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August 12, 2011

The Fourth Trial has been released

Super Death has worked hard on this last trial. He has his portal taking you high atop a snowy mountain. From there it’s deep into the heart of the mountain. Through a large maze of twists and turns. There you will find raiders, and archeologists trying to find the ancient treasure of the Inigru people.

The Inigru are an ancient civilization. A race of warriors, prophets, and poets. They lived around the top of the mountain, living off the land, and protecting their lands. Then they mysteriously disappeared, leaving only a labyrinth of caves in the mountain.

This is where Super Death’s trial begins. See the world renowned adventurer Illinois Johnson or visit the villainous Charries. They will send you on your mission deep within the maze of the Ingiru. 

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August 11, 2011

Sneak Peek of the Fourth Trial of Super Death

This Friday is the release of Super Death Fourth Trial. For the fourth trial I thought I would do something completely insane! Show you stuff ahead of time! Whaaaaaa? Yup. You have wanted this release for so long that I thought I would show you what to expect. Let’s not wait any more – ON WITH THE SNEAK PEEK!

Super Death has arranged a trip to the top of an icy mountain, and then deep into its heart to find ancient treasure! Inside you will find

Cave Bandits, 


Cave Yeti’s.

And the giant stone Kahli May!

Get lost in the cave labyrinth – just watch out for giant rolling spike balls!

What items are in store? Well, you have to tune in tomorrow to find out.

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June 30, 2011

The Second Trial Is Live - Along With A New Movie

Super Death is very pleased with the results of the first trial. It’s time to open the portal to his second trial. If you are up to it, you will be put into one sticky situation. An asteroid has landed in the middle of the Super City Mall. Slimy creatures have poured out, and you must stop them.

Lokos and Electina have shown up to guide you. Fully completing the missions will rank you up in Super Deaths Shadow Faction, unlocking new powers and items. This trial is filled with 20 items, 2 of which will go rare when Super Death opens the portal to the third trial.

30 missions and a minigame will test your strength and your ability to think under pressure. Remember Super Death is watching you. Seeing how you play his trials, in order to decide which team he will join.

New Mega Plex Release – It’s Robo-Tastic!

Robo Morphers – ROLL OUT!!

The Robo Morphers have just opened at the Market Street Mega Plex. Head over to Market Street to get your morpher robot action items. They are Robo-Awesome.

Wait That’s Not All

On Friday the Fairgrounds get something new to celebrate. The 4th of July! This Friday, head on over to pick up your 4th of July themed items. Get there quick – I heard chudling are attracted to the smell of gunpowder. The 4th of July celebration will only be around for one week. It’s going to be explosive!

Once again the HeroSmash team has made me proud. Jemini, and Thyton never cease to amaze me at the awesome stuff they crank out. Randor is a beast at his items. Dumoose and Llusion are an unstoppable force at making these missions something really special. Zheenx, and Polistar did a great job on all of this week’s items. This week we also added a new player to the HeroSmash team. Hizu has joined in as an animator. Way to go Hizu! Good job as always team! If I was wearing a hat I would take it off to you all. 

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Super Death

June 28, 2011

A message from Super Death about the second trial

Greetings and Salutations. As you may, or may not know, I am Super Death.

There have been some of you that have completed my first trial. Most of you were successful, however don’t get too excited. The next trial will be more difficult, I guarantee it. Expect to have your strength and your mind challenged. Those that make it through the second trial will rank up in my Shadow Faction, and will have access to many more of my Shadow items and powers.

These trials are proving to be most interesting. Based on what I have seen, I may be joining Team Hero, as they say. They fought valiantly and boldly during this first trial, however let’s see what the villains do in the next trial. Maybe their actions will sway me to their team. Then there is that yellow fellow with the red mohawk. He keeps promising some pretty fantastic things if I just join HIS side. And I must say. I look pretty good on that motorcycle. No matter. The trials are not yet over. I will always have my eye on you.

~Super Death

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