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Randor the Red

November 30, 2014

Developer Update ~ November

Developer Monthly Re-Cap!

SmashGiving! (Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday)

Some new items have been added including different variations of the Seasonal Rare Sword of Shadows (this year only) and a new Cranberry Sauce Slice Shield (say that three times fast) to the SmashGiving Shop. Hope you all had a great time with your families and friends and enjoyed your adventures at the mall!

HeroMart Specials!

Speaking of deals, HeroMart is now selling the 2015 Calendars! Be prepared for the new year and get your copy now. While you're at it, check out the pre-orders for the Paladin and Legion T-Shirts (they'll make great gifts for the holidays).

Park Chaos!

This past month, the park has been getting many new changes in the way maps are set up. I want to remove invisible wormholes that are causing flying headaches. We also changed some of the arrows to buttons in order to make flying easier. There are still a few more invisble pads to remove and then all the maps can be finally revised with a brand new template. Thanks for all your feedback. Once this phaze is complete, expect new zones and quests to follow!

Upcoming Events!

Titanical Promo Gear

Titanical Gear will soon be replacing the current promo set, so keep an eye out for updates on this.

Character Page Badges

Yes the character pages will soon be getting some lovin' very soon.


Last year, we added a few more monsters to the SmashMas quest map. This caused an issue where some monsters were very large. This year, the maps will be updated and a few more gift boxes added to help make sure quests can be completed without issues. Happy Holidays!


Let us know on the AE Forums what you think of the changes and ideas. I'm also doing my best to include your ideas all the time

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Randor the Red

December 04, 2013

SMASHgiving and Birthday Fun!

Hope you all had a great SMASHgiving (Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday)! So much has been happening this week. Not only do we have SMASHgiving, but we also have Wonderp Bread's and Yergen's Birthdays! Yergen (HeroSmash Game Lead) is also the Super City Major (You don't remember there being any election?) and each year the city has a parade in his honor. Yergen also personally makes an item or two for his Birthday shop (expect to see the event this weekend).

Yergen Birthday 2013

Wonderp Bread will not be having a shop this year. Instead, he will allow you to test your skills against him in battle! If he deems you worthy, he will give (via drop) prizes. You will find him next to the Super City Bridge this week, so keep an eye out for him.

Next, we are preparing for SMASHmas and the start of the new year. In the new year updates will not be weekly, as we want get a new area up and running. The truth is that I never planned on weekly updates like the other AE games, but the team has worked hard to make that happen so we should give them all thanks for their hard work.

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Randor the Red

November 22, 2012

Smashgiving and Black Friday

Last of this years Smashgiving items have been added to the shop (via Oscar at Overlook) alon with the BlackFyre Helm and Armor Black. These Black Friday Rares will be gone this Sunday and NEVER return.

I been asked again about RARES vs SEASONAL Rares. All Seasonal Events and Seasonal Shops are Label Seasonal.

RARE - To be Removed from game after event (1 time only)

Seasonal Rare - Tagged OR 1 time only. If an Seasonal item is not tagged ('12) then its 1 time only. If the item is tagged with the year then it can return atleast once more or have an update version. But seasonal Rares will at some point be gone where as...

Seasonal Item - Always ingame but only during a seasonal event or in a seasonal shop.

Happy Smashgiving and enjoy your weekend.

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Randor the Red

November 20, 2012


Happy Smashgiving everyone! This week is all about what the cat dragged in. The cat on Overlook has been revamped as an NPC named Oscar. Oscar always looking out to make friends (and money!). As a cat he loves to run around finding stuff, you never know what he will have at any given time and for how long. 

Players who know me have heard the name Oscar before. Fact is, Oscar was my first pet cat in real life. I did not adopt him; rather he showed up one day old and a large scar across the eye. Seeing that I like animals he decide to hang around (or was it my family hen coup?). I named him Oscar (short for Old Scar). His time with me was short as he decided to keep moving along to where ever it was he was headed to. In honor of this inspiring battle hardened feline (you should seen the size of rats he defeated!), he is now an NPC of HeroSmash.

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November 23, 2011

SmashGiving is HERE!

SmashGiving is here! The time to be thankful for the things you have, and smash those who try to take them from you! We have a fun set of items to help celebrate the festive time!

And remember to be nice to everyone this week, or they may just smash you in your face.

All the items are available in Overlook. Look for the SmashGiving button in the main nav window!

Sneak Peek of a Special Birthday Yellow Item


I told you there would be yellow. MuHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!

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November 22, 2011

A lesson on SmashGiving

People always ask me – “Yergen, What is the story of SmashGiving?” Well grab a pillow, and settle in, because story time is about to begin.

Once upon a time, about – oohh – seventy-five years ago, there were early settlers in our great Super City. Of course back then it wasn’t known as Super City, it was called Ye Olde Tyme City. The people of Ye Olde Tyme City were a nice bunch of people. Yet one dark and stormy night a band of roving Yeti’s entered the town. They destroyed everything, and ate all the Ye Olde Tyme City’s food. The next few months were hard for the people. They did what they could to bring their town to the wonder and beauty that it was, but their hearts were broken, and they couldn’t bring themselves to finish. It was a sad sad time, and the people of Ye Olde Tyme City.

But when everything looked darkest, from out of the stars came a gleaming space ship. The space ship landed, and from out of it came my great great great grandfather, Flergen Von Shmergenbergen. He said he was from the distant land of Shmergonia. Well as you can image the people of Ye Olde Tyme City were flabbergasted. But a little child stepped up to Flergen, and asked if he needed anything. Well Flergen was so touched, by the selfless geasture that he called his alien friends, and they brought all kinds of things for the settlers of Ye Olde Tyme City.

When the setters were back on track they had a great feast to thank the aliens, and Flergen. The aliens brought all kinds of wild and exotic foods to the table. The gelatinous Sneezlefobs introduced, Turkey to the settlers, who decided to roast it with stuffing. The hairy BobBeasts from Pleasior 9 brought mashed potatoes to the feast, and Flergen added some gravy to it. The seductive Swizzillians introduced a pie to the feast. This pie was made from something they called a pumpkin. Lastly, the dreaded Funderhounds brought Flunder Pudding. It was so terrible, that no one touched it, and the Flunderhounds were asked to leave.

Suddenly in the middle of the feast the yetis came back, and this time they brought robotic dinosaurs, and werewolves with them. Without a step, Flergen jumped from the table, and single handedly knocked the teeth out of every werewolf. Then he turned his attention to the robotic dinosaurs. With his bare hands he ripped apart each metal casing of those robotic rebels. Lastly, were the yetis. Flergen lunged towards the fury force, and with his entire might defeated every last one. As the smoke cleared, the settlers of Ye Olde Tyme City saw Flergen Von Shmergenbergen emerge victorious. They ran, cheering towards him, and lifted them on their shoulders.

Since then we have been celebrating SmashGiving, to give thanks for all the good things we have, and for all that aliens from other worlds have brought us.

And that’s the true story of SmashGiving, or at least how my grandfather told it to me.

What’s going to happen next week?

Well well, my power people. A certain adorable yellow mayor’s birthday is next week, so expect something yellow next week. Oh yes, there will be yellow.

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