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July 27, 2012

Blockbuster Hit (Gear) Coming to a Future near You!

Hey there, power people! It’s everyone’s favorite Cinderella,

here with your fix of Design Notes!
Fans of the Daily Shop should prepare for a bunch of new items, as we’re preparing for next week’s release of the MoviePlex Blockbuster Event the “Blockbuster Movie Fest”! Yay!

In addition to releasing a bunch of new daily items, we’ll be adding a permanent shop to the MoviePlex: a concession stand filled with popcorn and candy-themed treats!

The Blockbuster event will feature references to several movies, as well as items from well-known summer blockbusters (Flying Squirrel Man anyone?) but once they’re gone they’re gone. Not to fret: we’ll be updating the MoviePlex with nifty items referencing films that come to theaters throughout the year.

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