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Randor the Red

October 10, 2014

Mutli-Game Event!

We have a special event across all AE games! The Curse of the Phantom PIXEL! Hunt down cursed items to unlock the OmniKnight Blade (comes with an in-game shop, badge, and it is click-able with CC energy blade). HeroSmash has placed an Epic Shield on the monsters in the HOTtest zone. Enjoy the hunt!

Also we want to wish all Canadians a happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Next week, we'll be adding some last-minute items to the Talk Like a Pirate Day Shop, which will be gone the following week, so keep an eye out (unless you have a eye patch on).

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Randor the Red

September 20, 2013

TLaPD 2013

Hey Smash … -er … -ers … zzz …

What?! What? Oh, sorry there folks. I've been working overtime on Movie Plex expansion! What's a movie theatre without viewing rooms? The lobby has been rebuilt and new rooms will be added. The biggest issue was scaling. Yergen wants it to be social-type game, and I like that every player is the hero/villain … so we meet in the middle. Yes, many have asked if Yergen was still involved in HeroSmash. The truth is … he never left—he is the Game Lead! I just run things as he works on other new AE game projects. He's always keeping an eye on things and is one of best people to work with. Yergen has created a special parrot just for TLaPD!

Starting off last week was code-training with Dumoose! I am an artist, not a coder, but a lot of the game requires code to work. The more knowledge you have, the better. A better understanding of how things work allows me to understand the pros and cons of doing things. I learned that we need more planning on areas to make Flash work in our favor, but now I have a lot of new ideas! One new feature in the Movie Plex—the 'Action' doors! We use blockers to control where you walk and pads (think of them as virtual teleporters), but flying bypasses blockers and when you fly into a pad to more to next spot. This can cause confusion when flying so these new action doors will help solve the problem. Making new doors takes more time but will be worth it.

Due to coding, script, and art, the Movie Plex is not quite complete. A lot of final details need be done. We are also designing another monster for it (WIP). I'd like thank the HeroSmash team for their support and hard work. Without them, the game would not have any small updates while we work on major releases.

Mr. Midnight wrote more quests, but the newest one was a lot to learn, as it require coding I have not done before. Now expect to see more in the future like a game wide Easter egg hunt one day. We also testing sound on the fire hydrants, code still needs tweaking but it has come a long ways from early versions that cause chaos of overlapping and never ending sounds. But as I come to understand how things work the better I getting at making reality happen. Once we have a good working model it will be applied to the other items (trash can and mail box). New items can be created so we can have towns with tons of things to smash! No littering, please.

This week we are re-releasing Friday the 13th! I hope that will keep you busy, at least until we can release more Movie Plex content. A few more items will be added over the weekend. With new artists comes new issues. As they learn new skills, this sometimes causes issues in the artwork and they have to be corrected before releasing.

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September 19, 2012

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Yaaaar! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day in Ye Olde HeroSmash. Seafarers and Landlubbers alike should head on down to /marketstreet and see that salty sea dog Cap'n Skampy for the 2012 selection of ye lode pirate booty. Just visit him right outside of Captain Mack's. What are ye waiting for? Hoist the mainsail, weigh anchor, and sail on down to HeroSmash!

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Gettin' ready to plunder some booty

September 15, 2011

Avast me hearties!

Arrrrr ye ready to plunder some booty, me super scallywags?

Yo ho yo ho! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day all week long!

yohoyoho its talk like a pirate day!

That old sea dog Capn’ Skampy be waiting fer ye and yer crew on Market Street. Raise thee anchor and plunder his shop full of TLAPD Seasonal Rares! Yaaaaaaaar!

tlapd booty

What we’ve got there be thee Pirate Royalty armor, thee Royal Cutlass, thee color custom Pirate Bandanna, ‘n thee Jolly Roger Paint (and one be color custom, too).

more tlapd booty

‘nd up there, me be showin’ ye thee Octo Inker gun, Scurvy Buccaneer armor, thee Cursed Royal Cutlass, ‘nd thee fishy Rapscallion morph!

Some of these Seasonal Rares are fer every swashbuckler while others be suitable only fer Upgraded Hearties, and some require a handful of SmashDoubloons. So ye better make sure ye get ye hands (or hooks!) on this rare TLAPD booty ‘cuz ye never know if they ganna be offered ever again!

New Player Suggested Power!

Since today is Day… um….day…. hrm, how many days has it been since we started the 30 Days of Suggestions…? *thinking* AH YES! Day 16! …me hopes =p

Today’s player suggestion is the Selfless Gift power, inspired by your fellow player Novarian Prince.

selfless gift

Selfless Gift allows you to sacrifice your health to heal another player by a great amount over 6 seconds. Such a noble and selfless power can only be used by equally great Heroes. As such, Heroes at level 10, 15, and 20 can learn Selfless Gift from the Hero Spire kiosks.

On behalf o’ thee HeroSmash crew, we hope you enjoy thee release ‘n continue to Smash On!    

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September 13, 2011

New Player Suggested Item

and a snapshot of the Talk Like A Pirate Day NPC!

The DTU Kiosks have received a new player suggested item: the Mystic Blade!

mystic blade

This awesome color custom sword was inspired by your fellow player War Ash and can be yours for the price of 28 DTs. So head to Hero Spire or Skull Deep and get your very own Mystic Blade today!

Ahoy Capn’ Skampy!

Meet Capn’ Skampy, a goofy old fisherman who knows a thing or two about pirates.


Skampy will be making landfall this Thursday for HeroSmash’s Talk Like A Pirate Day release!

Yaaar. We know that TLAPD is on Monday, September 19th, but since I’m soooo gung-ho for this holiday, we thought, “Well, why not release it on Thursday instead?”

And that’s what we be doin’, me hearties! During our Thursday release, you will be able to plunder Capn’ Skampy’s TLAPD shop and brush up on some pirate-savvy lingo.

Oh yeah, and make sure to thank Yergen for saving Skampy from Davy Jones' Locker!

Yo ho yo ho, it’s HeroSmash for me!

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September 12, 2011

Mondays are Super!

Let’s start the week off right with new Player Suggested items and a sneak-peek of my favorite upcoming event: Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Over the weekend, Yergen snuck online and released 3 new player suggested items!

wonderp and attack gloves
Me and Caffeinator loafing around. Bad guys are TOAST!  

Now, I know what you’re thinking—that derpy bread helm could ONLY be the work of Beleen. But it wasn’t! Seriously! Your fellow player Wonderp Bread inspired the transforming Wonderped Bread Helm that pairs up perfectly with the Wonderped Bread Armor. The Attack Gloves that I’m sporting is the fine work of Gead, and all of these items are obtainable in the Hero Spire and Skull Deep Kiosks.

WOAH! Is that a Chaos Lord?!

Naw—it’s just the Supreme Commander Armor!

supreme commander
Artix thinks PINK is chaotic...

Most people have a misconception of Chaos. Some think that Chaos is aligned with Evil, but if AQWorlds has taught us anything, it’s that Chaos is neither Good nor Evil. Chaos is, in fact, a commanding force that can be harnessed by Heroes and Villains alike. And today, you too can equip this wicked armor at the DTU Kiosks for 30 DTs.

Spoilers arrrrrr here!

One of my most favorite holidays is making landfall next Monday, September 19th. Some land lubbers think it’s kind of silly, but for all my fellow swashbucklers out there, this holiday is a treasure chest just waiting to be plundered. It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day, matey!

yo ho yo a pirates armor for me

Here’s a sneak-peak of some booty you can salvage during HeroSmash’s first ever Talk Like A Pirate Day. You gotta give mad props to Zheenx for making this armor set—and he actually based the design off my real-life pirate costume that I own! That artist be a genius, that he be!   

But as far as TLAPD spoilers go, that’s all I know. For now. But as soon as I find out more, I will be sure to post them here on the Design Notes or on my Twitter!

Smash On me hearties!      

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