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May 27, 2011

War in the Park - The End

The war between DaVinci and Demolicios, over the control of the Pandorian Malachite, comes to a crashing end.

You have fought hard to help, but who will be the ultimate victor? Will the evil DaVinci complete his dastardly mission? Will the heroic, yet misguided Demolicious stop DaVinci? That's not all. The story continues after the smoke and debris has settled. Travel to the Franklin Street Apartments to continue the story. Look for a handful of new items being dropped and rewarded.

Randor and Jemini made a ton of items for this release, and they hope you like them. We even have a special cutscene made by yours truly. It's like a choose your path cutscene that will play out differently depending on who you are fighting for.

Tags: Yergen Jemini Randor DaVinci Demolicious War Cranberries

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