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November 22, 2012

Smashgiving and Black Friday

Last of this years Smashgiving items have been added to the shop (via Oscar at Overlook) alon with the BlackFyre Helm and Armor Black. These Black Friday Rares will be gone this Sunday and NEVER return.

I been asked again about RARES vs SEASONAL Rares. All Seasonal Events and Seasonal Shops are Label Seasonal.

RARE - To be Removed from game after event (1 time only)

Seasonal Rare - Tagged OR 1 time only. If an Seasonal item is not tagged ('12) then its 1 time only. If the item is tagged with the year then it can return atleast once more or have an update version. But seasonal Rares will at some point be gone where as...

Seasonal Item - Always ingame but only during a seasonal event or in a seasonal shop.

Happy Smashgiving and enjoy your weekend.

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