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Randor the Red

July 27, 2012

To be continued...

To clear things up this weeks daily shop has more items added to its database of randomness. Movie Plex will have a seasonal summer event (vs. a random monthly update) "Blockbuster Movie Fest" with items from many different blockbuster movies that happened this year so far. Also adding a perm shop of candy and popcorn themes.

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July 27, 2012

Blockbuster Hit (Gear) Coming to a Future near You!

Hey there, power people! It’s everyone’s favorite Cinderella,

here with your fix of Design Notes!
Fans of the Daily Shop should prepare for a bunch of new items, as we’re preparing for next week’s release of the MoviePlex Blockbuster Event the “Blockbuster Movie Fest”! Yay!

In addition to releasing a bunch of new daily items, we’ll be adding a permanent shop to the MoviePlex: a concession stand filled with popcorn and candy-themed treats!

The Blockbuster event will feature references to several movies, as well as items from well-known summer blockbusters (Flying Squirrel Man anyone?) but once they’re gone they’re gone. Not to fret: we’ll be updating the MoviePlex with nifty items referencing films that come to theaters throughout the year.

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Randor the Red

July 13, 2012

Friday 13th!

Its the last Friday the 13th of this year and we added alot of new goodies! drDOT and Wonderp Bread worked hard getting many things as possible done. Already they are working on Movie Plex items and so is Polistar who has been visiting the AE lab this week.

Next week we will be back to working on minor game fixes and Daily Shop updates. Question should we move the Daily (Ramdom) Shop to its own location "The Lost and Found Shop?

Many keep asking for RARES besides the seasonal and event rares. So for only for this Friday 13th and one more time during PumpCON can you get the cool Black Cat Outfit after which will be removed forever!

When the Summer Break Shop ends the Movie Plex will be updated. We have plans to add a perm shop and have Summer Blockbuster Hits seaonal shop (much like the Morph Head Shop and Summer Break Shop). So each Summer not one but many of the blockbuster hit movies will have items that can be found and unlike the Summer Break shop all items in the Blockbuster Hits Shop are perm RARE! Working on game fixes next week will give our artists more time to get many items done as possible. More details shall be explained in upcoming Design Notes.

As our long time players know that Postmaster General is a mod who helps alot with HS testing, but did you know he also loves doing artwork! As of now he will also be making items and learning along side the HS team.

As always enjoy the game and have fun!

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Randor the Red

July 07, 2012

Dage vs Nulgath

Hi everyone! Quickie Design Notes today, perfect for a bite-sized snack! This week in HeroSmash, we stocked the Freedom Day with some brand new items! Get them while you can, since the Freedom Day shop will only be available until July 13, when it will be replaced with Zazul and the Friday the 13th shop! Last time, we announced that the new Battle Poll would be commemorating a special event: AQW’s Dage vs. Nulgath war! Two weapons representing these masters of Evil go in, only one comes out... and it’s all up to you!Happy Smashing!

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Randor the Red

July 02, 2012

Bugs and more bugs!

Ok clear cache and refresh browser. Monsters now should be able to die. Turning in mission items should also be working now.

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Randor the Red

July 01, 2012

Freedom Day Bugs

Today "Freedom Day" opened up at /fairgrounds, allowing you to see the updated seasonal shop. But we currently hit an unusual bug. The current bug is preventing monsters to be slained (Maybe they get holidays in their union?). We hope to have this bug fixed within the next 24 hours period. July 4th we are planning to add a few more special "Freedom Day" items.

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