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Design Notes


Randor the Red

November 20, 2012


Happy Smashgiving everyone! This week is all about what the cat dragged in. The cat on Overlook has been revamped as an NPC named Oscar. Oscar always looking out to make friends (and money!). As a cat he loves to run around finding stuff, you never know what he will have at any given time and for how long. 

Players who know me have heard the name Oscar before. Fact is, Oscar was my first pet cat in real life. I did not adopt him; rather he showed up one day old and a large scar across the eye. Seeing that I like animals he decide to hang around (or was it my family hen coup?). I named him Oscar (short for Old Scar). His time with me was short as he decided to keep moving along to where ever it was he was headed to. In honor of this inspiring battle hardened feline (you should seen the size of rats he defeated!), he is now an NPC of HeroSmash.

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