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August 12, 2011

The Fourth Trial has been released

Super Death has worked hard on this last trial. He has his portal taking you high atop a snowy mountain. From there it’s deep into the heart of the mountain. Through a large maze of twists and turns. There you will find raiders, and archeologists trying to find the ancient treasure of the Inigru people.

The Inigru are an ancient civilization. A race of warriors, prophets, and poets. They lived around the top of the mountain, living off the land, and protecting their lands. Then they mysteriously disappeared, leaving only a labyrinth of caves in the mountain.

This is where Super Death’s trial begins. See the world renowned adventurer Illinois Johnson or visit the villainous Charries. They will send you on your mission deep within the maze of the Ingiru. 

Tags: Yergen Super Death Trials Bulwarks

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