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Super Pink

October 03, 2011

Mondays are Super!

Let me count the ways…

Where do I even begin? Oooohh ooohhh, I know! Let's start with something PINK!

Thank you Submeobi!

How could any day beat this?! Our wonderful player Submeobi sent me this super pink, super glittery, and super awesome mask in the mail! Thank you SOOO much, Submeobi—I LOVE IT! =D

But I cannot keep a gift this great just to myself. So Yergen worked his magic and crafted an identical Sparkly Cat Mask that is now available in Beleen's Beauty Boutique on East Main Street!

sparkly cat masks

MeeeeWOOW! It's puuuurfect! Hehe, cat puns. Gatta love 'em!

You know what else I love?

Infinite possibilities of color choices!

infinite color choices yaaaay!

Llussion made it possible to choose EVERY color imaginable with this super new color palate mixer! While you're at my Beauty Boutique getting your new Sparkly Cat Mask, take a seat at the chair and test out the HUGE selection of colors to customize your hair, skin, eyes, base, trim, and accessory colors!

30 Days of Player Suggestions

The end is finally here! Last week wrapped up the 30 Days of Suggestions, ending with the Pyrokinesis power inspired by Aftermath, and the transforming Solar Shield inspired by Coolboypai.

solar and pyrokinesis

So… after 30 days… you and your fellow players have helped add 31 weapons, helms, armors, shields, gloves, and powers into HeroSmash! WOW! We couldn’t have done it without you! Really—because they came straight from your ideas and suggestions! Check 'em all out at the HeroSpire and SkullDeep DTU Kiosks.

Did your idea not make it in game? Don't worry—every once in awhile, we will be adding more and more of your suggestions into the game. So one day you just might see your super idea being used by thousands of super players, too! =D So keep the ideas a'comin' and post 'em here!

Sneak-Peak Time!

I told you Mondays are super… and OMG super adorable too! Check out the newest and cutest NPCs coming this week to HeroSmash!

Deeoohgee and Fluffles

We humans aren't the only ones with super powers, you know. In this week's upcoming release, you will journey to Pleasanton Oaks where all the citizens have gone into hiding from the Sentinels. Clock Blocker's Space Sentinels have overtaken suburbia and only pets are allowed outdoors. Here you will meet Deeoohgee the super good pup, and General Fluffles the super evil kitty cat! Both cuddly critters will send you on quests throughout Pleasanton Oaks as you get one step closer to blocking Clock Blocker's plans!

Also! A surprise guest voice will appear in this week’s cutscene. Here’s a hint – it rhymes with Shmeorge Glowe. And here's a better hint: it's George Lowe!

That's right! This is HeroSmash's FIRST EVER George Lowe sighting! Make sure you log in this Thursday to witness the incredible voice-over talents of George Lowe as he makes his cameo appearance as a… well… you will find out soon enough!! =D  

This is going to be one exciting week! Hope you guys and gals are ready!

Smash ON! 

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