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April 18, 2011

Contest Winners: What is Dumoose?

The Battle Cards are finally here.  Your chance to duel your friends, punt some moglins, and slay dragon pets while riding a dragon, while on a frogzard, with a purified Necrotic Blade of Doom!  And of course you will get the exclusive Card Clasher class for Adventure Quest Worlds!

This contest was your chance to get the Card Clasher class for free! The contest is over and the winners have been picked.  Thanks to all of those who entered.  There were tons of great entries.  It was incredibly hard to pick only 3.  It took me all weekend to narrow it down and only seconds ago I finally made the final decision.

A reminder for you all: the contest was to help design Dumoose's Hero Smash character.  A neat way for the players to get a chance at crafting some of the world of Hero Smash. If you would like to see my full post about the winners, click here.

THIRD PLACE: Plasma Charge for a motivational email from me telling him how much I like his submission and how awesome I think he is.

SECOND PLACE: mousedrag for 1000 Battleon Game Points.

FIRST PLACE: Kain for a free code for the Card Clasher class in Adventure Quest Worlds and 2000 Battleon Game Points.

By the way, I am totally going to make that hat Plasma Charge drew and wear it to Dragon Con this year. BATTLEON!

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