it was wonderful getting to go through and check out all of your hard work. Congratz to everyone who got a SmashCoin prize! If your entry was not picked as a winner, don’t be sad—we still loved being able to see your artist talents and we hope that you had a great time making them for us!

Smash On my friends, and happy PumpCON to everyone!

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October 13, 2011

PumpCON on!

Tricks and treats and frightful beasts!

Happy PumpCON everyone! Tonight the is the opening night of the PumpCON festival, taking place right now over at the Fairgrounds. Here you will meet the hosts of PumpCON, Spook and Spiryt, who have handfuls of candy to give you…if you complete their challenging missions!

spook and spiryt

And all that candy you collect from Spook and Spiryt does a lot more than just cause cavities—you can trade the candy in for MUCH sweeter Armors, Helms, Weapons, and Shields in their shops!

But don't expect Spook and Spiryt to hand their candy over willingly. Their missions will test your strength, endurance, and super powers as you face off against the Wickedly Wild Wolfman and go against an onslaught of Pernicious Pumpkins. To the victor goes the spoils—or, in this case, the CANDY!

Will you be crowned the PumpCON PumpKING? ^___^

This ghoulish gang also has a Daily Scavenger Hunt Quest that awards more candy AND Good or Evil Reputation. Heroes ought to help out Spiryt while the big bad villains should assist Spook.

PumpCON Seasonal Rares!

When you've collected enough candy, you can trade your sugary treats into other spooktastical treats!


Nineteen PumpCON Seasonal Rares await your inventory slots. You can't have an awesome Convention without a BUNCH of merchandise, now can you? Just about every item in this shop requires a handful of different types of candy trade-ins, ranging from Bubble Gum to Licorice to Chocolate Bars to (my favorite) LOLipops!

pumpcon2Not fond of candy, are you? Don't worry—we've got you covered! Spook and Spiryt also have a sugar-free shop that sells FIVE more PumpCON exclusives for SmashCoins. This is where you get your hands on the Wizard Staff, the Bone Deadly sword, the Bare Bones armor, the Jack-o-Boom, and the Skell-o-lantern helm!

Speaking of Jack-o-lanterns…  

Did you see that pumpkin sitting in Overlook? Have you clicked on it yet?

pumpcon viral item

Clicking on the Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter buttons will allow you to post a link on your account, and whoever clicks on that link will given a free RARE gift: the Viral Jack-o-Lantern helm!  

And it gets much sweeter! Not only will you receive the free rapumpcon beleen re, you can ALSO upgrade your Viral Jack-o-Lantern into the Jack-o-Combustion!

Because nothing says "Happy PumpCON!" better than an ignited gourd covering your head!

One more thing…!

A bunch of you have been wondering where the other servers have disappeared to. Well, seeing as to how the GIANT AdventureQuest Worlds event with musical guests They Might Be Giants releases tomorrow night, HeroSmash donated a few of its severs to help AQWorlds out!

Because sharing is SUPER! And we know super =p

Happy PumpCON everyone! Smash on!

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October 05, 2011

Bring on the PumpCON!

Join us for HeroSmash's first ever spooktastical festival, PumpCON!

PumpCON is making its way to HeroSmash next week! This spooky time of year is full of cavity-inducing candy, tricks and treats, frightful beasts, and heroes and villains dressed up as their favorite characters. So what better name for this event than PumpCON!

PumpCON 2011 preview

On top of scoring some PumpCON merch (like armors, helms, and weapons) that can only be found during this spooktastical convention, PumpCON attendees will have the chance to battle a big bad challenge boss, go on scavenger hunts to collect candy from all over the world, test their strength against waves of monsters, and even receive the exclusive PumpCON 2011 badge!

In addition to all that happening in game… a real-life contest has begun on the forums! This is the official all-call for super creative super powered players who love to draw AND who love to dress up in Cosplay!

Since it is called PumpCON, and conventions are renowned for Cosplayers, then this is the perfect time to host a Cosplay contest! Here's your chance to show off your super artistic talents as you draw your HeroSmash hero or villain dressed up as your favorite character!

The possibilities are endless. You could draw up your HeroSmash avatar as your favorite Anime character, or as a big bad video game boss, or maybe you want to wear the outfit belonging to your favorite trademarked super hero that we cannot affiliate ourselves with due to copyright infringement laws ^___^

So get your pencils, paper, tablets, and photoshop ready and prepare to bring on the PumpCON!

The Rules!

The rules are simple, but must be followed accordingly in order for your submission to be entered into the contest. The rules are posted on the Cosplay Contest thread as well, so make sure you actually read them before submitting your masterpiece! LOL!

  1. Your drawing MUST BE created by YOU. No co-creators, plz!
  2. You may only submit ONE (1) picture to be judged.
  3. Your drawing MUST have your HeroSmash Character Name written or signed somewhere on the picture to ensure that it really was created by YOU!
  4. Your drawing must contain your HeroSmash character wearing some sort of costume. Could be a costume from anywhere, any game, any anime, any movie, any book, anything! Endless possibilities here =D
  5. You may draw on any surface using any medium you so choose. Or paint. Or sketch. Or photoshop. whatever else you can think of to make a beautifully artistic masterpiece. Bonus points for creativity!
  6. Make sure to post a VALID link to your uploaded artwork, or else we can’t view it!
  7. And most importantly: have fun with your super drawing!

The Time Frame!

This contest begins Wednesday, October 5th, and will end at 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, October 26th. The winners will be announced that following Monday, October 31st!

The Loot!

The GRAND PRIZE will be a whopping 5,000 SmashCoins! Runner ups will receive prizes as well, up to 2,000 SmashCoins! Prizes will ONLY be awarded to your HS Character, so make sure you post and sign your HS Character name so that we can award you properly if (or when!) you win =D

The Template!

Since you're ganna be drawing your character in Cosplay, use this template to help get ya started!

The Link!

We cannot wait to see what artistic talent hides behind that avatar of yours. Head on over to the 2011 HeroSmash PumpCON Cosplay Contest and post your drawing today! Or tomorrow. Or the next day. But definitely before Wednesday, October 26th!

Best of luck to you all! I simply LOVE contests, and cannot wait to see who or what you dress your character up as!

…even though I'm not qualified to enter… and even though my drawing-skillz are DERPY at best… I still think I'm going to draw-n-dress myself in Cosplay anyway! But who should I dress up as? Hmmm… let me hear your thoughts on my Twitter!

PumpCON on!

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Super Pink

October 03, 2011

Mondays are Super!

Let me count the ways…

Where do I even begin? Oooohh ooohhh, I know! Let's start with something PINK!

Thank you Submeobi!

How could any day beat this?! Our wonderful player Submeobi sent me this super pink, super glittery, and super awesome mask in the mail! Thank you SOOO much, Submeobi—I LOVE IT! =D

But I cannot keep a gift this great just to myself. So Yergen worked his magic and crafted an identical Sparkly Cat Mask that is now available in Beleen's Beauty Boutique on East Main Street!

sparkly cat masks

MeeeeWOOW! It's puuuurfect! Hehe, cat puns. Gatta love 'em!

You know what else I love?

Infinite possibilities of color choices!

infinite color choices yaaaay!

Llussion made it possible to choose EVERY color imaginable with this super new color palate mixer! While you're at my Beauty Boutique getting your new Sparkly Cat Mask, take a seat at the chair and test out the HUGE selection of colors to customize your hair, skin, eyes, base, trim, and accessory colors!

30 Days of Player Suggestions

The end is finally here! Last week wrapped up the 30 Days of Suggestions, ending with the Pyrokinesis power inspired by Aftermath, and the transforming Solar Shield inspired by Coolboypai.

solar and pyrokinesis

So… after 30 days… you and your fellow players have helped add 31 weapons, helms, armors, shields, gloves, and powers into HeroSmash! WOW! We couldn’t have done it without you! Really—because they came straight from your ideas and suggestions! Check 'em all out at the HeroSpire and SkullDeep DTU Kiosks.

Did your idea not make it in game? Don't worry—every once in awhile, we will be adding more and more of your suggestions into the game. So one day you just might see your super idea being used by thousands of super players, too! =D So keep the ideas a'comin' and post 'em here!

Sneak-Peak Time!

I told you Mondays are super… and OMG super adorable too! Check out the newest and cutest NPCs coming this week to HeroSmash!

Deeoohgee and Fluffles

We humans aren't the only ones with super powers, you know. In this week's upcoming release, you will journey to Pleasanton Oaks where all the citizens have gone into hiding from the Sentinels. Clock Blocker's Space Sentinels have overtaken suburbia and only pets are allowed outdoors. Here you will meet Deeoohgee the super good pup, and General Fluffles the super evil kitty cat! Both cuddly critters will send you on quests throughout Pleasanton Oaks as you get one step closer to blocking Clock Blocker's plans!

Also! A surprise guest voice will appear in this week’s cutscene. Here’s a hint – it rhymes with Shmeorge Glowe. And here's a better hint: it's George Lowe!

That's right! This is HeroSmash's FIRST EVER George Lowe sighting! Make sure you log in this Thursday to witness the incredible voice-over talents of George Lowe as he makes his cameo appearance as a… well… you will find out soon enough!! =D  

This is going to be one exciting week! Hope you guys and gals are ready!

Smash ON! 

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September 28, 2011

New Player Suggestion

Equip these gnarly gauntlets!

Today’s suggestion comes from our fellow player Askewen. Check out The Enforcer Gauntlets!

enforcer gauntlets
Looks like Caffeinator scratched his face...

These impressive gloves are made with two types of color-custom ore to match your unique fighting style (and color scheme). The Enforcer Gauntlets are now available at the DTU Kiosks in HeroSpire and SkullDeep for a whopping 50 DTs!

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September 27, 2011

Time Travel this Thursday!

Be the first to witness the future of Pleasanton and score some Ultra Rare time traveling swag.

After meeting the panicked Pleasanton citizen in Overlook Towers, you fled to the city’s cries for help—whether it was to assist those in need, or to cash in on some golden Fame. You effortlessly took out Time Sentinel after Time Sentinel, and in the process, built your own bot and learned the Sentinel’s prime directive: to collect enough Antimatter to power Clock Blocker’s destructive Time Reaper!

time reaper omg

Despite your best efforts, Clock Blocker succeeded in the first phase of his Antimatter collection, and you battled the Antimatter Essence that the Mechanism formed. Upon its defeat, the Antimatter Essence told you that it can take you far into the future of Pleasanton.

And come Thursday, the bravest of Members will have the chance to travel 500 years into Pleasanton’s future and witness the demise in which the Clock Blocker hails from…

Spoiler Alert!

Seeing into the future has its advantages. And some pretty nice sneak-peeks, too. I am going to share with you some things you can expect to see when your take your adventures to future Pleasanton.

future pleasanton

This is a snapshot of what Pleasanton looks like 500 years from now. What has happened to this once quaint town? Where is that old lady feeding blue jays? And what’s up with that brown blocker rectangle coded into the map that Yergen forgot to take out!?!? OH THE HORROR!

But it gets worse. Much worse. The Oblivion have taken over future Pleasanton. They have enslaved the Human race. Oblivion Scouts ruthlessly patrol the streets. And your only hope of getting back to present day existence is by building your own Antimatter Mechanism and defeating the Antimatter being that it forms!oblivion scout

There is some good on the horizon, though. A unique Shop will be available that allows you to merge present-day items with Oblivion Technology, resulting in bigger, badder, and awesomer versions. In order to forge these new weapons, helms, and armors, you will have to collect enough Oblivion Technology—and they aren’t going to hand it over without a fight. Oblivion Powers can also be learned from this Shop… but they too will come at a hefty price.

As I mentioned earlier on, this special area is for Members Only. It’s our way of saying “Thank You for supporting the game!” With the help and support from our Members, HeroSmash remains free-to-play for everyone to enjoy, and we could not have done it without our super friends!  So thank you to everyone who helps support HeroSmash by being a Member, stocking up on SmashCoins, equiping the HeroSmash T-Shirt IRL, and by continuing to explore and grow with us =D!

The exclusive Future Pleasanton area is the least we can do to show our thanks! …although, sending you headstrong into a future overrun with Oblivion isn’t the most conventional way of saying “thank you”…

And since we’re on the subject of Time Travel…

Is there a Doctor in the house?

Your favorite time traveling science fiction British TV program will be hitting the big screen at the Mega Movie Plex on Thursday! This popular show features an alien doctor who has the ability to travel through space and time. This doctor has traveled so much that he’s forgotten his name—along with the show’s title! Was it Doctor What? Doctor When? Doctor Huh? Doctor Whom? Who knows!

Doctor whatchamacallit

For those of you who know what I’m talking about—FANTASTIC! You’ll love this parody release full of your favorite Doctor Whateverhisnameis loot! And for those of you who don’t have a clue… you can still enjoy the shop full of time traveler Ultra Rares that will only be offered for a limited time.

Well, would you look at that. A time traveler having limited time. Now that’s ironic!      

Today’s Player Suggestion!

There are only 3 days left of the 30 Days of Suggestions! And today we are releasing the Shield of the Avenged, inspired by our fellow player Shadowlord9k!


Arm yourself for your heroic triumphs or villainous conquests with this shield, available at both the HeroSpire and SkullDeep kiosks for 23 DTs. Good luck on those minigames, sharp shooter!

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September 26, 2011

Ending Soon!

30 Days of Player Suggestions, Big Bad Barbarian Ultra Rares, and Talk Like A Pirate Day loot.

Happy Monday everyone! Get your Anti-Pink Goggles ready, grab a snack, and fill your caffeine-vessel with your favorite drink, ‘cuz there’s a bunch of stuff we are going to cover today =D

The first thing on the agenda: 30 Days of Player Suggestions. I can’t believe it’s almost been a full month! We have had sooo many awesome suggestions and it’s been even more awesome implementing these ideas in game. We have so many super talented artists out there!

Today’s player suggestion is the Dark Energy Ripper, inspired by our fellow player Paradoxies.

Dark Energy Ripper

The Dark Energy Ripper can be obtained at both the HeroSpire and SkullDeep Kiosks for 28 DTs. Even though this blade looks like something only the evilest of Villains would use… I couldn’t help but make it available to Heroes as well since I am a Hero and I reaaaallly liked the look of this weapon! So YES, the Dark Energy Ripper can be used by both Heroes and Villains! How super!  

After today, that leaves us with only 4 more suggestions. But don’t be sad if your idea hasn’t made it in game yet—every once in awhile, we will release more player suggested items, so keep your brain a’storming ‘cuz you never know if (or when!) you will see your own ideas in game.

Market Street Merch

Next thing you should be aware of is all the Rare Items leaving Market Street on Thursday!

Big Bad Barbarians

The Ultra Rare Big Bad Barbarian gear at the Mega Movie Plex will be setting sail soon—and will NEVER be offered again. So for all those Rare Item hunters out there, now is your last chance to score this barbaric bounty!  

And while you’re on Market Street, make sure to pay that old sea dog Capn’ Skampy a visit! He’s right outside Captain Mack’s Head Shop and is loaded with a treasure chest of Talk Like A Pirate Day booty.

TLAPD booty

All of these items are Seasonal Rares, so no one knows if they will be back again next year or not. We cannot see into the future—nor are we on speaking terms with the Clock Blocker—so we do not know if these items will return during the 2012 TLAPD season.

But it’s better to be safe than sorry seasonal rare-less. So get your TLAPD items while you still got a chance! Yaaaaaaaarrrrrr!

Speaking of the Future…

October is nearly here! And that means that the spookiest time of the year is quickly approaching.

But there’s a slight problem. Okay—a BIG problem. You see, in AdventureQuest Worlds, they have “Mogloween.” Because they have Moglins. And that makes sense. But we don’t have Moglins in HeroSmash. Sooooo…..????? You see the problem!

Should we call it Octoween? Howl-o-tober? Super-Spooky-Candy-Eating-Pumpkin-Carving-Day? Howl*Con? Fright Night? Harvest Festival? Or what?

We just don’t know! And that’s why we need your help!

Feel free to post your thoughts on what we should call HeroSmash’s first spook-tastical holiday event on my Twitter or on Yergen’s.

Let the tricks and treats and great ideas commence!

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September 23, 2011

Welcome to Pleasanton!

Ahhh, Pleasanton. What a cute little town known for its quaint shops, friendly old ladies feeding birdies, and… MASSIVE Time Sentinel robots?!?

time sentinels in pleasanton

Something is making things a lot less pleasant in Pleasanton! And it’s up to you and your super buddies to figure out who—or what—is behind the onslaught of invading Time Sentinels. A very frightened citizen is waiting for you in Overlook Towers who will guide you to the troubled town.

Pleasanton is the first chapter in a 5 part storyline that we’ve dubbed “Story Zero.” In the weeks to follow, a new chapter will unlock, allowing you to progress further throughout the storyline in a whole new zone full of new monsters, minibosses, and missions. We’re calling this “Story Zero” because it will be our first main story that will set the stage for the manymanyMANY new adventures to come!     

Get Your Power ON!

What’s better than earning Fame, Experience, and Reputation for the Missions you complete? …Earning equipable Powers for all your hard work! Pleasanton’s Heroic and Villainous PNPCs—Hydraon and Darcron—will be awarding you with your choice of Powers after completing select missions: Slam, Flame Blast, Mental Blast, and Shock. All of these Powers are set to low levels so that every player, new or veteran, will have a chance at earning some free power abilities. Now that’s what I call SUPER!

New Items

Sure, Pleasanton may be the new home for Time Sentinels…but it’s also home to a handful of new items!

pleasanton items


Throughout your travels in Pleasanton, you will have the chance at getting the Mortal Coil blade, Anti-Blaster gun, Chron Blade, Hole In Time gun, Sentinel Soldier Helm, Time Sight gun, Time Sniper Helm, and the Time Stopper sword! Some of these items are buyable in the PNPC shops, and others drop off the baddies in the zone. But it’s up to you (...or the HeroSmash wiki!) to find out which! =D  

New Feature: Dossier

When you travel to Pleasanton, you will notice a little window pop up that looks something like:


That, my friends, is called a Dossier. A Dossier is a file that contains a detailed record on the perilous zone in which you are about to embark. The Dossier will enlighten you on some important facts to each zone, ranging from zone bosses to monster strengths and weakness to a preview of a few obtainable items in that area. How helpful!

Dossiers have also been implemented in each zone throughout the game. Make sure to check them out!  

New Player Suggestion Armor

Let’s give a warm welcome to the newest player suggested item: the Heat Manipulator!

heat manipulator

The Heat Manipulator armor was inspired by our fellow player Benyice and is available in both the HeroSpire and SkullDeep Kiosks for 45 DTs. It looks like the Lava Temptation armor might have a heated rivalry against the Heat Manipulator! Which one is your favorite?   

WHEEEW! That sure is a lot! Now, enough PINK… onwards into battle!

Smash ON!

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September 21, 2011


Today’s player suggestion is overwhelming with power… and has overwhelming requirements!

Your fellow player Packmaster inspired today’s suggestion: the Overwhelming Power!


When you use the Overwhelming Power, your body begins to surge with an overwhelming flow of energy. For 6 seconds, you will have an almost unlimited supply of energy, leaving you with a full energy bar afterwards. This power is especially super when combined with high-cost nuking powers!  

But before you fly on over to the HeroSpire Kiosk or blast your way to the depths of SkullDeep, be forewarned: the Overwhelming Power costs an overwhelming 150 DTs, is learnable only by Heroes and Villains of level 15 or higher, and requires a Shadow Reputation of Rank 6.

Such great power can only be used by equally powerful players! If you don’t have enough (…or any) Shadow Rep, you better stop reading this now and help Super Death on his ridiculously difficult trials. Best of luck to you, super dudes and dudetes!  

Spoiler Alert!

Want a sneak peek at tomorrow’s release? Well DUH!

time sentinel

WOAAAAH! That’s soooo cool! Buuuuuut…what is it?

That, my friends, is your first look at the first minion of HeroSmash’s first main storyline! Starting tomorrow, you will begin your journey on the first chapter of somethin’ we’re calling “Story Zero.” This is going to be HS’s first main—and complete!—storyline that will further develop in the passing weeks.

Story Zero is comprised of 5 areas, each having new NPCs, new missions, new art, items, cutscenes, minions, minibosses—the whole works! And, if everything goes according to plan (which, as we all know, always does), we will be releasing one new area per week for the next 5 weeks. The final week is when you will fight the main antagonist…and tomorrow night, you will find out who the big bad boss is during the second fully animated and voice-acted cutscene!

Oooooooh! I am sooooo stoked! Your friendly HeroSmash team has been working really hard on making HeroSmash better and better with each passing day, and we cannot wait for you to see all that we have done during tomorrow night’s release.

On behalf of the team, we are super excited and super lucky to have you by our side! So thank you, boys and girls and heroes and villains; we could not have done any of this without your help and support, and for that, we want to thank you in the only way we know how: by transforming HeroSmash into the most super MMO out there! =D

Smash On!

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September 20, 2011

New Player Suggested Armor

Ready to unleash some megahertz on your enemies?

A new player suggestion has been uploaded to the DTU Kiosks: the Tech Freak armor!

tech freak

With the seemingly endless evolution of technology, your fellow player Reki has discovered a way to harness the power of binary, transforming you into a Tech Freak. Upgrade your look with the Tech Freak armor for 45 DTs at both the Hero Spire and Skull Deep kiosks!

….speaking of Hero Spire and Skull Deep… what is the proper way of spelling these cities, anyway? Herospire and Skulldeep? HeroSpire and SkullDeep? Hero Spire and Skull Deep? H3R05P1R3 and 5KU77D33P? (that last one’s perfect for the Tech Freaks out there).

I dunno the “correct” spelling—if there is one—so what do you super guys and gals prefer? Lemmie hear your thoughts on my Twitter!

5M45H 0N!

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Stalwart Lass

September 19, 2011

It be me favorite time ‘o yearrrrr!

Swashbuckling shenanigans and a new player suggested item.

me be a pirateToday be Talk Like A Pirate Day, me hearties! ‘Nd me even decked meself in me real-life buccaneer outfit that be smartly matchin’ the Scurvy Buccaneer in-game armor!

Make sure ye say Ahoy to Capn' Skampy on Market Street to get ye own seasonal rare Talk Like A Pirate Day booty! Ye can find out more by feastin' yer eyepatches on me previous TLAPD Design Notes post!

New Player Suggested Item

Another player suggestion has been added to the DTU Kiosks!

data dagger

Ye don’t need to be tech-savvy to wield the Data Dagger, inspired by yer fellow shipmate The Wambo. Ye can get yer hands on the Data Dagger at the Hero Spire ‘nd Skull Deep Kiosks fer a mere 23 DTs! A motherload o’ player suggested items already be waiting for ye in the Kiosks, ‘nd more be arrivin’ daily as the 30 Days of Suggestions continue! Yaaaaaaar!

Shiver me timbers ‘nd Swashbuckle On!

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September 16, 2011

Vampire Bite!

Today’s Player Suggestion is a power you can really sink your teeth into.

Ahh—good ol’ vampire humor that I used back in the days of Lore. But now that I’ve traveled to HeroSmash, I’ve traded in my hot pink armor for an even hotter pinker super suit—but the puns and play-on-words will live on forever! ^___^

Today’s player suggestion comes from Lady Zafara, and it’s called the Vampire Bite power: “From the shadows you attack, draining your opponents life force and replenishing your own.” Since it kind of goes against the Heroic code of honor, only Villains are able to learn Vampire Bite. Villains at level 13, 16, and 20 can learn Vampire Bite from the Skull Deep Kiosk.

vampire bite!

I hope you are enjoying all these new player suggested weapons and armors and powers =D It’s so awesome hearing all of your super ideas—and even more awesome when we can put your ideas in game!

Remember, you can post your super suggestions right here on the forums!  

Smash On and Brainstorm On!

*also, for those who noticed: yes, I remembered to change my text color to pink! Happy day!

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Gettin' ready to plunder some booty

September 15, 2011

Avast me hearties!

Arrrrr ye ready to plunder some booty, me super scallywags?

Yo ho yo ho! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day all week long!

yohoyoho its talk like a pirate day!

That old sea dog Capn’ Skampy be waiting fer ye and yer crew on Market Street. Raise thee anchor and plunder his shop full of TLAPD Seasonal Rares! Yaaaaaaaar!

tlapd booty

What we’ve got there be thee Pirate Royalty armor, thee Royal Cutlass, thee color custom Pirate Bandanna, ‘n thee Jolly Roger Paint (and one be color custom, too).

more tlapd booty

‘nd up there, me be showin’ ye thee Octo Inker gun, Scurvy Buccaneer armor, thee Cursed Royal Cutlass, ‘nd thee fishy Rapscallion morph!

Some of these Seasonal Rares are fer every swashbuckler while others be suitable only fer Upgraded Hearties, and some require a handful of SmashDoubloons. So ye better make sure ye get ye hands (or hooks!) on this rare TLAPD booty ‘cuz ye never know if they ganna be offered ever again!

New Player Suggested Power!

Since today is Day… um….day…. hrm, how many days has it been since we started the 30 Days of Suggestions…? *thinking* AH YES! Day 16! …me hopes =p

Today’s player suggestion is the Selfless Gift power, inspired by your fellow player Novarian Prince.

selfless gift

Selfless Gift allows you to sacrifice your health to heal another player by a great amount over 6 seconds. Such a noble and selfless power can only be used by equally great Heroes. As such, Heroes at level 10, 15, and 20 can learn Selfless Gift from the Hero Spire kiosks.

On behalf o’ thee HeroSmash crew, we hope you enjoy thee release ‘n continue to Smash On!    

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September 14, 2011

Power to the Players…

…from the players!

Seventeen player suggestions have already been implemented in game: Mystic Blade, Supreme Commander armor, Attack Gloves, Wonderped Bread Helm, Wonderped Bread Armor, Riprap Hook, Cold Blooded, Bionic Cleaver, Shades of Vanquish, Electric Guitar, Bitter Cold, Fiery Wrath, Contra Blade, Aura of Power, Final Blade, Inverted Justice, and the Pulse Crossbow.

So we’ve done weapons and gloves and helms and armors… but what about Powers?! Hehe, well… considering the title of this post…and the screenshot pictured below…I am sure you can guess what player suggestion we are putting into the Kiosks today ^____^

reality rend power
The Reality Rend Power!

Reality Rend was inspired by our fellow player Lord Thursday. This power rends reality, shattering your opponent's mind into splinters, causing Insanity. Opponents suffer mental damage and reduced mental resistance for 15 seconds.

This power is available in both the Hero Spire and Skull Deep DTU Kiosks, and is learnable by Heroes and Villains at levels 13, 17, and 20.

Get your Smash On and start rending some reality!

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September 13, 2011

New Player Suggested Item

and a snapshot of the Talk Like A Pirate Day NPC!

The DTU Kiosks have received a new player suggested item: the Mystic Blade!

mystic blade

This awesome color custom sword was inspired by your fellow player War Ash and can be yours for the price of 28 DTs. So head to Hero Spire or Skull Deep and get your very own Mystic Blade today!

Ahoy Capn’ Skampy!

Meet Capn’ Skampy, a goofy old fisherman who knows a thing or two about pirates.


Skampy will be making landfall this Thursday for HeroSmash’s Talk Like A Pirate Day release!

Yaaar. We know that TLAPD is on Monday, September 19th, but since I’m soooo gung-ho for this holiday, we thought, “Well, why not release it on Thursday instead?”

And that’s what we be doin’, me hearties! During our Thursday release, you will be able to plunder Capn’ Skampy’s TLAPD shop and brush up on some pirate-savvy lingo.

Oh yeah, and make sure to thank Yergen for saving Skampy from Davy Jones' Locker!

Yo ho yo ho, it’s HeroSmash for me!

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