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June 30, 2011

The Second Trial Is Live - Along With A New Movie

Super Death is very pleased with the results of the first trial. It’s time to open the portal to his second trial. If you are up to it, you will be put into one sticky situation. An asteroid has landed in the middle of the Super City Mall. Slimy creatures have poured out, and you must stop them.

Lokos and Electina have shown up to guide you. Fully completing the missions will rank you up in Super Deaths Shadow Faction, unlocking new powers and items. This trial is filled with 20 items, 2 of which will go rare when Super Death opens the portal to the third trial.

30 missions and a minigame will test your strength and your ability to think under pressure. Remember Super Death is watching you. Seeing how you play his trials, in order to decide which team he will join.

New Mega Plex Release – It’s Robo-Tastic!

Robo Morphers – ROLL OUT!!

The Robo Morphers have just opened at the Market Street Mega Plex. Head over to Market Street to get your morpher robot action items. They are Robo-Awesome.

Wait That’s Not All

On Friday the Fairgrounds get something new to celebrate. The 4th of July! This Friday, head on over to pick up your 4th of July themed items. Get there quick – I heard chudling are attracted to the smell of gunpowder. The 4th of July celebration will only be around for one week. It’s going to be explosive!

Once again the HeroSmash team has made me proud. Jemini, and Thyton never cease to amaze me at the awesome stuff they crank out. Randor is a beast at his items. Dumoose and Llusion are an unstoppable force at making these missions something really special. Zheenx, and Polistar did a great job on all of this week’s items. This week we also added a new player to the HeroSmash team. Hizu has joined in as an animator. Way to go Hizu! Good job as always team! If I was wearing a hat I would take it off to you all. 

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June 29, 2011

Robo Morphers are coming to the Movie Plex

Hey power people!

There is a certain robot movie in theaters now, and the Market City Mega Plex is getting it's own robot movie this Thursday. I present to you... Robo Morphers!!

The current Lime Flashlight items will be going away for good this Thursday when the Robo Morphers take over.

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Super Death

June 28, 2011

A message from Super Death about the second trial

Greetings and Salutations. As you may, or may not know, I am Super Death.

There have been some of you that have completed my first trial. Most of you were successful, however don’t get too excited. The next trial will be more difficult, I guarantee it. Expect to have your strength and your mind challenged. Those that make it through the second trial will rank up in my Shadow Faction, and will have access to many more of my Shadow items and powers.

These trials are proving to be most interesting. Based on what I have seen, I may be joining Team Hero, as they say. They fought valiantly and boldly during this first trial, however let’s see what the villains do in the next trial. Maybe their actions will sway me to their team. Then there is that yellow fellow with the red mohawk. He keeps promising some pretty fantastic things if I just join HIS side. And I must say. I look pretty good on that motorcycle. No matter. The trials are not yet over. I will always have my eye on you.

~Super Death

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June 25, 2011

Flames of Revenge!

New in Boomingdale's Special Weapons shop: the FLAMES OF REVENGE gun!  This weapon is only available until June 27th!  After that, it will disappear from Special Weapons and be permanently rare!

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June 23, 2011

The First Trial of Super Death Is Upon Us

Super Death finally arrived in HeroSmash, and Super City may never be the same again. The great grim one himself is looking to be a super powered fighter, but is unsure what team to join. Should he step up to Team Hero, and use his Shadow Powers for good, helping the innocent and protecting the streets? Or should his Shadow powers be best suited for Team Villain? Spreading fear and chaos throughout the streets? He needs you to help him decide. Play through his trials and help him choose what the strongest team is.

The First Trial Is Hot

Super Death has arranged for a Volcano to appear in the middle of Super City. Go through the portal take care of the situation. Look for a Hero and Villain NPC to help you along the way. This all new zone has 3 new monsters and one big boss.

There are over 16 new items that will be available through quests or drop n shop. 2 of which will go rare when the next trial opens up. PLUS, you will find 3 new super powers: Frozen Spear, Lava Storm and Molten Armor!

Jemini, Thyton, Randor, Zheenx, Polistar, Dumoose, and Llusion all worked their butts off to get this release together. Good job all around gang! The next zone is going to be juicy!

Faction, Faction, Who's got a Faction?

There has been a major update to HeroSmash. Now the Good and Evil alignments are opposing. So if you complete good quests your evil rep lowers, and evil quests drop the good rep. Now you can truley be a part of Team Hero, or Team Villains.

In honor of the new Trials of Super Death we have also added a new faction to the line-up. Super Death's SHADOW faction. Those that rise up the ranks of this faction will be able to recieve special items and powers that only belong to the SHADOW faction.

Colors of Amazing Awesome
The color pallete got a huge upgrade thanks to Jemini and Zhoom. So many purdy colors. OOOOOOOOOOOooooooOooO. 


That's it for me, So tune in next time gang. Same Yergen Time, Same Yergen page.

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June 22, 2011

What does Super Death have in store?

Hey power peaople! You have been wondering what all that Super Death stuff was about, well it’s finally arrived. I give you...

That’s right, the great grim one himself, has decided to join the ranks of the power people. He donned a cape, logo, and the new name of Super Death.

There is just one problem. Super Death doesn’t know which side to join. Should he be a hero or a villain? He has challenged you to run through his four trials. Theses trails will test your courage, and strength. If you prove that evil is truly the strongest faction, then Super Death will join Team Villain. However if you fight for good, and prove yourself then Team Hero is for Super Death.

The first trial begins this Thursday and will involve a massive catastrophe in Super City. Will you have what it takes? Better not upset Super Death. You don’t want him on your bad side.

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June 16, 2011

Mega Plex Update and New Mentor Available

The Movie Mega Plex is seeing GREEN

Hey there power people. Make your way to the Market Street Movie Mega Plex. The current feature is the Lime Flashlight!

This super powered movie features special green energy items that will go perfectly with your official Lime Flashlight armor.  

Say the oath with me everyone:

In brightest rooms, in blackest streams,
No evil shall get away from my team!
Let those who kinda like evil’s scheme,
Beware my abilities… Lime Flashlights' beam!

A new mentor is available

The mentor system got a major upgrade today – A brand new mentor. The main four mentors that you know and love will always be there to guide all players through the game. However HeroSmash VIP Members will be able to have access to new mentors.

These new members will have special missions that only they can hand out. These missions will reward you with special items, or powers, or whatever they want to give you. The first of these new mentors is up now. There is a catch. You have to find out how to unlock the new mystery mentors.

It’s a secret. I could tell you but then I would explode. And I really don’t want to do that today. Here is a hint – Play the missions to unlock our first mentor. If you have played all the missions, then check and see if you have the new mystery mentor.

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June 14, 2011

Another Super Release in the Mega-Plex

In brightest rooms, in blackest streams,
No evil shall get away from my team
Let those who kinda like evil’s scheme,
Beware my abilities… Lime Flashlights' beam!

This week the Market Street Movie Mega Plex is going green. Well, almost. The Mega Plex will be featuring the Lime Flashlight. All the emerald goodies will be available this Thrusday, and the Team 10 items will be gone forever. - Also look to Dean for a speacial Lime Flashlight mission. See you this Thursday!

Randor and Zheenx made some wicked weapons for this release. All very Lime-tastic. Jemini and Thyton rocked the armors.

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June 13, 2011

I give you Super Death

Thyton just handed me this new drawing that I knew had to be shown. I give to you SUPER DEATH. Enjoy, but beware.

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June 10, 2011

Whoa... Where did the map go?

Not only is this release jam packed with awesome and epic, but we also made a significant update to the HALdroid system. We have filled the HALdroid with more apps to make it even more useful. We included a map app, a news app, and streamlined the whole process. One more reason why the HALdroid is one of the coolest things in HeroSmash.

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June 10, 2011

Big Trouble in Super City!

Giant bugs are attacking everyone! Log in now, fight off this monster invasion, and find out where these terrible pests have come from! This new release features 3 cutscenes, new monster drop items, new shop items (like the Bug Zappers, Fire Ant armor and Cyber Tech armor), a new minigame, and more, including the reveal of Super City's greatest threat. Don't miss this one for anything!

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June 09, 2011

Awww - Look what followed me home

Isn't this guy just the cutest thing? He's so adorable i think he should be a drop or reward or shop item, or sumthin. I just have to share him with the world. Oh, and it's also a sneak peek to this Friday's release. See you then!

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June 09, 2011

The Bug Invasion Begins Friday!

This week's HeroSmash release proved to be just too BIG for us to finish 100% today, so it will go live tomorrow, Friday June 10th in the afternoon!  We will need EVERY Hero and Villain in Super City to combat this new threat, so get all of your friends to join you.  Keep watching the HeroSmash homepage and Design Notes for more updates!

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June 08, 2011

The threat just got bigger

This Thursday a giant threat comes to Super City. First it's bugs - then it's this creature? This does not look good for everyone in Super City. As I see it you have two choices. Pack up your belongings, and run away like a sissy, or stand a take on this threat. I for one am going to fight! Will you have what it takes? This Thursday you will find out.

This particular shot comes from my cutscene I am currently working on.

Tags: Yergen Sneak Peek Pasta


June 06, 2011

HeroSmash gets bugged - but you won't guess what kind

Hey power people! Here is a sneak peek at our upcoming release for HeroSmash.

Super City gets infested with a major bug problem. You'll never guess where these bugs come from but they will have a link to a MAJOR story plot that will affect everyone in Super City. Think you've got what it takes to squash these bugs into oblivion? You better, because I HATE bugs! Count me out of this one.

Tags: Yergen Sneak Peek Bugs Pajamas


June 04, 2011

Even MORE new weapons are in Boomingdales!

Hey power people!

Polistar just finished up a batch of some wicked weapons that were so hardcore I had to push them out today! You know the drill - Head to Main Street east and go to the special shop in Boomingdales. Get yourself the Frostalizer, Artillery Buster, Torchio, and the XTREME!

Tags: Yergen Weapons Guns Puppies


June 03, 2011

Huge Weapons!

Some big new weapons have come to the Special Weapons shop in Boomingdale's on MarketStreetEast!  New:  The M-60 machinegun (stolen from the river pirates!), the Killbot Club (ripped staight from a Destroyer's arm!), and a-- TREE??  Yes, you too can carry around a huge tree and whollop your enemies with it!  You are super-- why not?!

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June 02, 2011

Team 10 arrives at the Movie Mega Plex


The uncanny force of Team 10 has arrived at the Market St Movie Mega Plex (*whew* That's a lot of M's).

There are armor, items, and hair styles for you to make yourself one of the elite. Also pick up some new powers. For the first time HeroSmash will be offering POWERS that will become perma-rare! What power will best suit you? Is it the Phoenix Fire, Magnetism, Foresight, Animal Fury, or Claw Fighter?

Jemini did a really good job on these items. Thyton had fun making Titanium 10 armor with Jemini. and Dumoose, yet again made some excellent powers. These are boosted powers that for the first time use multi-tasking! (Yep, multi-tasking. His words, not mine.)


Let me tell you.

* We made a big round of bug, and map fixes.

* Fixed some of the lag issues

* We also included the ability to see lost cutscenes through your HALdroid. Simply open your MISSION app, access the MISSION tab and find the mission that had the cutscene you were looking to re-see.

* Also included in the HALdroid is the new Artix Point Redemtion app. Now you can easily purchase and redeem artix points through the HALdroid. How cool is that!

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June 01, 2011

Team 10 Comes to the Mega Plex!

This week the Market Street Mega Plex is getting a mutant sized update. Get your costume, pick your power, and be a part of the mighty Team 10! This week’s theater release offers an uncanny set of armors and hair styles, as well as a power packed batch of powers. That’s right – for the first time HeroSmash will be offering POWERS that will become perma-rare! What power will best suit you? Is it the Phoenix Fire, Magnetism, Foresight, Animal Fury, or Claw Fighter? Only you will know for sure!

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