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Randor the Red

April 16, 2014

Changes to Types

Sorry to be silent the past few weeks, folks.

A lot is going on behind the scenes. As you all may know, we made Wonderp Bread my Asst. Project Lead, so he has the power to learn what I know. That came at the same time I finally got access to coders, programmers, and web designers for a week.

So, what's happening behind the scenes?

HS code was ported from AQW and adjusted to suit a game of super powered heroes/villains. HS was going to be different from AQW having more modern and futuristic comic-style weapons. The names of the weapon types were used from the AQW setup. As we moved along, we notice players wanted all kinds of weapons to make each player more unique. Until now, there were SWORD, AXE and GUN types, but this made it hard to place weapons like chainsaws and bows under the old archetypes.

So a week ago, we merged all AXE type to SWORD (well, Derp did the final ones). A Few weeks ago, we had llussion create MELEE and GUN types. Then Capt. Rhubarb 'automatically' transfered the old types to the new ones (saving us a ton of time!)

Being Project Lead can be crazy, but I am crazy about what I do, so it has been around the clock fighting to get things going. I also had to wait until mobile game was done.

Shields: I found to be odd in the WEAPON category as they're meant to protect. So, it is now in the ARMOR section of shops thanks to llussion. Currently, coders/programmers and web page designers are busy updating security and servers.

In the near future, we will be fixing gun attacks and capes. I'm not sure when, but it's on my list of requests. We're also working on character page badge fixes.

There is more stuff going on that I will share in time, but I don't want jinx things.

All this is happening because all of you have shown so much love for HS, and I thank you dearly for that.

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Randor the Red

March 28, 2014

Last week of Lucky Day

Hiya SMASHers!

We're wrapping up the Lucky Day event with some final items. Next, we're doing something special for Fools Day! Wonderp Bread is working on monsters and soon will be training as Asst. Project Lead.

That's right, Wonderp Bread will be beefing up his skills and helping to make HS better! This will allow me to focus more on storyline stuff and free me up for more non-HS projects.

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Randor the Red

March 17, 2014

Luck Day

Lucky Day is coming this Monday! It's a special day in my family, it's also my grandmother and sister's birthday (mine is Cino de Mayo!). Wonderp Bread has made new leprechaun versions of the marketstreet gremlins, which will drop lucky day items.

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Randor the Red

March 12, 2014

March Update

Hiya SMASHers!

Harry the Cupid is gone for another year; did you collect your badge? Now, Dage the Evil is celebrating his birthday with a shop in HeroSmash. Few more items were added this week. But this the last week to get as Lucky Day is coming.

We are hard at work getting the new, revised Smashdome ready. Along with the updated look to Smashdome, and we are adding the MegaDome to it. As a thank you to those that Beta tested monthly PvP and won (the PvP Champions), you are going to be NPCs (Dumoose's Team). PvP will remain, but the monthly poll and champion will be removed, as it has too many issues. PvP tokens will continue on for shop use and to claim a PvP Champion Badge.

We are also currently working on updating game security to make it better and safer for all. We added a pacth recently and next planning another server move for game files to a new a faster one.

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Randor the Red

February 12, 2014

Heroes Heart Day

Let go of my Brick-o!

Hero Heart Day is rocketing towards us and Harry will once again open up his shop to all.

Hero Heart Harry 2014

As this event approaches, so, too, does the current Limited Time Shop come to an end. The 'Bricko Movie' items are all RARE, but we will be adding permanent 'Bricko Movie' -inspired cosplay items to the game.

The Ultimate Evil and Good shop items got a face lift, thanks to Polistar! Postmaster and Wonderp Bread have completed the new game promotional package armor set, 'Titanical,' (it's in testing phase - the release date will be set soon as testing is complete)

In the last few weeks, HeroSmash has been moved to new servers and has had other, minor, updates. The character creation screen is also being worked on to fix some issues. We will be releasing this very soon.

Smashmas will be leaving next week. Before Smashmas is gone, we plan to release a new Smashmas badge (the art is ready, just have coding left).

It has been a super cold winter, hope you all are warm and safe!

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Randor the Red

January 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Arae

We recently updated the Overlook Info Menu interface to match the style and theme of HeroSmash. Also, the height was shortened so players can see the Exit Screen Arrow. We added a new floating animated shop button for staff birthdays and limit time shops.

We would all like to wish Arae a very happy birthday! She created special itemsfor her birthday shop, hope you all enjoy.

Before Smashmas leaves, we're going to fix a few more things (like one quest that could not be completed due to there not enough gift boxes to find). New Year items will be leaving this week.

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Randor the Red

December 24, 2013

SMASHmas Evolving

SMASHmas has begun, but with a lot of changes this year. First off, is there no longer a War Meter, as they have caused issues in the past. War Meters will now only be used for special War events. Next year, the Main Street maps (East and West) will be updated with a setup like the Yergen Sewer Event (the map changes once you are on a quest). Some new items are already in the shop with much more coming later today. The rest are coming this Friday (and weekend). AE Staff were off Tuesday and Thursday for the Holiday season, but the Canadian staff are also off on Thursday (Boxing Day). To all I wish a safe Holiday season. With all the snow storms, we need to be extra careful. Be a true hero and help those in need of help.

Liberty Square map was changed from 'liberty' to 'libertysquare'. Map pads have also been updated. This is a part of the ongoing map changes and fixes.

Many have asked that items in promo badges be SC. This will no longer be the case (older SC items will remain as is), since once you unlock a promo/shop badge you can always get your items again if you accidently sold them.

We are also happy to say that while some artists are longer with us, some have returned. This keeps the number of artists at a needed level. We will post when and if we need more artists and writers here and on the forums.

Please also note to read about being a MOD before asking to be one (asking breaks rule #1)

Questions about account issues DO NOT go on Twitter. I use Twitter to keep players updated. You can find help here and info on the HS homepage.

New Years is coming next! After that, we focus on getting a new area done and updating older out of date maps.

So stay safe and Happy Holidays from all of us at AE and the HeroSmash team!

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Martial Artix

December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from your video game family here at Artix Entertainment! Even when you are not on our servers, you are still in our hearts. We have done so much together this year and made so many great memories... and we could not do it without you! 

P.S. Thank you to everyone who purchased SmashCoins to support our weekly releases. We are very grateful that you give us the opportunity to keep making all our games better each week.


Randor the Red

December 20, 2013


Happy Holidays!

We're aiming for Monday to release SMASHmas! Artwork is still flowing while gift making E.L.F.s are working overtime. Unlike humans, the E.L.F.s (Engineered Life Forms) are genetically engineered for labor. Sadly, they are often mistreated and for long time have secretly (not to the MARShals!) been planning to take over the world. Who's not trying to take it over? Once again, Major Yergen hopes you all can keep SMASHmas a safe holiday from Doodie the Dark Elf.

Until then, we're adding a new Irony Mark III Helm and Armor to the cosplay shop! As we count down to the New Year, I hope all are having a wonderful holiday season.

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Randor the Red

December 13, 2013

Friday 13th Returns (Again!)

Happy Friday the 13th Again!

Items have returned along with a few new ones (Crow Wings for only a Limited Time). Also, we have a Battle Wedding shop to celebrate the the Wedding of Artix!

Wonderp Bread the Monster and Shop are leaving this weekend. Yergen will be around for another week as we are fixing some quest bugs. Then, it  will be replaced with SMASHmas!

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