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February 10, 2012

Super Power Update

Due to popular demand I will be adding Smash Coin versions of the new super powers added yesterday (Plasma Net, Surge, Hail Storm, Gore, Fire Lash and Sarin Grenade). These versions will have a reduced score requirement but have the same effects of their counterparts. Visit the Smashdome to pick up your super powers today!

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Randor the Red

February 09, 2012

New Daily Shop!

Greeting Heroes (and Villians)! Randor the Red here with the latest news in the world of HeroSmash!

First up is the Random Shop! This special shop contains many random and crazy things. Each day the contents will be randomly selected from our database, so be quick to get something you like because we don't even know when it will show up again.


PvP updates:

Next is the Battle Poll which already in progress but we will be lowering the total votes required, to speed things up this time around so do not be surprised when the total changes.

New and previous Smashdome Champions will now have a badge in their HALdroid and character page to prove their hard work and prestige. When will you earn yours?

Several new powers and balance changes have been made. Check out the full list here.

PS Always click on your items to see if they have hidden actions to them, you never know until you try!

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December 13, 2011

HeroSmash Needs Testers

Have you always been passionate about video games? Have you always been good at breaking or exploiting game mechanics? Do you have access to the internet? Do you generally eat more than one meal a day? Do you skip showering for the day because you have a video game to play?

If you have answered to any or all of these questions then visit our forums here to find out how to apply.

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December 06, 2011

I Can Has Balance #1

In order to fully prepare Hero Smash for our Player Verses Player release, several powers needed to be balanced. Today the first wave of Power Balances have been implemented. For the full list of changes made today or to give your comments please visit�.

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August 04, 2011

Mysterious Game Kiosks, Suggestions, and Sharks

A mysterious Kiosk has appeared in both HeroSpire and SkullDeep. They have on them, an addictive target game. It’s great for training your hero or villain skills. HeroSmash Members can play the game and complete the missions from the kiosk to get the special members only power that involves STRETCHING ATTACKS.

Dumoose went crazy on this release, setting up the minigame, and all the powers! Go Dumoose!


The kiosk will also be home to the first Suggestion Shop in HeroSmash. Not ONLY will there be items and powers available, but they will be GOOD and EVIL powers and items. That’s right! The first items based on your good and evil reps. Evil players can go straight to SkullDeep, and look for the Kiosk, while good players should make a bee line for HeroSmash, and do the same.

Also, Circe has been gracious enough to create an official thread in the forums for Suggestions(coming soon). Please follow the suggestion rules for submissions. We look forward to seeing your great submissions!

Randor and Zheenx worked hard to make the suggestions a reality!


In honor of Shark Week, the Summer Shop is getting a special limited time addition. Three new shark themed items have been added to the Summer Shop. Hurry, because these items will only be around this weekend. On Monday they will disappear forever.

Summer Shop you say? Yes, on Market Street look for Captain Mack’s Head Shop. Inside, the Platinum Surfer not only has some fun Head Morph items, but she also has the Summer Shop Items. The summer Shop will be around as long as Summer is here (Probably mid September).

Emotes and Canned Chat update

Thanks to Nytheria and Llusion, the emotes and canned chat have gotten a MAJOR upgrade. New emotes include ROFL, Dance, and Say WHAT? Btw – ROFL is my favorite. Also the canned chat now features *ahem* HeroSmash themed sayings.

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June 02, 2011

Team 10 arrives at the Movie Mega Plex


The uncanny force of Team 10 has arrived at the Market St Movie Mega Plex (*whew* That's a lot of M's).

There are armor, items, and hair styles for you to make yourself one of the elite. Also pick up some new powers. For the first time HeroSmash will be offering POWERS that will become perma-rare! What power will best suit you? Is it the Phoenix Fire, Magnetism, Foresight, Animal Fury, or Claw Fighter?

Jemini did a really good job on these items. Thyton had fun making Titanium 10 armor with Jemini. and Dumoose, yet again made some excellent powers. These are boosted powers that for the first time use multi-tasking! (Yep, multi-tasking. His words, not mine.)


Let me tell you.

* We made a big round of bug, and map fixes.

* Fixed some of the lag issues

* We also included the ability to see lost cutscenes through your HALdroid. Simply open your MISSION app, access the MISSION tab and find the mission that had the cutscene you were looking to re-see.

* Also included in the HALdroid is the new Artix Point Redemtion app. Now you can easily purchase and redeem artix points through the HALdroid. How cool is that!

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May 05, 2011

Are you ready to hit as hard as a Norse God?

In honor of a certain unnamed super hero movie releasing this weekend we will be launching the Sky God set. This electric set comes with a new armor, weapon (Sky Hammer), and a brand new power... LIGHTNING! That’s right; you now get to call down the destructive force straight from the sky. The energy element is making its way to Hero Smash with Lightning Strike and Thunderous Rage. Check it out! Keraunophobics be warned.

Where do you get all these awesome powers and gear? Well, I'm sure Spear will tell you.  We did announce he won right? We didn't? Um... Hmmm. Is my face red (which makes it more of an orange-ish color) HA! Well now you know! Spear is our newest Player NPC selected from his impressive “Who Want's to be an NPC” submission. Tomorrow (Friday) you can go looking for Spear, and you can get the Sky God items from him.

I got a message from Dummose today. He asked me to tell you the exterminators were working feverishly to rid Super City of as many bugs as possible. You may want to wear your Red Soldier Helms to avoid inhaling those harsh but squashing fumes.

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April 18, 2011

Contest Winners: What is Dumoose?

The Battle Cards are finally here.  Your chance to duel your friends, punt some moglins, and slay dragon pets while riding a dragon, while on a frogzard, with a purified Necrotic Blade of Doom!  And of course you will get the exclusive Card Clasher class for Adventure Quest Worlds!

This contest was your chance to get the Card Clasher class for free! The contest is over and the winners have been picked.  Thanks to all of those who entered.  There were tons of great entries.  It was incredibly hard to pick only 3.  It took me all weekend to narrow it down and only seconds ago I finally made the final decision.

A reminder for you all: the contest was to help design Dumoose's Hero Smash character.  A neat way for the players to get a chance at crafting some of the world of Hero Smash. If you would like to see my full post about the winners, click here.

THIRD PLACE: Plasma Charge for a motivational email from me telling him how much I like his submission and how awesome I think he is.

SECOND PLACE: mousedrag for 1000 Battleon Game Points.

FIRST PLACE: Kain for a free code for the Card Clasher class in Adventure Quest Worlds and 2000 Battleon Game Points.

By the way, I am totally going to make that hat Plasma Charge drew and wear it to Dragon Con this year. BATTLEON!

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April 04, 2011

A New Contest!

Dumoose needs your help so he has set up a contest. If you would like a chance for a Free Card Clasher Class check this out.

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