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November 18, 2011

The Killer's Code and a PvP Update

A new movie has been releases in the Market Street Movie-Plex. This movie is about the hit game, Killer’s Code.

The items will make you part of an elite and mysterious group of killer assassins. Jemini, Randor, and Polistar really made some awesome items. Hope you enjoy them!

PvP Bug Update

Llussion has been working hard fixing some of the bigger bugs in the PvP matches. The first main bug he addressed was the helm bug. So that should be working again. The next big thing he tackled was lag. While there may still be lag, we have a better understanding of what is causing the lag. Your testing is telling us a lot, and helping make PvP better, and better!

On the PvP Horizon

Rolith has been helping us build the ground work for the leaderboards. Hopefully those will be up soon. I’ll keep you posted! Smash On!

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November 10, 2011

HeroSmash PvP Member Testing Has Begun!

HeroSmash members (and those AQW VIP members) can now log in to HeroSmash, and have Dumoose take you to the Smashdome! There you can pick up your Ultra Rare PvP founder Armor and Sword, as well as some cool powers built with PVP in mind. Once you are itemed up – get in and start playing PvP!!!

Oh yes, there will be bugs

So the version members are going to be testing is most definitely a “work in progress”, but we are so excited that we had to let you check it out early. Remember that to make PvP we need YOUR input. Make sure you fill out all bug reports properly in the forums. Reporting to me or other team members via Twitter, will not make it get fixed any faster, Trust me, the forums is the most organized way to report PvP bugs.

Here are a list of know Bugs – just to keep an eye out for them and confirm them.

  • The Scores – Currently we are not tracking and saving your PvP score. The score system is working, and the score you are getting is correct, but we are just not tracking it… yet.
  • Some Map Issues – Sometimes the maps tend to not load up. It’s all right though – simply /join smashdome again and re-queue. Of course report the bug and let us know.
  • More Maps? – We will have more maps, but for the time being we just need to test the ones we have.
  • Leaving a Queue – If you leave a queue and then try to get back in – well, that’s a bug, and you won’t be able to. To fix this you can do two different things. One, Simply leave the Smashdome, and come back, and everything will be back to normal. Two, Wait a good 10 seconds after you leave the queue before you re-queue.
  • Always Say Yes - When you get asked to confirm loading into the match ALWAYS say YES. If you say no, then everyone gets lost in waiting limbo. If you really didn't want to play say yes, and then leave ove the match starts.
  • Death Gate Re-Entry – When you die in PvP you get sent to the Death Gate (obviously). Super Death has arranged a portal to get you back into the game. Running over the portal will get you back fighting, but the portal can be a little buggy, and may need a couple of tries running over it to make it send you.

What about the PvP founder Badge?

That’s going to get awarded when the Member PvP testing is over (December 8th). What happens if your membership ends between now and then? No worries, as long as you were a member and tested PvP at some point before your membership ended, you will still get your badge. If you become a member at some point between now and the 8th and test PvP, then you will also get your badge. See? We think of everything (or at least try to).


That’s all I can think of for now. So sit back, settle in, and time to get your Smash On!

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November 07, 2011

Big news on HeroSmash PvP

Hey power people; I have two really big announcements about HeroSmash PvP! 

The first announcement is that we are going to launch PvP for all players on HeroSmash’s Birthday! That’s right December 9th, will be smash time. I will announce some more of the new features as we get closer to the release, but mark those calendars!

Now so many people have been asking me if they can play, or try out PvP. Well have I got some news for YOU. This Thursday (11-10-11), HeroSmash members will be able to get in and TEST OUT HeroSmash PvP before everyone else! That’s right – You will be able to get in and test out what we have so far, let us know what you think, and if you find any bugs (Oh yes. There will be bugs). As an added bonus, for testing, members will have access to a special PvP rare shop, to get some cool items, and when the testing is over they will receive a special badge that states that they are PvP FOUNDERS! This amazing offer and opportunity is for members only. Our members are the best! This is our way of saying thank you.

We are making huge strides in developing it. Llussion is being a power house and making this one heck of a game. We are pushing the PvP beyond what so many of you are familiar with. It’s really going to be a blast. All of us who have been testing are having a lot of fun.  I look forward to having you all get in and beat the math out of each other.

~Yergen Out!

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September 29, 2011

Lost in time, and a Timely Doctor - What a week!

Beleen has been writing the Design Notes for so long – Now it’s MY turn. MuHAHAHAHAHAhahahaha!


What Future Is This?

HeroSmash Members will get to see a special sneak of the future of Earth as it is in the year 2511. The Oblivion has almost decimated it, and now you are stuck there! Can you find the tools needed to create an Antimatter Mechanism to get you back to your time? Or will you be just one more morsel on the Oblivion’s Earth Buffet?

See what Pleasanton looks like in the year 2511, and bring back some intense Oblivion Technology from the future!


Is there a Doctor in the Mega Plex?

Say goodbye to Barbarian goods, and say hello to some a very unique doctor. Your favorite time traveling British TV program is hitting the big screen at the Mega Movie Plex. This popular show features an alien doctor who has the ability to travel through space and time. This doctor has traveled so much that he’s forgotten his name—along with the show’s title! Was it Doctor What? Doctor When? Doctor Huh? Doctor Whom? Who knows!

Fans all over should head immediately to Market street and pick up your doctor wares. Not a fan? Well they have a cool mop for sale.


Sneak Peek? Well I guess

This time twisting tale is not over yet power people. The people in Pleasanton Oaks are now seeing Time Sentinels. They have all hidden in their houses. The only thing roaming the streets is Cats and Dogs! Plus surprise guest voice will appear in next week’s cut scenes. Here’s a hint – it rhymes with Shmeorge Glowe. This next release is for ALL PLAYERS! Next week is going to be fun!

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