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Randor the Red

July 26, 2013

Visit to the Red Planet

Hiya Smashers!

Last week I made a trip to my home world... The Red Planet! 
Everything there is red, this time of year leaves on trees and even the grass 
has a red tint to it due to the twin red moons being closer to the 
home world. Now I am recharged and back at work making the game I love, 

Been a crazy week of playing catchup and dealing with a few surprises. 
Beginning of the week we focus on re-tweaking the super outfits and new 
artist training. Filling out reports and reviewing a ton of emails.

This week we are adding the missing CC items for Freedom Day which will be 
gone soon. Next week all out of date seasonal maps will be removed as we 
start adding Movie Plex and summer shop items.

Big projects ahead! In development is a new zone, the 'Mega arena' being built, 
and plans on revamping the Fairgrounds into a permanent amusement park with 
quests. Question: How should we change Friday 13th, Freedom day and 
PumpCON to work better with the new Fairgrounds?

Keep an eye out as the Freedom Day shop is getting updated as I write this!

Enjoy your weekend!

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Randor the Red

July 12, 2013


As our long time players know, seasonal and event rare items have year 
tags on them ('11, '12, '13, etc.). Meaning they can return or disappear 
at any time and be replaced with a newer version. Tags help rare 
collectors to prove when they got that item and to compare changes in 
each version. So what happens when a regular appearing item gets replaced? 
This is where Prototypes come in, when we decide to update artwork and add 
CC versions to shops the old ones will be renamed as 'Prototype' and be 
labelled RARE! Case in point is this Freedom day shop we updated the 
Canuck Crusadar art and made a CC versions (along with gun mode 
corrections) to the Bottle Rocket Launcher while leaving the originals (bugs 
and all) intact (this will only affect new changed items only).

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Randor the Red

January 25, 2013

The age of Ice

This week there is no HeroSmash update. One of the drawbacks of living on the coast up North is that you’re open to the elements (real life elemental damage HURTS). When we think of Smashmas, we forget that it’s not just a holiday season, but one that comes with winter weather. Winter storms have been wreaking havoc on the power grid here, which has lead to other issues like no computer, no internet, no TV, no lights, no heating and, for some, no water.

Let’s all remember that there are many people affected by severe winter storms. I’m asking everyone to be a Hero (just in real life, villains, don’t worry!) and help others whenever you can.

Next week: Player suggestions! Art has been pouring in from art team.

Coming soon: Many of you have been asking for a 2v2 PvP zone, so we’re currently working on making that happen!

Have a great weekend, be careful, and be safe!

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Randor the Red

January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! This past week many of the staff had been enjoying Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. I on the other hand have been working steady to make an updated version of the Smashmas war to work. Old flash code and new coding as I learning can work against each other. Learning to make both of them work together is a real challenge to someone that for many years been an artist and not a programmer. Lucky for me I start to see how things work and break. So now I see how it can all come together. It takes a lot of time to work on maps while setting up and testing items. Something artwork needs to be tweaked and corrected. The art team indeed work very hard to get artwork in as quick as possible (many are still in school).

This week Artickiller is handling shop items until the war maps are updated and fixed. Then the real work begins as I need to update old items and remove permanent item rares. Setup and test the new items.

This year we will be working harder than the last to make HeroSmash bigger and more fun for all. Like to thank all who continue to support us.

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Randor the Red

September 23, 2012

Talk Like a Pirate Day Update.

Whats a pirate without a hook? New "Gloves" have been added to the TLaPD shop! Many are asking why they not Good or Evil Versions? Will not all Pirates are evil and not all Privateers were good. Will be adding PEG leg versions later today.

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Randor the Red

July 27, 2012

To be continued...

To clear things up this weeks daily shop has more items added to its database of randomness. Movie Plex will have a seasonal summer event (vs. a random monthly update) "Blockbuster Movie Fest" with items from many different blockbuster movies that happened this year so far. Also adding a perm shop of candy and popcorn themes.

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Randor the Red

March 30, 2012

Nightwraith comes to Town!

Reports are coming in a strange lights have been seen at the park! That's right EpicDuels infamous Nightwraith has landed (by accident) here in the HeroSmash universe. Like a great "Doctor" once said time will always correct itself so hurry up to meet Nightwraith as he will only be here for one week! Also will once again for one day in November this year (Wibbly Wobbley! time warps!) 

Nightwraith Armor

As usual the Daily Shop continues to grow so keep an eye out each day :) As of now the RARE Ancient Aquadia Trident at Golden Claws shop is gone forever! But newer items will be added in the future!

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June 23, 2011

The First Trial of Super Death Is Upon Us

Super Death finally arrived in HeroSmash, and Super City may never be the same again. The great grim one himself is looking to be a super powered fighter, but is unsure what team to join. Should he step up to Team Hero, and use his Shadow Powers for good, helping the innocent and protecting the streets? Or should his Shadow powers be best suited for Team Villain? Spreading fear and chaos throughout the streets? He needs you to help him decide. Play through his trials and help him choose what the strongest team is.

The First Trial Is Hot

Super Death has arranged for a Volcano to appear in the middle of Super City. Go through the portal take care of the situation. Look for a Hero and Villain NPC to help you along the way. This all new zone has 3 new monsters and one big boss.

There are over 16 new items that will be available through quests or drop n shop. 2 of which will go rare when the next trial opens up. PLUS, you will find 3 new super powers: Frozen Spear, Lava Storm and Molten Armor!

Jemini, Thyton, Randor, Zheenx, Polistar, Dumoose, and Llusion all worked their butts off to get this release together. Good job all around gang! The next zone is going to be juicy!

Faction, Faction, Who's got a Faction?

There has been a major update to HeroSmash. Now the Good and Evil alignments are opposing. So if you complete good quests your evil rep lowers, and evil quests drop the good rep. Now you can truley be a part of Team Hero, or Team Villains.

In honor of the new Trials of Super Death we have also added a new faction to the line-up. Super Death's SHADOW faction. Those that rise up the ranks of this faction will be able to recieve special items and powers that only belong to the SHADOW faction.

Colors of Amazing Awesome
The color pallete got a huge upgrade thanks to Jemini and Zhoom. So many purdy colors. OOOOOOOOOOOooooooOooO. 


That's it for me, So tune in next time gang. Same Yergen Time, Same Yergen page.

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June 16, 2011

Mega Plex Update and New Mentor Available

The Movie Mega Plex is seeing GREEN

Hey there power people. Make your way to the Market Street Movie Mega Plex. The current feature is the Lime Flashlight!

This super powered movie features special green energy items that will go perfectly with your official Lime Flashlight armor.  

Say the oath with me everyone:

In brightest rooms, in blackest streams,
No evil shall get away from my team!
Let those who kinda like evil’s scheme,
Beware my abilities… Lime Flashlights' beam!

A new mentor is available

The mentor system got a major upgrade today – A brand new mentor. The main four mentors that you know and love will always be there to guide all players through the game. However HeroSmash VIP Members will be able to have access to new mentors.

These new members will have special missions that only they can hand out. These missions will reward you with special items, or powers, or whatever they want to give you. The first of these new mentors is up now. There is a catch. You have to find out how to unlock the new mystery mentors.

It’s a secret. I could tell you but then I would explode. And I really don’t want to do that today. Here is a hint – Play the missions to unlock our first mentor. If you have played all the missions, then check and see if you have the new mystery mentor.

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May 27, 2011

War in the Park - The End

The war between DaVinci and Demolicios, over the control of the Pandorian Malachite, comes to a crashing end.

You have fought hard to help, but who will be the ultimate victor? Will the evil DaVinci complete his dastardly mission? Will the heroic, yet misguided Demolicious stop DaVinci? That's not all. The story continues after the smoke and debris has settled. Travel to the Franklin Street Apartments to continue the story. Look for a handful of new items being dropped and rewarded.

Randor and Jemini made a ton of items for this release, and they hope you like them. We even have a special cutscene made by yours truly. It's like a choose your path cutscene that will play out differently depending on who you are fighting for.

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May 26, 2011

Movie Mega-Plex gets a kick to the solar plexus

Hey power people!


Pirates items have gone for good *tear. But they have been replaced by Super Cities newest movie release - HIYA! PANDA.

Get your kung fu and animal mash ups in the Market Street Movie Mega-Plex.  Jemini and Thyton had fun with these items. SO much fun, even Randor the Red wanted in on the party.

Remember ALL movie items are PERMA RARE! THey will be around for a week, and then the are gone for good.


This Friday the epic battle between the evil, yet determined Davinci and the heroic, yet misguided Demolicious comes to a epic climax. There is an action packed cutscene. that is different depending on which side you are fighting for. If that wasn't enough, there is also TWO bosses and a bunch of new war related item drops, including some Perma-Rare items. And because we just don't know when to quit we also include a new map for you to explore, complete with new quests.

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May 19, 2011

Market Street Theater is Live - It's Pirate Time!

Hey there Power People!

Visit Market Street by clicking on the map, or go thru you HALdroid. Once there you can visit the Movie Mega Plex.

Get your movie themed items there. The Mega Plex is currently featuring a Pirate themed shop! The themed shop will only be open for one week only. After that all the items will disappear for good. That's right... All items in the Movie Shop are PERMA-RARE!

Jemini and Thyton really made some amazing armors for this release. Randor the Red rocked out a huge stockpile of pirate themed weapons. Even Polistar got in on this release. Yours truly even made a set of animated head morphs! 

Yea yea – Pirates, blah blah – What else is new?

We made some graphical changes to the engine to help game play, and stories a bit easier to understand.

Aquatian Ruin got an update and a corrected cut scene. Visit Malandra in Overlook and you can see her see the new cut scene for yourself.

Spear has moved to his new location – Professor Smash’s Power Academy in Liberty Square. That’s the place you want to go for all your super power needs.

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