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Hero Smash

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Randor the Red

January 18, 2013

Smashmas War

Just like we continue to do in Beta, HeroSmash keeps getting improvements! This time, it's the Smashmas war! Merging old and new maps required us to re-code some parts of the map, but thanks to Dumoose and Llussion's code mastery, we're ready to release! 

Concept by Postmaster General
Instead of only one side (Good or Evil) winning this war, both will have to work together! Heroes need to protect the city while you Villains want something to rule! We learned from the Ebilcorp war that you all just love war, so this should be an epic one!
Concept by Polistar
This Battle Poll features two of our artists going head to head, skill to skill! Postmaster General and Polistar have created artwork (only the winning item will be finished) consisting of a weapon and shield!
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