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Randor the Red

December 03, 2015

AQ3D Kickstarter

Hello, everyone! Did you know that AE is working on creating a multi-platform 3d version of AdventureQuest? It is true! We have a Kickstarter and we need YOUR help to reach our goal! We are already more than 50% of the way to the goal, so please tell your friends and have them tell their friends, puppies, fish or any living thing that loves great quality games to give their support! You can find the Official Link to our Kickstarter: Here!


* Inspired re-imagining of our AdventureQuest Worlds

* An online massively multiplayer role-playing game

* Cross Platform - iOS, Android, PC and Mac, you can play with your friends, regardless of what platform you are on! “You are on your phone, I am on my computer… let’s slay that Dragon!” (more platforms to be added, we are currently working on Oculus Rift compatibility!)

* New launch target date: Spring Break 2016

* There will be NO Membership or Upgrade what-so-ever! That’s right! No need to purchase monthly memberships or even a one time membership! The game will run purely on secondary currency, like Adventure Coins, Z-Tokens, and Nova Gems, that will only buy cosmetic items or early access to certain classes. Almost everything that you can buy with this secondary currency can be earn!

* We are raising the funding because we need more time to finish it right. We do not want to rush it live, we want to make a game that, when it launches, is worthy of all of our amazing players that make up this incredible community! AdventureQuest 3D has the massive potential to be A MEGA HIT!

If you have already supported our Kickstarter, we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts! Our players are the most amazing people and it's gestures like this that really show that! If you haven’t gotten the chance to support the Kickstarter, for whatever reason, you can still help us out! You could help spread the word about our Kickstarter! Share it on social media, tell your friends, make fliers and throw them throughout your school! Anything that helps get the word out about our Kickstarter would help tremendously! Here is the link to the Kickstarter, again, for all your sharing needs! Thank you, everyone, for your support! Battle On!

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Randor the Red

September 05, 2015

CON-tinuation of my Atlan-ture


Hello Smashers,

Randor here! For the last couple of years, I've been wandering the halls of what is known as Atlanti-Con and just my luck! I have gotten the brochure for this year’s con. Who knew Earth had a postal system to my Red Planet?! I'm super excited to go back! I've gotten to meet pretty amazing people and have seen some awesome costumes while I was there during my past trips and it's always had been a great experience! I'm excited to go and I'll be sure to let you all know about what crazy adventures I have in store this year so be prepared for an epic flood of robot costumes and rainbow-colored hair for a sci-fi anime filled convention is gathering this autumn.

Tags: Randor the Red Atlanti-Con

Randor the Red

July 01, 2015

Freedom Day!

Freedom Day!

Hiya SMASHers!

It's been a while since my last transmission to the people of the pretty blue planet!

I been away on my homeworld, Rouge, a planet with five moons recovering from my last battle! Now I am back to face my foes once again. Wow, my mailbox was full of birthday letters! Here on this planet, you celebrate the same day as my Birthday as Cinco de Mayo (and Happy Birthday to all, too).  I missed the party, but did pick up some items from these folks who bend forks with something they call the Force!

But before I unpack and put these items into the Cinco de Mayo shop, I am adding some new guitars to the Freedom Day shop! These guitars are painted in colors of the first 3 nations to sign the free travel pact. So show your pride for the day when the whole planet become one nation allowing the freedom to travel and visit (and battle) anyone in the world. This also made it so heroes and villains wouldn't be slowed down by toll booths!

But let's also hope one day it will become a day where everyone has the freedom to be whoever they want to be and to share their lives with whoever they wish . . . Happy Freedom Day!

Tags: Randor the Red Freedom Day

Randor the Red

March 17, 2015

Winter Woes

Hiya all SMASHers!

Sorry for silence last past months, there has been a lot going on!

I have been mostly been away dealing with the hardest Winter the Secret Outpost has ever experienced (and some personal family issues). Many times I wanted to move the Secret Outpost to one of the icebergs in the bay and float down south to the AE HQ where icebergs are so small they call 'em ice cubes!

Don't worry, though. While the maps did not get updated as planned, the down time was used to increase game security and make improvements to the game servers.

Lucky Day got released this week, but the snow storms made it impossible to work on new items. If we get lucky next week, some new rares will be added along with some final tweaks to the new NPC on Overlook – Pat O'Gold (yes, I love puns).

Now that Spring is around the corner, expect things to pick back up. Also, I will soon be looking for new volunteer developers (I'll post more details when the time comes).

As always, stay safe and keep warm!

Tags: Randor the Red Lucky Day

Randor the Red

December 17, 2014

Gold Ticket Shops!

This week Super Hero MMO HeroSmash has added Gold Ticket Shops to the game. One shop uses Gold Tickets that are rare drops from the monsters in the game. The other shop contains items that can be bought with SmashCoins or Fame (Members Only). We wanted a way for free players and members a chance to get some cool gear. But that not all! The Gold Ticket Shop contains items from not only HeroSmash, but from many of Artix Entertainment's most popular games!

Coming up next, Smashmas!

Tags: Randor the Red Yergen Birthday Gold Tickets

Randor the Red

November 30, 2014

Developer Update ~ November

Developer Monthly Re-Cap!

SmashGiving! (Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday)

Some new items have been added including different variations of the Seasonal Rare Sword of Shadows (this year only) and a new Cranberry Sauce Slice Shield (say that three times fast) to the SmashGiving Shop. Hope you all had a great time with your families and friends and enjoyed your adventures at the mall!

HeroMart Specials!

Speaking of deals, HeroMart is now selling the 2015 Calendars! Be prepared for the new year and get your copy now. While you're at it, check out the pre-orders for the Paladin and Legion T-Shirts (they'll make great gifts for the holidays).

Park Chaos!

This past month, the park has been getting many new changes in the way maps are set up. I want to remove invisible wormholes that are causing flying headaches. We also changed some of the arrows to buttons in order to make flying easier. There are still a few more invisble pads to remove and then all the maps can be finally revised with a brand new template. Thanks for all your feedback. Once this phaze is complete, expect new zones and quests to follow!

Upcoming Events!

Titanical Promo Gear

Titanical Gear will soon be replacing the current promo set, so keep an eye out for updates on this.

Character Page Badges

Yes the character pages will soon be getting some lovin' very soon.


Last year, we added a few more monsters to the SmashMas quest map. This caused an issue where some monsters were very large. This year, the maps will be updated and a few more gift boxes added to help make sure quests can be completed without issues. Happy Holidays!


Let us know on the AE Forums what you think of the changes and ideas. I'm also doing my best to include your ideas all the time

Tags: Randor the Red SmashGiving HeroMart Smashmas Promo Gear Forums Feedback

Randor the Red

October 10, 2014

Mutli-Game Event!

We have a special event across all AE games! The Curse of the Phantom PIXEL! Hunt down cursed items to unlock the OmniKnight Blade (comes with an in-game shop, badge, and it is click-able with CC energy blade). HeroSmash has placed an Epic Shield on the monsters in the HOTtest zone. Enjoy the hunt!

Also we want to wish all Canadians a happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Next week, we'll be adding some last-minute items to the Talk Like a Pirate Day Shop, which will be gone the following week, so keep an eye out (unless you have a eye patch on).

Tags: Randor the Red Curse of the Phantom Pixel TLAPD

Randor the Red

August 01, 2014

Current News

Hiya SMASHers!

Sorry, things have been slow the past few weeks, but I have been helping other departments with web graphics. As many of you know, editing cool AE artwork into desktop wallpapers is one of my duties (beside being Project Lead fro HS). These editing skills have been greatly needed by the AQWorlds and HeroMart teams, as the original graphic editors are hard at work getting the next AE Artbook finished. Once the Artbook is finished, I will be able to focus back on HS. Until then, I will be doing my best to drop new items into the game whenever possible and soon we'll have new HS homepage artwork.

Benefits of helping other teams include getting to work with talented people, who work directly on AE games, and those that promote through HeroMart and AE webpages. Together, Nythera and I been able to update some artwork for the help pages. The best part is I was able to work with the webpage team to create artwork and setup a HeroSmash staff page! ( This will help let players know the current 'active' team.

Whenever possible, I been reviewing the history of char designs and pooling all the ideas into a new design (see image). I'm not one that believes heroes are only muscle bound, as true bravery is in the heart, not limbs. Striking a balance like this is important, but this in no way means we changing past designs or stopping to use of current ones. These new 'variants' only add more of a super power comic-ky feel to the game. Feedback is welcome, as we are all working to make this game!

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Randor the Red

July 09, 2014

Changes to Membership and Battle Gems!

The HS/AQW 'VIP' system has ended. To clarify, the cross promotion between HeroSmash and AQWorlds has ended. Buying an AQW membership no longer gives you anything in HeroSmash.

SmashCoins are still available, so anything that is not for free players, can be bought with SC (SMashCoins). In the future, membership 'may' return as a HeroSmash only membership system (this depends on the player count and interest in the game).

So goods news for our loyal supporters! If you are currently a member (or had a membership), you get 50 more YEARS of membership for free.

On July 7th, all members received a one-time gift of 5,000 SmashCoins for each month of membership they had left (if they had 2 months of membership left, you got 10,000 SC).

Only the membership system has chaged, nothing else. This will not change items at all. Membership buttons will be removed from maps to avoid confusion and will be updating the pop-up menu for 'Redeem' button in HALdroid. New Promo gear coming soon!

PvP has come to Battle Gems! Read about buying gold and PvP HERE!

Tags: Randor the Red Membership Battle Gems

Randor the Red

June 30, 2014

Freedom Day!

Hiya SMASHers,

This week, we are preparing for Freedom Friday (Canada Day + USA’s 4th of July), where both countries celebrate who we are and the liberties our freedom gives us.

As a Canadian working for an American company, Freedom Day has a great deal of meaning for me. I truly wish all countries of the world could enjoy the freedom to express themselves, enjoy life, and work together just like Canada and the USA.

But I think Freedom Day should include Mexico, too (let's hear it for North America united!) So, from this point on, I plan to have the art team incorporate some 'Mexican Independence Day' themed items for Freedom Day. 

HeroSmash is a fictional world in which we are all a part of its creation. My vision for HeroSmash is to be an example of a better world where everyone is a Hero (or Villain?!) with goals larger than the world itself.

Freedom itself is a major theme for HeroSmash. Artix Entertainment has promised to keep HeroSmash running for as long as possible. But, this is a difficult task for many reasons.

Due to the majority of games going mobile, AE has been forced to adapt in order to survive, resulting in many changes. Such changes caused AQ3D to be pushed aside for mobile projects like Battle Gems. When time allows, I hope that project comes back to life!

HeroSmash admittedly had a bad start. Combine that with all the team members being moved to the 3D project (then later onto mobile and other projects), it has not boded well for HS. It was decide that I would run HeroSmash. I am proud (and happy!) to be working on HeroSmash, but it is not my only duty at AE. Game promotion is an aspect I'm deeply involved in (wallpapers, web art, and ads), and much of HS still needs fixing before implementing a major storyline push.

Much of HS I have done on my own. The Art Team is made up of talented volunteers wishing to get hands-on experience in the gaming development sector. The team has changed many times since our inception, but I'm still fighting to make HS better.

Lately, the current team has been adapting to life (work, school, and health). But there is good news! All are ready to step up and have already started on new ideas for artwork. 

I want everyone to know HeroSmash is NOT dead . . . it's like an undead zombie clawing its way up from under the ground. One day, we will rise to stand in the moonlight, at which point you'll probably be punching us for trying to eat your brains (but we promise not to hold any grudges over that). 

Unfortunately, it will take time. And patience. 

The only thing that can change is you—our fellow players. Nothing drives progress as much as demand, and to give us the resources we need to speed things up, we need YOUR support. Show us you want to play HeroSmash. Show us that you want it to grow.

And it WILL!

No matter what life throws at you, be a real hero and help the world around you. Heroism isn't just what people see… it's the little things that you do even if you're the only one who will ever know. Not for vanity or profit, but because that what makes true heroes into super heroes.

Battle On!

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Randor the Red

May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

We've added a few new (Limited Time) items to the Hero Memorial in the Park of Liberty City. Remember the Fallen!

Tags: Randor the Red Memorial Day

Randor the Red

May 05, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hiya all,

Hope you all enjoyed Randor the Red's Birthday Items this year! This week we also added some MARShals inspired items to the shop. Soon, we also be adding some super-y outfits.

More game fixes and enchancements are in the works, which will be posted here as they're implemented.

Tags: Randor the Red Birthday Event

Randor the Red

April 16, 2014

Changes to Types

Sorry to be silent the past few weeks, folks.

A lot is going on behind the scenes. As you all may know, we made Wonderp Bread my Asst. Project Lead, so he has the power to learn what I know. That came at the same time I finally got access to coders, programmers, and web designers for a week.

So, what's happening behind the scenes?

HS code was ported from AQW and adjusted to suit a game of super powered heroes/villains. HS was going to be different from AQW having more modern and futuristic comic-style weapons. The names of the weapon types were used from the AQW setup. As we moved along, we notice players wanted all kinds of weapons to make each player more unique. Until now, there were SWORD, AXE and GUN types, but this made it hard to place weapons like chainsaws and bows under the old archetypes.

So a week ago, we merged all AXE type to SWORD (well, Derp did the final ones). A Few weeks ago, we had llussion create MELEE and GUN types. Then Capt. Rhubarb 'automatically' transfered the old types to the new ones (saving us a ton of time!)

Being Project Lead can be crazy, but I am crazy about what I do, so it has been around the clock fighting to get things going. I also had to wait until mobile game was done.

Shields: I found to be odd in the WEAPON category as they're meant to protect. So, it is now in the ARMOR section of shops thanks to llussion. Currently, coders/programmers and web page designers are busy updating security and servers.

In the near future, we will be fixing gun attacks and capes. I'm not sure when, but it's on my list of requests. We're also working on character page badge fixes.

There is more stuff going on that I will share in time, but I don't want jinx things.

All this is happening because all of you have shown so much love for HS, and I thank you dearly for that.

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Randor the Red

March 28, 2014

Last week of Lucky Day

Hiya SMASHers!

We're wrapping up the Lucky Day event with some final items. Next, we're doing something special for Fools Day! Wonderp Bread is working on monsters and soon will be training as Asst. Project Lead.

That's right, Wonderp Bread will be beefing up his skills and helping to make HS better! This will allow me to focus more on storyline stuff and free me up for more non-HS projects.

Tags: Randor the Red Lucky Day

Randor the Red

March 17, 2014

Luck Day

Lucky Day is coming this Monday! It's a special day in my family, it's also my grandmother and sister's birthday (mine is Cino de Mayo!). Wonderp Bread has made new leprechaun versions of the marketstreet gremlins, which will drop lucky day items.

Tags: Randor the Red Randor the Red Lucky Day Lucky Day Randor the Red Randor the Red Lucky Day Lucky Day

Randor the Red

March 12, 2014

March Update

Hiya SMASHers!

Harry the Cupid is gone for another year; did you collect your badge? Now, Dage the Evil is celebrating his birthday with a shop in HeroSmash. Few more items were added this week. But this the last week to get as Lucky Day is coming.

We are hard at work getting the new, revised Smashdome ready. Along with the updated look to Smashdome, and we are adding the MegaDome to it. As a thank you to those that Beta tested monthly PvP and won (the PvP Champions), you are going to be NPCs (Dumoose's Team). PvP will remain, but the monthly poll and champion will be removed, as it has too many issues. PvP tokens will continue on for shop use and to claim a PvP Champion Badge.

We are also currently working on updating game security to make it better and safer for all. We added a pacth recently and next planning another server move for game files to a new a faster one.

Tags: Randor the Red Smashdome Dage the Evil Birthday Lucky Day

Randor the Red

February 12, 2014

Heroes Heart Day

Let go of my Brick-o!

Hero Heart Day is rocketing towards us and Harry will once again open up his shop to all.

Hero Heart Harry 2014

As this event approaches, so, too, does the current Limited Time Shop come to an end. The 'Bricko Movie' items are all RARE, but we will be adding permanent 'Bricko Movie' -inspired cosplay items to the game.

The Ultimate Evil and Good shop items got a face lift, thanks to Polistar! Postmaster and Wonderp Bread have completed the new game promotional package armor set, 'Titanical,' (it's in testing phase - the release date will be set soon as testing is complete)

In the last few weeks, HeroSmash has been moved to new servers and has had other, minor, updates. The character creation screen is also being worked on to fix some issues. We will be releasing this very soon.

Smashmas will be leaving next week. Before Smashmas is gone, we plan to release a new Smashmas badge (the art is ready, just have coding left).

It has been a super cold winter, hope you all are warm and safe!

Tags: Randor the Red Heroes Heart Day

Randor the Red

January 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Arae

We recently updated the Overlook Info Menu interface to match the style and theme of HeroSmash. Also, the height was shortened so players can see the Exit Screen Arrow. We added a new floating animated shop button for staff birthdays and limit time shops.

We would all like to wish Arae a very happy birthday! She created special itemsfor her birthday shop, hope you all enjoy.

Before Smashmas leaves, we're going to fix a few more things (like one quest that could not be completed due to there not enough gift boxes to find). New Year items will be leaving this week.

Tags: Randor the Red Staff Birthday Arae

Randor the Red

December 24, 2013

SMASHmas Evolving

SMASHmas has begun, but with a lot of changes this year. First off, is there no longer a War Meter, as they have caused issues in the past. War Meters will now only be used for special War events. Next year, the Main Street maps (East and West) will be updated with a setup like the Yergen Sewer Event (the map changes once you are on a quest). Some new items are already in the shop with much more coming later today. The rest are coming this Friday (and weekend). AE Staff were off Tuesday and Thursday for the Holiday season, but the Canadian staff are also off on Thursday (Boxing Day). To all I wish a safe Holiday season. With all the snow storms, we need to be extra careful. Be a true hero and help those in need of help.

Liberty Square map was changed from 'liberty' to 'libertysquare'. Map pads have also been updated. This is a part of the ongoing map changes and fixes.

Many have asked that items in promo badges be SC. This will no longer be the case (older SC items will remain as is), since once you unlock a promo/shop badge you can always get your items again if you accidently sold them.

We are also happy to say that while some artists are longer with us, some have returned. This keeps the number of artists at a needed level. We will post when and if we need more artists and writers here and on the forums.

Please also note to read about being a MOD before asking to be one (asking breaks rule #1)

Questions about account issues DO NOT go on Twitter. I use Twitter to keep players updated. You can find help here and info on the HS homepage.

New Years is coming next! After that, we focus on getting a new area done and updating older out of date maps.

So stay safe and Happy Holidays from all of us at AE and the HeroSmash team!

Tags: Randor the Red Smashmas

Randor the Red

December 20, 2013


Happy Holidays!

We're aiming for Monday to release SMASHmas! Artwork is still flowing while gift making E.L.F.s are working overtime. Unlike humans, the E.L.F.s (Engineered Life Forms) are genetically engineered for labor. Sadly, they are often mistreated and for long time have secretly (not to the MARShals!) been planning to take over the world. Who's not trying to take it over? Once again, Major Yergen hopes you all can keep SMASHmas a safe holiday from Doodie the Dark Elf.

Until then, we're adding a new Irony Mark III Helm and Armor to the cosplay shop! As we count down to the New Year, I hope all are having a wonderful holiday season.

Tags: Randor the Red Smashmas

Randor the Red

December 13, 2013

Friday 13th Returns (Again!)

Happy Friday the 13th Again!

Items have returned along with a few new ones (Crow Wings for only a Limited Time). Also, we have a Battle Wedding shop to celebrate the the Wedding of Artix!

Wonderp Bread the Monster and Shop are leaving this weekend. Yergen will be around for another week as we are fixing some quest bugs. Then, it  will be replaced with SMASHmas!

Tags: Randor the Red Friday 13th

Randor the Red

December 04, 2013

SMASHgiving and Birthday Fun!

Hope you all had a great SMASHgiving (Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday)! So much has been happening this week. Not only do we have SMASHgiving, but we also have Wonderp Bread's and Yergen's Birthdays! Yergen (HeroSmash Game Lead) is also the Super City Major (You don't remember there being any election?) and each year the city has a parade in his honor. Yergen also personally makes an item or two for his Birthday shop (expect to see the event this weekend).

Yergen Birthday 2013

Wonderp Bread will not be having a shop this year. Instead, he will allow you to test your skills against him in battle! If he deems you worthy, he will give (via drop) prizes. You will find him next to the Super City Bridge this week, so keep an eye out for him.

Next, we are preparing for SMASHmas and the start of the new year. In the new year updates will not be weekly, as we want get a new area up and running. The truth is that I never planned on weekly updates like the other AE games, but the team has worked hard to make that happen so we should give them all thanks for their hard work.

Tags: Randor the Red SmashGiving

Randor the Red

November 11, 2013

War Memorial

We combined the Memorial Day shop with the Veterans/Remembrance Day shop into a permanent shop in the park to honor those TRUE heroes who gave their lives for our freedom. These fallen heroes should not be remembered on just one day, but everyday.

Tags: War Memorial Randor the Red

Randor the Red

November 08, 2013

Limited Time Shop

This week, we well be adding some new cosplay items. There will also be special CLICKY rare versions that will be also added soon as they are finished being coded, so keep an eye out (aiming for Sunday). They will be in the shop for a limited amount of time then the CLICKY versions will go rare.

Tags: Limited TIme Shop Randor the Red

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