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October 19, 2011

Three little letters – P – V – P!

We here at HeroSmash have been reading your requests, and it’s apparent that you want one thing – PVP. AQW already has PVP, but we here at HeroSmash know we can do it way better, so I had an idea. Let’s take and make HeroSmash a massive multiplayer online PVP game! It just makes sense. What do heroes and villains like to do, but beat each other up! Actually it makes the trailer I made earlier on make complete sense.

So here is the plan. We are going to take our time, and have Llussion build HeroSmash into a high octane, action packed, super hero PVP game, in which you can battle with friends and enemies in various PVP battles. In the meantime, in order to make this new update the HeroSmash release schedule will take on a more spontaneous nature, releasing items and armors here and there. This will be similar to how Epic Duel handles their release schedule.

You probably have some question, and I have some answers. What will the PVP be like? Good question. Not sure. I have some really cool ideas, so it should be amazing. What about the Clock Blocker story line? I am working on that now, and will be included in the spontaneous release schedule. What is a spontaneous schedule mean? Well HeroSmash was never meant to have weekly releases, but being the awesome team we are, we just couldn’t help but release stuff weekly, if not daily. The spontaneous schedule will probably be kind of a surprise. It may be a week, it may be a month. I will update the design notes when there are new releases – so always check in. Will it be like Epic Duel? Good Question – Next! No really, will it be like Epic Duel? It will be its own thing. We will look at all of our great games, and create something that will be really fun, and “battle-tastic”! What about members? Members will always get excusive content that will make being a member completely worth it. Will there be leader boards? If I get my way, then you bet! Why is Yergen Yellow? What other color would you expect Yergen to be? Will you keep us posted on the PVP development? You bet! In fact – I would love to hear YOUR ideas for what PVP in HeroSmash should be.

That’s it from me power people! I’m headed off to HeroSmash PVP land! Smash On!

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