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Randor the Red

January 30, 2013

Player Suggestions Week

We've been adding your item suggestions to the Good and Evil Kiosks every day this week! If we see an awesome item that doesn't fit either shop, it goes into BOTH! Remember: when you submit your item, please let us know which faction you think it belongs in, or if you'd like us to decide. We want to make your ideas happen wherever possible, so just let us know! As always, the Hero or Villain suggesting the new gear will have their name in the description AND get that item added to their account.*
We can't use any art files submit for legal reasons, which is why we create what YOU imagine! Some slight changes may be made to your design, but we will always try to keep as close as possible to your concept. We're going to keep trying to include more player-suggested items in the future, too!
* That is why we ask you to include a link to your character page (but NOT your password! AE staff will never ask for that).

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Randor the Red

January 25, 2013

The age of Ice

This week there is no HeroSmash update. One of the drawbacks of living on the coast up North is that you’re open to the elements (real life elemental damage HURTS). When we think of Smashmas, we forget that it’s not just a holiday season, but one that comes with winter weather. Winter storms have been wreaking havoc on the power grid here, which has lead to other issues like no computer, no internet, no TV, no lights, no heating and, for some, no water.

Let’s all remember that there are many people affected by severe winter storms. I’m asking everyone to be a Hero (just in real life, villains, don’t worry!) and help others whenever you can.

Next week: Player suggestions! Art has been pouring in from art team.

Coming soon: Many of you have been asking for a 2v2 PvP zone, so we’re currently working on making that happen!

Have a great weekend, be careful, and be safe!

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Randor the Red

January 18, 2013

Smashmas War

Just like we continue to do in Beta, HeroSmash keeps getting improvements! This time, it's the Smashmas war! Merging old and new maps required us to re-code some parts of the map, but thanks to Dumoose and Llussion's code mastery, we're ready to release! 

Concept by Postmaster General
Instead of only one side (Good or Evil) winning this war, both will have to work together! Heroes need to protect the city while you Villains want something to rule! We learned from the Ebilcorp war that you all just love war, so this should be an epic one!
Concept by Polistar
This Battle Poll features two of our artists going head to head, skill to skill! Postmaster General and Polistar have created artwork (only the winning item will be finished) consisting of a weapon and shield!
Please note: Twitter and Facebook are not the places to report bugs. Please use our all-new Artix Entertainment Bug Tracker at

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Randor the Red

January 08, 2013

Smashdome Update!

Sorry for this weeks release being late folks, as many of you know, we are a smaller team in comparison to the other AE games. While we do try to release weekly, it is not always possible, especially when dealing with bugs. This time around there was a minor issue due to flash compatibility and I will not release buggy updates if there is a way to fix the bugs first.

In this weeks release I will expand the possible PvP arenas in the Smashdome with the Smashmas arenas and the previously lost, but now found Aquatian arena. This is not a seasonal change, but a permanent change. I think of the Smashdome as a fight simulator where one can fight in any environment, at any time. On top of that, the changes I made to the menu will allow for a few more new zones to be added in the future!

Smashmas war! I updated the old war to go along with the update changes to the game this past year. This caused an odd overlap issue. After reworking some of the code, things are looking good and if all goes well next release will be just what is wanted, war! The war will be different from before, but better late than never!

We are also looking into the issue with the PvP leader-boards as some scores are not changing. Please report all bugs on the AE Forums!

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Randor the Red

January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! This past week many of the staff had been enjoying Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. I on the other hand have been working steady to make an updated version of the Smashmas war to work. Old flash code and new coding as I learning can work against each other. Learning to make both of them work together is a real challenge to someone that for many years been an artist and not a programmer. Lucky for me I start to see how things work and break. So now I see how it can all come together. It takes a lot of time to work on maps while setting up and testing items. Something artwork needs to be tweaked and corrected. The art team indeed work very hard to get artwork in as quick as possible (many are still in school).

This week Artickiller is handling shop items until the war maps are updated and fixed. Then the real work begins as I need to update old items and remove permanent item rares. Setup and test the new items.

This year we will be working harder than the last to make HeroSmash bigger and more fun for all. Like to thank all who continue to support us.

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