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May 29, 2011

The Tazor - In Boomingdale's Now!

This special weapon packs a bolt of 30,000 volts!  THere was only enough material from the war betwen Da Vinci and Demolicious to make a few of these, so they are only available until June 3rd.  Get your rare Tazor gun today!

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May 27, 2011

War in the Park - The End

The war between DaVinci and Demolicios, over the control of the Pandorian Malachite, comes to a crashing end.

You have fought hard to help, but who will be the ultimate victor? Will the evil DaVinci complete his dastardly mission? Will the heroic, yet misguided Demolicious stop DaVinci? That's not all. The story continues after the smoke and debris has settled. Travel to the Franklin Street Apartments to continue the story. Look for a handful of new items being dropped and rewarded.

Randor and Jemini made a ton of items for this release, and they hope you like them. We even have a special cutscene made by yours truly. It's like a choose your path cutscene that will play out differently depending on who you are fighting for.

Tags: Yergen Jemini Randor DaVinci Demolicious War Cranberries


May 26, 2011

Hero Smash Guitar!

New in the Special Weapons shop in Boomingdale's on MainstreetEast: The Lightning Guitar!  Hero Smash-- Hero Smash Guitar!!  This cool new "axe" is a VIP Member-only weapon.

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May 26, 2011

Movie Mega-Plex gets a kick to the solar plexus

Hey power people!


Pirates items have gone for good *tear. But they have been replaced by Super Cities newest movie release - HIYA! PANDA.

Get your kung fu and animal mash ups in the Market Street Movie Mega-Plex.  Jemini and Thyton had fun with these items. SO much fun, even Randor the Red wanted in on the party.

Remember ALL movie items are PERMA RARE! THey will be around for a week, and then the are gone for good.


This Friday the epic battle between the evil, yet determined Davinci and the heroic, yet misguided Demolicious comes to a epic climax. There is an action packed cutscene. that is different depending on which side you are fighting for. If that wasn't enough, there is also TWO bosses and a bunch of new war related item drops, including some Perma-Rare items. And because we just don't know when to quit we also include a new map for you to explore, complete with new quests.

Tags: Yergen Thyton Jemini Randor Panda Movie Turnip


May 24, 2011

Last Chance to Become a HeroSmash Founder!

Buy a VIP Membership or SmashCoins from the HeroSmash Upgrade Page by June 1st and you will get the Founder badge and unlock the Founder shop which holds the Echo Assault armor and helmet!

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May 24, 2011

Demolicious vs. Da Vinci: Final Battle!

Greetings, Heroes and Villains of Super City!  This week, the war between Demolicious and Luigi Da Vinci reaches its end.  Their fight over the statue of Pandora in the Park has been raging for months now.  It looks like the Villains are winning!  YOU, the players, have determined the outcome of this war, and where this story goes next is because of you!  There is still time, however, for the Heroes of Super City to band together and turn the tide of the war. 

Either way, expect boss battles, new items, and an awesome special cutscene from Yergen!

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May 20, 2011

Ever Want to Toss a Truck in the Air?

Well now you can!  VIP Members can get the Ice Cream Truck weapon as a drop from several monsters, including Patrolmen, Destroyers, Shock Bloopers, and more.  There is a 5% chance that the Ice Cream Truck will drop each time you defeat an enemy.  Good luck!

Bonus mini-mini-mini update: The Red Cape in Titanium Threads is now actually a bright primary red!  Yay!

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May 19, 2011

Market Street Theater is Live - It's Pirate Time!

Hey there Power People!

Visit Market Street by clicking on the map, or go thru you HALdroid. Once there you can visit the Movie Mega Plex.

Get your movie themed items there. The Mega Plex is currently featuring a Pirate themed shop! The themed shop will only be open for one week only. After that all the items will disappear for good. That's right... All items in the Movie Shop are PERMA-RARE!

Jemini and Thyton really made some amazing armors for this release. Randor the Red rocked out a huge stockpile of pirate themed weapons. Even Polistar got in on this release. Yours truly even made a set of animated head morphs! 

Yea yea – Pirates, blah blah – What else is new?

We made some graphical changes to the engine to help game play, and stories a bit easier to understand.

Aquatian Ruin got an update and a corrected cut scene. Visit Malandra in Overlook and you can see her see the new cut scene for yourself.

Spear has moved to his new location – Professor Smash’s Power Academy in Liberty Square. That’s the place you want to go for all your super power needs.

Tags: Yergen Jemini Thyton Randor Pirate Swim Fins


May 14, 2011

New Guns in Special Weapons Shop!

Find the new Sound Cannon AND Gatling Gun in the Special Weapons shop in Boomingdale's on MainStreetEast.  Blast your enemies with sonic destruction, or send thousands of projectiles hurtling at them!

UPDATE:  Ever want to smack your enemies around with a HUGE street lamp??  Well, now you can.  Street lamps drop from several different enemy types now, including APBs, Patrolmen, Destroyers, and more!

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May 13, 2011

Come one; come all to Zazul’s Cirque du Muerte!  ( /join Fairgrounds or click on the button in your HALdroid Mentor's news )

The Cirque that will put a smile on your face… or else.  My children of the night, my players of misfortune, play in my carnival of melancholy madness. Straight from the farthest reaches of the world – I give you the best oddities you will find anywhere.  This event includes 3 new items which will go totally rare and NEVER return once the Cirque du Muerte leaves town:  Twisted armor, Teddy Cutskin axe, and the MonkeyBack item! 

We have the Carnivorous Clowns of Killdarro. Do you have what it takes to defeat them all, and still keep all your limbs? Test your might against the Alligator Man of Alldinguo. Labor laws state that I must feed him every day, but between you and me, I don’t, and boy is he hungry! Will you be his next meal? Enjoy my Cirque of Insanity. I brings my finest Armors, Weapons, and Items to all those daring enough to wield my wicked wares. Let us play with your fears. Play while you can my pets, my Cirque du Muerte won’t last for long.

Jemini, Thyton, Dumoose, Randor the Red, Polistar, and Ichidori are my heroes this week. They made some AMAZING items, armors. Dumoose gets a big hug - as well as Llusion for doing the magic that they do an the maps to make them special. Play on everyone. Enjoy our very first Friday the 13th event. It's the only one this year too.

Tags: Yergen Zazul Event Friday the 13th Hippo


May 13, 2011

The Cirque du Muerte is getting ready to open!

We are in the homestretch leading up to today's release!  Zazul, master of the Cirque du Muerte carnival, will arrive with dozens of new items, Carnivorous Clowns, and a giant Alligator Man!  All new items will be seasonal and special event rares that only appear on Friday the 13th or whenever a canrival is in town, EXCEPT for 3 new items which will go totally rare and NEVER return once the Cirque du Muerte leaves town:  Twisted armor, Teddy Cutskin axe, and the MonkeyBack item! 

Other new items will include Zazul's Tophat, Hypno Beam gun, Cirque armors (Strongman/Acrobat Girl), Lion Tamer whip, and many more!



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May 12, 2011

A Shriek Peek at what's in store for Friday the 13th

Hey power people! Yergen here. It’s Thursday the 12th. That means the spooky fog is rolling in around the celebration fair. What will be in store for those who are brave enough to visit Zazul’s Cirque du Muerte?  

Zazul has brought some particularly nasty beasts to play. The Alligaor Man of Alldinguo, and the Carnivorous Clowns of Killdarro are ready to show you why they are the most feared creatures around. Thyton really did a good job on these.


Zazul has brings his finest Armors, Weapons, and Items to all those daring enough to wield his wicked wares. Jemini made more items than you could fit in a creepy clown car. Randor, Ichidori, and Polistar all kicked up the item/armor machine to a level 13! This release is going to be INSANE! All of the items will be Holiday rares, and a couple will even be Perma-rare! Yea, that’s how we roll.

Tags: Yergen Sneak Peek Jemini Pita


May 12, 2011

Bank and Add Space Features Are Now Live!

Open up your HALdroids and you wil now see two new buttons: the Bank and Add Space.  You can now keep items in the Bank to open up room in your backpack!  You can store as many SmashCoin items as you want in the Bank for free, but you will need to buy more Bank spaces to store free player items and Member items in the Bank.

That is where the Add Space button comes in!  Choose Add Space in your HALdroid to unlock more spots in your backpack or the Bank.

Smash on!!

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May 11, 2011

Friday the 13th: Just Two Days Away!

Zazul's Cirque du Muerte arrives in Super City in just 2 days!  Prepare yourselves for canrivorous clowns, a giant alligator man, Twisted Armor, the Cotton Candy Club, the Gravy Cannon, the Harle Paint face marking, and much more!  Many items will be seasonal rares, and a few will be permanent rares.  Those will be mentioned here in the Design Notes when the release goes live.  Smash on!


Tags: Galanor Zazul Cirque Cotton Candy Gravy


May 10, 2011

Friday the 13th Will Be A Celebration You Won't Forget

Greeting power people!  Time is ticking down and I thought I would give you a sneak peek at what is planned for our HeroSmash Friday the 13th release. I give you Zazul and his Cirque du Muerte!

On the night of Thursday the 12th an eerie fog forms around Celebration Fair. When the people of Super City awake, there is Zazul and his creepy carnival of freaks and shrieks. Will you have what it takes to outlast the Carnivorous Clowns of Killdarro? Are you strong enough to take on the Alligator Man of Alldinguo? Zazul will be selling his finest carnival weapons and armors for all those who are brave enough.

Zazul and his morbid minions will be blowing in this Friday, but they won’t be there for long, and there is only one this year.

Tags: Yergen Zazul Friday the 13th Funnel Cake


May 06, 2011

Shock Bloopers!

The SkyGod armor, SkyHammer, and Lightning super-powers are here!  Find them in Spear's shop in the Overlook.  (Spear is our newest contest winner!)


PLUS:  A new enemy has arrived in Super City!  Right now, the Shock Bloopers can be found in the virtual training rooms in HeroSpire an SkullDeep.  Defeat them and there is a chance they will drop the Dark Dynamo Armor and Transmitter Helmet!



  • Beleen is now visiting her store on MainstreetEast and offering markings!
  • Professor Smash sent a Medic to his academy in Liberty Square to train students in the art of healing.
  • The exterminators made their first round around the city squashing bugs by the river, in the corporal building, down Main Street, Liberty Square, HeroSpire and even Skull Deep.
  • And Poison powers are now in Rocker's shop in Skull Deep!

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May 05, 2011

Are you ready to hit as hard as a Norse God?

In honor of a certain unnamed super hero movie releasing this weekend we will be launching the Sky God set. This electric set comes with a new armor, weapon (Sky Hammer), and a brand new power... LIGHTNING! That’s right; you now get to call down the destructive force straight from the sky. The energy element is making its way to Hero Smash with Lightning Strike and Thunderous Rage. Check it out! Keraunophobics be warned.

Where do you get all these awesome powers and gear? Well, I'm sure Spear will tell you.  We did announce he won right? We didn't? Um... Hmmm. Is my face red (which makes it more of an orange-ish color) HA! Well now you know! Spear is our newest Player NPC selected from his impressive “Who Want's to be an NPC” submission. Tomorrow (Friday) you can go looking for Spear, and you can get the Sky God items from him.

I got a message from Dummose today. He asked me to tell you the exterminators were working feverishly to rid Super City of as many bugs as possible. You may want to wear your Red Soldier Helms to avoid inhaling those harsh but squashing fumes.

Tags: Yergen Dumoose Armor Sky God Pretzel


May 05, 2011

Lobster Hammer!

Now you can get the Lobster Hammer in Boomingdale's on MainStreetEast, in honor of Randor the Red's birthday!


The awesome new Lightning super-power, the mighty Skyhammer weapon, and more!

Tags: Galanor

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