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September 01, 2011

Day Four

Fo’ sho-ing off!

Yeah, I know that sounded WAY cool… but what’s EVEN cooler is today’s suggested item!

I have incredible upper body strength

Feast your eyes on the Contra Blade. Inspired by your fellow player Seraph, this massive tool of destruction can be obtained at the DTU Kiosks for just 20 DTs!

New Minigame uploaded to Kiosks

Well…not new new… unless you haven’t played through The Trials of Super Death…then yes, it’s new for you…but if you have, then it’s the Mad Smash Rampage minigame that you played in Tradertown. Make sure you accept the Kiosk’s missions first so that you can be awarded DTs for all your skill shootin’! And those DTs will let you buy all kinds of super stuff from their shops!

Smash on my friends!

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August 31, 2011

Day 3 of Player Suggestions

Color Custom Aura of Power hits Kiosks today!

It’s the third day of the 30 Days of Suggestions! So far, you can get your super mits on the Pulse Crossbow, the villainous Inverted Justice, and the heroic Final Blade. Today, we want to give a warm welcome to the completely color custom Aura of Power!  


Inspired by your fellow player Drakkoniss, the Aura of Power is available in both the Herospire and Skulldeep Kiosks for 35 DTs. This should be pretty easy to come by for all those skilled Sharpshooters!

And *SPOILER ALERT* there might be a new training game coming to the Kiosks soon… =D

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August 30, 2011

Day 2 of Suggestions

Two new player suggested weapons in stores now!

Well, technically, they’re in Kiosks. Two separate Kiosks, in fact. One is available at the Skulldeep Kiosk and the other is at the Herospire Kiosk.  

Day 2 Sugeestions

The Inverted Justice (left, and quite Villainous) was inspired by your fellow player, Na Tra, while the Heroic Final Blade (right) was created by Omega.

Head on over to your faction’s headquarters and get the newest player suggested swords!  

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August 29, 2011

Got some Super ideas?

Here’s your chance to show them off!

It’s finally here! Today starts the highly anticipated 30 Days of Suggestions!

The whole thing is pretty straightforward. For the next 30 days, the HeroSmash team will choose a wide assortment of player suggested Armors, Weapons, and Powers straight from the suggestion forums. That’s right, super boys and girls: the items YOU wish to see in game just may become a reality!   

herosmash armor symboolClick here to post your Armor Suggestions!

herosmash wep symboolClick here to post your Weapon Suggestions!

herosmash power symboolClick here to post your Power Suggestions!

The rules to follow are pretty simple, but make sure you follow them accordingly! Here’s a checklist of the things to include in your post:

  • URL to IMAGE * see "Do not post images directly" under rules* - Original sketched, or chosen media for ideas must be a clearly visible image. (Stolen ideas/artwork, and blurred images will be over looked and NO CO-Creators [We want original ideas; not remakes by other artists])
  • Item Name and description [Optional] - Please do not name the items after yourselves as they are not MOD/personal items, the creator's name will be in description/credits
  • Link to HeroSmash Charpage - So creator can get the item free in their inventory

A Super Important Note: keep the theme of items to super heroes, modern and/or futuristic vs fantasy style… since this is HeroSmash, after all!

Where can I find the new suggested items?

Player suggested items will become available at the DTU Kiosk inside Herospire and Skulldeep. If the item is Neutral based, it will be available in both the Herospire and Skilldeep Kiosk. On the other hand, if the item is geared for Heroes, it will only be offered in the Herospire Kiosk. Likewise, if the item is only suitable for Villains, it can only be purchased at the Skulldeep Kiosk.     

herospire kiosk

All of the player suggested items will be selling for DTs, a type of winnable currency from the Kiosk minigame. You will have to earn enough DTs from completing the Kiosk’s missions if you hope to equip the newest player suggestion gear! Good luck =D

Day 1 Suggestion!

Yergen von Smerwhateverhisnameis is getting today’s Player Suggested Item(s??) ready for release! And as soon as I find out what it is… or what they are… you will find out too!

Hooray! The first Player Suggested item has arrived in the Herospire and Skulldeep Kiosks!


The Pulse Crossbow was inspired by your fellow player Askewen and can be obtained for 30 DTs. If you see Askewen, congratulate them on a job well done!

Can’t wait to see what item hits the shelves tomorrow!

Smash On!

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Everyone is Super!

August 22, 2011

If Evil is never supposed to win…

then why are the Villains winning?!?

Super Death’s war has reached Day 4. Heroes and Villains alike are dukin’ it out on the battlefield against a flurry of shadow beasts from Death’s previous trials. Here’s the score so far:

hero side

Hero side vs the Villain side

evil side

It looks like the Villains are in the lead! But…but….but… I thought evil never prevails?

Or was that only true in AQWorlds? *pulls out hair* I have sooo much to learn about HeroSmash!

I guess there is only one way to find out which side Super Death will choose—and that’s to keep on kicking shadow monster butt! You and your super pals have until Thursday to show Death whether or not he should side with the Heroes or the Villains… so get your double click finger ready and head to the Fortress of Deathitude to settle the score!

What’s with the Ultra Rare Mega Movie stuff?bbarbarian

Any HeroSmash newbies here? Like me? Hehehe! Well, last week was my first official week on the HeroSmash team. And it was my first time seeing how HeroSmash releases play out. Needless to say, I was quite surprised and confused (well, more confused than usual) when I came across the Ultra Rare Big Bad Barbarian loot.

I was all like, “Heeeey Yergen… wats all dis Barbarian stuff, and why are dey Ultra Rares?”

Now here’s where it gets REALLY awesome, as if Ultra Rare items weren’t awesome enough: Yergen explained to me that every time a new blockbuster movie hits the big screen in real life, your creative HeroSmash team whips together a handful of movie-parody collectibles that are only available for a limited time!

lol not that kind of trailer
The trailer for Big Bad Barbarians.

Sadly, I missed out on the Pirate related stuff and the Harriet Popper swag =( But I didn’t know!

And now I do. And I’m all loaded up on Big Bad Barbarian gear! Aaaaand I’m going to make sure that I get my hands on the next batch of Ultra Rares when a new movie hits the big screen!

Prepare the popcorn for total domination! Omnomnom >:D

A Quick Glimpse into the Future

I know what you guys and gals love more than Ultra Rares and movie parodies: sneak peeks!

And do I have a treat for you. Next week is the start of a little something we’re calling

30days of suggestions
30 Days of Player Suggestions!

Yup. You guessed it. Just like the name suggests, HeroSmash is going to take your super ideas and suggestions and try our best to implement them into the game for 30 days straight! We are looking to release at least one new player suggested item every day for the entire month!

WOW. Can it be done? Well… we are ganna try our best to make sure of it! We’re stocking up on our coffee bean hoards as I type this.

Wanna get a head start at submitting your ideas and suggestions? Head to the forums and let your ideas be heard, seen, and admired!     

Seeing all of your wonderful ideas on the forums makes me soo happy—and seeing your wonderful ideas in game makes me even happier!  With double the smiley faces and triple the exclamation points!!! =D See!

Because you know what? This game was made FOR YOU, so YOU should be a part of making this game! It is because of Members like you that we are able to keep HeroSmash up and running for everyone to enjoy, and as the game grows stronger with each passing day, we want to hear your ideas and suggestions on how we can make it even better!

And what better way than with the upcoming 30 Days of Suggestions challenge! Heck yeah!

Although we are open to all kinds of suggestions, we do want to keep with the whole HeroSmash theme. Think modernfuturisticmilitarysomething that you would want your Hero or Villain to bring along with them during their super adventures. Or a special ability that you want to harness and master.

We wanna hear it all! So start thinking and get submitting!

Click this link when you are ready to submit your HeroSmash idea or suggestion!  

The entire team is super excited to see what super ideas you come up with. Don’t worry—you’ve got 30+ days to submit your ideas, so there really is no rush. Take your time, think your ideas out thoroughly, and we will all see sooner or later if your idea makes it into game.

Good luck to everyone, and in the meantime… the Shadow War still rages on. C’mon Heroes, we can win this battle (and get our hands on that sweet Shadow rep gear too).

Battle Smash ON!

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