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October 20, 2011

PVP Progress Update 1

Whoop! This is my first Desing Note ever and all I can say is that I'm really excited about my next projects. One of them being PVP for Hero Smash. I've been immersed in code all last week and I'm still reading it ... phew! But now, I have a better understanding of the way pvp works, and how can I use it to my advantage (Mwahahahaha, of course as long as the engine withstands it).

 At this moment I'm configuring the first arena for testing. It’s working up to the point when you defeat your opponent. I'm going to keep immersing myself into the code made by the astonishing Minimal (If I don't end up crazy - Oh wait I think I crossed that treshold quite a long time ago). Anyways things are looking good and we have some ideas on how to make this PVP experience a memorable one.

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