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November 18, 2011

The Killer's Code and a PvP Update

A new movie has been releases in the Market Street Movie-Plex. This movie is about the hit game, Killer’s Code.

The items will make you part of an elite and mysterious group of killer assassins. Jemini, Randor, and Polistar really made some awesome items. Hope you enjoy them!

PvP Bug Update

Llussion has been working hard fixing some of the bigger bugs in the PvP matches. The first main bug he addressed was the helm bug. So that should be working again. The next big thing he tackled was lag. While there may still be lag, we have a better understanding of what is causing the lag. Your testing is telling us a lot, and helping make PvP better, and better!

On the PvP Horizon

Rolith has been helping us build the ground work for the leaderboards. Hopefully those will be up soon. I’ll keep you posted! Smash On!

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September 29, 2011

Lost in time, and a Timely Doctor - What a week!

Beleen has been writing the Design Notes for so long – Now it’s MY turn. MuHAHAHAHAHAhahahaha!


What Future Is This?

HeroSmash Members will get to see a special sneak of the future of Earth as it is in the year 2511. The Oblivion has almost decimated it, and now you are stuck there! Can you find the tools needed to create an Antimatter Mechanism to get you back to your time? Or will you be just one more morsel on the Oblivion’s Earth Buffet?

See what Pleasanton looks like in the year 2511, and bring back some intense Oblivion Technology from the future!


Is there a Doctor in the Mega Plex?

Say goodbye to Barbarian goods, and say hello to some a very unique doctor. Your favorite time traveling British TV program is hitting the big screen at the Mega Movie Plex. This popular show features an alien doctor who has the ability to travel through space and time. This doctor has traveled so much that he’s forgotten his name—along with the show’s title! Was it Doctor What? Doctor When? Doctor Huh? Doctor Whom? Who knows!

Fans all over should head immediately to Market street and pick up your doctor wares. Not a fan? Well they have a cool mop for sale.


Sneak Peek? Well I guess

This time twisting tale is not over yet power people. The people in Pleasanton Oaks are now seeing Time Sentinels. They have all hidden in their houses. The only thing roaming the streets is Cats and Dogs! Plus surprise guest voice will appear in next week’s cut scenes. Here’s a hint – it rhymes with Shmeorge Glowe. This next release is for ALL PLAYERS! Next week is going to be fun!

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August 12, 2011

LightningCats gets an Update

The Lightning Cats shop just got an upgrade. Three new items have been added to the Movie Plex shop. The Bow of Prophets, Blade of Prophets, and the Cat Warrior Helm, all made by Zheenx! Hurry, these will only last for another week!

After that, you better get your giant sword sharpener. Cause the movie-plex release is going to be barbaric! 

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July 28, 2011

LightningCats are on the hunt - Join the Pride

Lighting! Lightning! Lightning Cats GOOOOOOOooooooo!

The Movie-Plex on Market Street is featuring a new theme. The Lightning Cats! True, the Lightning Cats are scheduled to be on TV only, but I don’t care. Cool is cool, is cool. Cool? Now YOU can defend yourself with the power of lightning… and kittens! There are plenty of LightningCats related items for you to stock up on, including HeroSmash’s FIRST hairs with CAT EARS! Cat ears people. There are also weapons galore for you to gear up with. So head on down to Market Street and visit the Move-Plex to get you super themed items. Tell them Yergen sent you, and they will probably not do anything!

THyton and Jemini cranked through these items. They really had a fun time with them.

What else are we working on?

Dumoose has been working something special to all new players, and future new players. It's a special tutorial mission, that will have you chasing down Mr Purple throughout the streets of SuperCity. It's a quick mission (with a strikingly fun cutscene) that will whow you the ins and outs of HeroSmash! I will reveal more info about it when it goes live on Friday.

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July 21, 2011

Lieutenant Liberty comes to HeroSmash

Hi there power people! This week is a week of Movie Power!

Lieutenant Liberty Punches In

There is a new super hero movie out and it features the mighty Lieutenant Liberty. He’s the hard punching, fast talking, super hero that everyone loves. Get your items from the movie now!

Harriette Popper Makes More Magic

Harriette Popper has magically produces a few more items. Swinescabs doesn’t start until August, so she has agreed to stay around until the end of July. After that, it’s back to school for her. She’ll be outside of the movie-plex.

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July 15, 2011

Trials and Magic Make HeroSmash Mega Epic

Who Run Trader Town?

Super Death reveals his third trial. It's time to go to a post-apocalyptic future and save TraderTown from mutants, crazies, and the giant BlasterMaster! 

In this crazy world, you will need to collect packs of gum from defeated enemies to trade in for supplies, and survive a high speed racing car game with huge powered-up turret guns! Listen all! This is the truth of it. Will you have what it takes to take on world with no rules? Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... Dyin' time's here.

Randor and Zheenx have made a junkyard full of wicked weapon, just right for fighting. O and major props for Dumoose and Llusion. This map has gum trading and one AWESOME minigame that will have you racing through the desert.

Harriette Popper Has Delivered

Harriette Popper has finally managed to make the stuff for the gift shop apparate. See Sam in the Market Street Mega Plex to get you official Swinescab swag. All four houses are represented.

A major round of applause to Jemini, for single handedly making all the items for this movie release.

Good Job to the whole HeroSmash Team. Hooray!

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July 11, 2011

This just might be HeroSmash's biggest week - EVER

Ok, so we have had some huge, epic releases in HeroSmash, but none of them have been THIS huge. Let me break it down for you…

The Third Trial of Super Death – Super Death may have taken a week off to recuperate from too much partying but he’s back with a vengeance. This next trial will be about strength and skills, but he doesn’t just stop there. Super Death has added a new element to this trial, speed. This is going to be one heck of a ride!     

Harriette Popper Part 2 – That’s right. Everyone had fun learning how to use the new magical powers, and now the gift shop has arrived. All four houses of Swinescabs will be represented. Jemini is in charge of these items, so you can expect them to be Popper-ific! This event will truly be magical.

Saved the best for last – I was looking around the lab today, and can you guess what I found. More Bag Space! I talked to Zhoom, and he said – ok. SO this week we will be maxing out the bag space to – wait for it – 100. Get those Smash Coins now. The price for the extra 50 bag slots is 8500 SC’s. It breaks down like this. 200 SC’s for 1 bag slot. 6000 SC’s for an additional 30. And 8500 for an additional 50! That’s 100 bag slots of awesome!

That’s a lot to do, I better get back to work!

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July 07, 2011

Summer Shop, Captain Mack’s, Power Up, and Popper

Celebrate the summer at Captain Mack’s Head Shop

You’ve all wondered what the inside of Captain Mack’s Head Shop looked like, well now you can find out. It’s under new management and the Platinum Surfer is the new owner. She is a fun loving, free spirit who loves the fresh air and thrill of adventure. Summer is her time to shine, and she wants to share her love of summer with you. While you can also get all your head morph needs from the Platinum Surfer, she is also hosting the Limited Time Summer Shop.

There are over 25 items for beating your enemies while staying cool under the sun, including character surf boards, armors, weapons, and sunglasses.

What’s all this Hocus Pocus?

The Market Street Movie Plex is featuring the new movie Hocus Pocus Hijinx, and the star, Harriet Popper, has arrived on Market Street representing Swinescabs (the traveling Wizard Academy).

Before Sam and Dean could even get their Hocus Pocus Hijinx movie merchandise, Harriet Popper has appeared looking for help. Speak to Harriet to learn how to craft the 6 new magic powers, including the most powerful spell yet in HeroSmash: "Abra Cadavra!"

New magic powers are also available in Professor Smash’s Power Academy. We are magic CRAZY!


HeroSmash now has a power up button. Similar to the “rest” button this button (located next to the Fly button) will boost your regeneration power while not in combat. Hit Power Up and start that health bar rising.

Yet again, Randor, Zheenx, and Jemini have made some out of control items. Dumoose has done wonders with the new powers as well. Yay for us!

~Yergen out!

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June 30, 2011

The Second Trial Is Live - Along With A New Movie

Super Death is very pleased with the results of the first trial. It’s time to open the portal to his second trial. If you are up to it, you will be put into one sticky situation. An asteroid has landed in the middle of the Super City Mall. Slimy creatures have poured out, and you must stop them.

Lokos and Electina have shown up to guide you. Fully completing the missions will rank you up in Super Deaths Shadow Faction, unlocking new powers and items. This trial is filled with 20 items, 2 of which will go rare when Super Death opens the portal to the third trial.

30 missions and a minigame will test your strength and your ability to think under pressure. Remember Super Death is watching you. Seeing how you play his trials, in order to decide which team he will join.

New Mega Plex Release – It’s Robo-Tastic!

Robo Morphers – ROLL OUT!!

The Robo Morphers have just opened at the Market Street Mega Plex. Head over to Market Street to get your morpher robot action items. They are Robo-Awesome.

Wait That’s Not All

On Friday the Fairgrounds get something new to celebrate. The 4th of July! This Friday, head on over to pick up your 4th of July themed items. Get there quick – I heard chudling are attracted to the smell of gunpowder. The 4th of July celebration will only be around for one week. It’s going to be explosive!

Once again the HeroSmash team has made me proud. Jemini, and Thyton never cease to amaze me at the awesome stuff they crank out. Randor is a beast at his items. Dumoose and Llusion are an unstoppable force at making these missions something really special. Zheenx, and Polistar did a great job on all of this week’s items. This week we also added a new player to the HeroSmash team. Hizu has joined in as an animator. Way to go Hizu! Good job as always team! If I was wearing a hat I would take it off to you all. 

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June 29, 2011

Robo Morphers are coming to the Movie Plex

Hey power people!

There is a certain robot movie in theaters now, and the Market City Mega Plex is getting it's own robot movie this Thursday. I present to you... Robo Morphers!!

The current Lime Flashlight items will be going away for good this Thursday when the Robo Morphers take over.

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June 16, 2011

Mega Plex Update and New Mentor Available

The Movie Mega Plex is seeing GREEN

Hey there power people. Make your way to the Market Street Movie Mega Plex. The current feature is the Lime Flashlight!

This super powered movie features special green energy items that will go perfectly with your official Lime Flashlight armor.  

Say the oath with me everyone:

In brightest rooms, in blackest streams,
No evil shall get away from my team!
Let those who kinda like evil’s scheme,
Beware my abilities… Lime Flashlights' beam!

A new mentor is available

The mentor system got a major upgrade today – A brand new mentor. The main four mentors that you know and love will always be there to guide all players through the game. However HeroSmash VIP Members will be able to have access to new mentors.

These new members will have special missions that only they can hand out. These missions will reward you with special items, or powers, or whatever they want to give you. The first of these new mentors is up now. There is a catch. You have to find out how to unlock the new mystery mentors.

It’s a secret. I could tell you but then I would explode. And I really don’t want to do that today. Here is a hint – Play the missions to unlock our first mentor. If you have played all the missions, then check and see if you have the new mystery mentor.

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June 14, 2011

Another Super Release in the Mega-Plex

In brightest rooms, in blackest streams,
No evil shall get away from my team
Let those who kinda like evil’s scheme,
Beware my abilities… Lime Flashlights' beam!

This week the Market Street Movie Mega Plex is going green. Well, almost. The Mega Plex will be featuring the Lime Flashlight. All the emerald goodies will be available this Thrusday, and the Team 10 items will be gone forever. - Also look to Dean for a speacial Lime Flashlight mission. See you this Thursday!

Randor and Zheenx made some wicked weapons for this release. All very Lime-tastic. Jemini and Thyton rocked the armors.

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June 01, 2011

Team 10 Comes to the Mega Plex!

This week the Market Street Mega Plex is getting a mutant sized update. Get your costume, pick your power, and be a part of the mighty Team 10! This week’s theater release offers an uncanny set of armors and hair styles, as well as a power packed batch of powers. That’s right – for the first time HeroSmash will be offering POWERS that will become perma-rare! What power will best suit you? Is it the Phoenix Fire, Magnetism, Foresight, Animal Fury, or Claw Fighter? Only you will know for sure!

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