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Happy PumpCON!

October 31, 2011

Cosplay Contest Winners!

Awarding handfuls of treats for costume creativity!

Happy PumpCON everyone! Are you enjoying the spookiest day of the year? Just wait until you gorge yourself on some delicious sugar-soaked candy! Omnomnomnom!

But you know what’s better than candy (…if that’s even possible)?

Here’s the answer: getting to award our awesome HeroSmash players with SmashCoins for their AMAZING cosplay contest submissions! 

Grand Prize Winner—5,000 SmashCoins



Runner Ups—2,000 SmashCoins



d-evil npc

D-Evil NPC





Winner’s Circle—500 SmashCoins










Everyone who participated in this contest did a SUPER job! We wish we could award everyone—but that defeats the purpose of a contest ^___^

(It would also make our jobs A LOT harder having to award 200+ entries! WOWZA!)

Thank you all for participating in this contest. We have some really talented artists out there and it was wonderful getting to go through and check out all of your hard work. Congratz to everyone who got a SmashCoin prize! If your entry was not picked as a winner, don’t be sad—we still loved being able to see your artist talents and we hope that you had a great time making them for us!

Smash On my friends, and happy PumpCON to everyone!

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October 24, 2011

A PVP update, and new stuff for PumpCON

Hey power people! It's new day, at a new lab. How about some updates?

PVP secrets revealed!

HeroSmash PVP is going really good. Llusion has been cranking through it, and really doing a great job. He's made big steps, but we have a long ways to go. I thought I would fill you in on some stuff we have been talking about.

There are two main issues we have worked out. The first is that we are going to have scrollable maps in our HSPVP battles. There is no running and hiding in HeroSmash! It will help make the battles really feel like a battlefield that you can explore AND fight in. Speaking of battlefileds, is there any HeroSmash maps and locations that you would like to see turned into a HSPVP battlezone? Let me know!

The second big thing is we have determined what the main HSPVP playing options will be. There will be a 1-v-1 for battling a buddy. 3-v-3 for group battles. And then there is the one I am really excited about - BATTLE ROYAL!!! Imagine it. A mass group of heroes and villains fighting in one giant map. It will be utter chaos! Ahhhh - I love the smell of chaos. It's a mixture of cookies, and ginger. 

PumpCON secret unlocked!

That' it for the HSPVP updates. But there is going to be a game update this week. More PumpCON items will be arriving in the fairgrounds this week. Get yourself in the spooky mood! Keep sending in the PumpCON Cosplay contest entries. They are looking AMAZING! Well that's all not really a secret - but I was just sticking with the theme.

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October 20, 2011

PVP Progress Update 1

Whoop! This is my first Desing Note ever and all I can say is that I'm really excited about my next projects. One of them being PVP for Hero Smash. I've been immersed in code all last week and I'm still reading it ... phew! But now, I have a better understanding of the way pvp works, and how can I use it to my advantage (Mwahahahaha, of course as long as the engine withstands it).

 At this moment I'm configuring the first arena for testing. It’s working up to the point when you defeat your opponent. I'm going to keep immersing myself into the code made by the astonishing Minimal (If I don't end up crazy - Oh wait I think I crossed that treshold quite a long time ago). Anyways things are looking good and we have some ideas on how to make this PVP experience a memorable one.

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October 19, 2011

Three little letters – P – V – P!

We here at HeroSmash have been reading your requests, and it’s apparent that you want one thing – PVP. AQW already has PVP, but we here at HeroSmash know we can do it way better, so I had an idea. Let’s take and make HeroSmash a massive multiplayer online PVP game! It just makes sense. What do heroes and villains like to do, but beat each other up! Actually it makes the trailer I made earlier on make complete sense.

So here is the plan. We are going to take our time, and have Llussion build HeroSmash into a high octane, action packed, super hero PVP game, in which you can battle with friends and enemies in various PVP battles. In the meantime, in order to make this new update the HeroSmash release schedule will take on a more spontaneous nature, releasing items and armors here and there. This will be similar to how Epic Duel handles their release schedule.

You probably have some question, and I have some answers. What will the PVP be like? Good question. Not sure. I have some really cool ideas, so it should be amazing. What about the Clock Blocker story line? I am working on that now, and will be included in the spontaneous release schedule. What is a spontaneous schedule mean? Well HeroSmash was never meant to have weekly releases, but being the awesome team we are, we just couldn’t help but release stuff weekly, if not daily. The spontaneous schedule will probably be kind of a surprise. It may be a week, it may be a month. I will update the design notes when there are new releases – so always check in. Will it be like Epic Duel? Good Question – Next! No really, will it be like Epic Duel? It will be its own thing. We will look at all of our great games, and create something that will be really fun, and “battle-tastic”! What about members? Members will always get excusive content that will make being a member completely worth it. Will there be leader boards? If I get my way, then you bet! Why is Yergen Yellow? What other color would you expect Yergen to be? Will you keep us posted on the PVP development? You bet! In fact – I would love to hear YOUR ideas for what PVP in HeroSmash should be.

That’s it from me power people! I’m headed off to HeroSmash PVP land! Smash On!

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October 13, 2011

PumpCON on!

Tricks and treats and frightful beasts!

Happy PumpCON everyone! Tonight the is the opening night of the PumpCON festival, taking place right now over at the Fairgrounds. Here you will meet the hosts of PumpCON, Spook and Spiryt, who have handfuls of candy to give you…if you complete their challenging missions!

spook and spiryt

And all that candy you collect from Spook and Spiryt does a lot more than just cause cavities—you can trade the candy in for MUCH sweeter Armors, Helms, Weapons, and Shields in their shops!

But don't expect Spook and Spiryt to hand their candy over willingly. Their missions will test your strength, endurance, and super powers as you face off against the Wickedly Wild Wolfman and go against an onslaught of Pernicious Pumpkins. To the victor goes the spoils—or, in this case, the CANDY!

Will you be crowned the PumpCON PumpKING? ^___^

This ghoulish gang also has a Daily Scavenger Hunt Quest that awards more candy AND Good or Evil Reputation. Heroes ought to help out Spiryt while the big bad villains should assist Spook.

PumpCON Seasonal Rares!

When you've collected enough candy, you can trade your sugary treats into other spooktastical treats!


Nineteen PumpCON Seasonal Rares await your inventory slots. You can't have an awesome Convention without a BUNCH of merchandise, now can you? Just about every item in this shop requires a handful of different types of candy trade-ins, ranging from Bubble Gum to Licorice to Chocolate Bars to (my favorite) LOLipops!

pumpcon2Not fond of candy, are you? Don't worry—we've got you covered! Spook and Spiryt also have a sugar-free shop that sells FIVE more PumpCON exclusives for SmashCoins. This is where you get your hands on the Wizard Staff, the Bone Deadly sword, the Bare Bones armor, the Jack-o-Boom, and the Skell-o-lantern helm!

Speaking of Jack-o-lanterns…  

Did you see that pumpkin sitting in Overlook? Have you clicked on it yet?

pumpcon viral item

Clicking on the Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter buttons will allow you to post a link on your account, and whoever clicks on that link will given a free RARE gift: the Viral Jack-o-Lantern helm!  

And it gets much sweeter! Not only will you receive the free rapumpcon beleen re, you can ALSO upgrade your Viral Jack-o-Lantern into the Jack-o-Combustion!

Because nothing says "Happy PumpCON!" better than an ignited gourd covering your head!

One more thing…!

A bunch of you have been wondering where the other servers have disappeared to. Well, seeing as to how the GIANT AdventureQuest Worlds event with musical guests They Might Be Giants releases tomorrow night, HeroSmash donated a few of its severs to help AQWorlds out!

Because sharing is SUPER! And we know super =p

Happy PumpCON everyone! Smash on!

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October 06, 2011

Pleasanton Oaks needs your help!

Pleasanton Oaks is under attack

You have cleared the town of Pleasanton of the Time Sentinels, but a new threat has emerged in the sleepy suburb of Pleasanton Oaks.

Journey to Pleasanton Oaks where all the citizens have gone into hiding from the Sentinels. Clock Blocker's Space Sentinels have overtaken suburbia and only pets are allowed outdoors. Here you will meet Deeoohgee the super good pup, and General Fluffles the super evil kitty cat!

Both cuddly critters will send you on quests throughout Pleasanton Oaks as you get one step closer to blocking Clock Blocker's plans! Two, fully animated cutscenes help the story unfold, and include a special guest star. George Lowe! That’s right; AE’s favorite voice lends his to HeroSmash for the first time.

Oh, and don't forget to look for Ghouldo! Dumoose added him into the map, so you'll have to look close.

PumpCON 2011 Starts next week!

Now that we officially have a name for it, next week kicks off HeroSmash’s first ever PumpCON! Defeat Vile Vegetables and one Wicked Wolf man. Collect candy for the Boo brothers, and they will in turn reward you with some hauntingly good items.

PumpCON also starts with its first ever HeroSmash Cosplay Contest! The RULES are fairly simple. Use our template to put your HeroSmash character in whatever costume you want. The possibilities are endless. You could draw up your HeroSmash avatar as your favorite Anime character, or as a big bad video game boss, or maybe you want to wear the outfit belonging to your favorite trademarked super hero that we cannot affiliate ourselves with due to copyright infringement laws ^___^

So get your pencils, paper, tablets, and photoshop ready and prepare to bring on the PumpCON!

Speaking of Pumpkins…

AE’s third annual pumpkin carving contest is kicking into gear as well.

So all of you HeroSmash fans out there grab a pumpkin and get carving. Let’s see some HeroSmashed Squashes! Enter your submissions HERE.

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October 05, 2011

Bring on the PumpCON!

Join us for HeroSmash's first ever spooktastical festival, PumpCON!

PumpCON is making its way to HeroSmash next week! This spooky time of year is full of cavity-inducing candy, tricks and treats, frightful beasts, and heroes and villains dressed up as their favorite characters. So what better name for this event than PumpCON!

PumpCON 2011 preview

On top of scoring some PumpCON merch (like armors, helms, and weapons) that can only be found during this spooktastical convention, PumpCON attendees will have the chance to battle a big bad challenge boss, go on scavenger hunts to collect candy from all over the world, test their strength against waves of monsters, and even receive the exclusive PumpCON 2011 badge!

In addition to all that happening in game… a real-life contest has begun on the forums! This is the official all-call for super creative super powered players who love to draw AND who love to dress up in Cosplay!

Since it is called PumpCON, and conventions are renowned for Cosplayers, then this is the perfect time to host a Cosplay contest! Here's your chance to show off your super artistic talents as you draw your HeroSmash hero or villain dressed up as your favorite character!

The possibilities are endless. You could draw up your HeroSmash avatar as your favorite Anime character, or as a big bad video game boss, or maybe you want to wear the outfit belonging to your favorite trademarked super hero that we cannot affiliate ourselves with due to copyright infringement laws ^___^

So get your pencils, paper, tablets, and photoshop ready and prepare to bring on the PumpCON!

The Rules!

The rules are simple, but must be followed accordingly in order for your submission to be entered into the contest. The rules are posted on the Cosplay Contest thread as well, so make sure you actually read them before submitting your masterpiece! LOL!

  1. Your drawing MUST BE created by YOU. No co-creators, plz!
  2. You may only submit ONE (1) picture to be judged.
  3. Your drawing MUST have your HeroSmash Character Name written or signed somewhere on the picture to ensure that it really was created by YOU!
  4. Your drawing must contain your HeroSmash character wearing some sort of costume. Could be a costume from anywhere, any game, any anime, any movie, any book, anything! Endless possibilities here =D
  5. You may draw on any surface using any medium you so choose. Or paint. Or sketch. Or photoshop. whatever else you can think of to make a beautifully artistic masterpiece. Bonus points for creativity!
  6. Make sure to post a VALID link to your uploaded artwork, or else we can’t view it!
  7. And most importantly: have fun with your super drawing!

The Time Frame!

This contest begins Wednesday, October 5th, and will end at 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, October 26th. The winners will be announced that following Monday, October 31st!

The Loot!

The GRAND PRIZE will be a whopping 5,000 SmashCoins! Runner ups will receive prizes as well, up to 2,000 SmashCoins! Prizes will ONLY be awarded to your HS Character, so make sure you post and sign your HS Character name so that we can award you properly if (or when!) you win =D

The Template!

Since you're ganna be drawing your character in Cosplay, use this template to help get ya started!

The Link!

We cannot wait to see what artistic talent hides behind that avatar of yours. Head on over to the 2011 HeroSmash PumpCON Cosplay Contest and post your drawing today! Or tomorrow. Or the next day. But definitely before Wednesday, October 26th!

Best of luck to you all! I simply LOVE contests, and cannot wait to see who or what you dress your character up as!

…even though I'm not qualified to enter… and even though my drawing-skillz are DERPY at best… I still think I'm going to draw-n-dress myself in Cosplay anyway! But who should I dress up as? Hmmm… let me hear your thoughts on my Twitter!

PumpCON on!

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Super Pink

October 03, 2011

Mondays are Super!

Let me count the ways…

Where do I even begin? Oooohh ooohhh, I know! Let's start with something PINK!

Thank you Submeobi!

How could any day beat this?! Our wonderful player Submeobi sent me this super pink, super glittery, and super awesome mask in the mail! Thank you SOOO much, Submeobi—I LOVE IT! =D

But I cannot keep a gift this great just to myself. So Yergen worked his magic and crafted an identical Sparkly Cat Mask that is now available in Beleen's Beauty Boutique on East Main Street!

sparkly cat masks

MeeeeWOOW! It's puuuurfect! Hehe, cat puns. Gatta love 'em!

You know what else I love?

Infinite possibilities of color choices!

infinite color choices yaaaay!

Llussion made it possible to choose EVERY color imaginable with this super new color palate mixer! While you're at my Beauty Boutique getting your new Sparkly Cat Mask, take a seat at the chair and test out the HUGE selection of colors to customize your hair, skin, eyes, base, trim, and accessory colors!

30 Days of Player Suggestions

The end is finally here! Last week wrapped up the 30 Days of Suggestions, ending with the Pyrokinesis power inspired by Aftermath, and the transforming Solar Shield inspired by Coolboypai.

solar and pyrokinesis

So… after 30 days… you and your fellow players have helped add 31 weapons, helms, armors, shields, gloves, and powers into HeroSmash! WOW! We couldn’t have done it without you! Really—because they came straight from your ideas and suggestions! Check 'em all out at the HeroSpire and SkullDeep DTU Kiosks.

Did your idea not make it in game? Don't worry—every once in awhile, we will be adding more and more of your suggestions into the game. So one day you just might see your super idea being used by thousands of super players, too! =D So keep the ideas a'comin' and post 'em here!

Sneak-Peak Time!

I told you Mondays are super… and OMG super adorable too! Check out the newest and cutest NPCs coming this week to HeroSmash!

Deeoohgee and Fluffles

We humans aren't the only ones with super powers, you know. In this week's upcoming release, you will journey to Pleasanton Oaks where all the citizens have gone into hiding from the Sentinels. Clock Blocker's Space Sentinels have overtaken suburbia and only pets are allowed outdoors. Here you will meet Deeoohgee the super good pup, and General Fluffles the super evil kitty cat! Both cuddly critters will send you on quests throughout Pleasanton Oaks as you get one step closer to blocking Clock Blocker's plans!

Also! A surprise guest voice will appear in this week’s cutscene. Here’s a hint – it rhymes with Shmeorge Glowe. And here's a better hint: it's George Lowe!

That's right! This is HeroSmash's FIRST EVER George Lowe sighting! Make sure you log in this Thursday to witness the incredible voice-over talents of George Lowe as he makes his cameo appearance as a… well… you will find out soon enough!! =D  

This is going to be one exciting week! Hope you guys and gals are ready!

Smash ON! 

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