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December 22, 2011

Merry Smashmas to all - And to all a good fight!

Mery Smashmas Everyone! Around this time I like to pop some popcorn, sit around the artificial palm tree, lit with artificial candles, and beat box to Smashmas tunes. It’s while I’m eating popcorn, and beat boxing that I ponder on family, and friends.  I consider all of the players my friends, and this year we went all out to make your Smashmas special.


Hermie and Doodie are back, and Doodie is up to no good again. This time she accidentally created a mass of mutated radioactive snow monsters.

There are so many that this means WAR. Battle and battle the onslaught of snow monsters and turn in the dropped snowballs to fill up a war meter.  When the meter is full – a special shop will open up!

**UPDATE** It’s amazing what the absence of a zero can do. There was a bug with the war meter. It’s fixed now, and everyone is POWERING through this war.


For Smashmas I made new maps for you to PvP in. They are winter wonderlands for you to beat your opponents faces in. These special maps will be around for as long as Smashmas is. Enjoy them!


While re-dated items from last year’s Smashmas have returned, even MORE items have shown up.  Everyone pitched in to make some really amazing items this year.


Merry Smashmas everyone!

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December 20, 2011

Life imitating art = AWESOME!

My not so secret santa made this for me. it's a REAL LIVE YERGEN HAT!! Words cannot describe how awesome this is! There are not enough exclamation points either!!!!!! This is just WAY TOO AMAZING!!!!Thank you SAMBA!!!!!


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December 16, 2011

Got bugs? Call 1800-Llussion!

PvP released last week and you players ate it up. And our engine said WHAAAAAATTTT?  We had made so many big changes since members had played on it, that when EVERONE jumped on it we found a ton of bugs. On Monday Llussion jumped in head first and started squashing bugs, and working on fixing lag.

LAG,  IT TASTES LIKE IT SOUNDS - The first big monster we tackled was the lag. We almost pulled out hair out when we saw the lag. There was sooo much lag! Llussion really scoured over the game and found some key areas to help ease the lag issues PvP created. When he explains what he did I kinda glaze over and imagine something different. It had to do with dinosaurs fighting space rhinos. But I am rambling. Let’s just say he fixed a couple of key things that should really help lessen the lag issues.

CANNED CHAT CAN OUTLAST A NUCLEAR BLAST – It’s the little things that you miss, but when you add them make everyone smile. For those that play in the canned chat server (Jemini) we have added PvP centric canned chat options. They should really help everyone communicate when it comes to PvP. If you can think of any we missed, let us know.

SHINEY - Medals are now arranged properly, and properly leveled. That is all.

YOUR HEAD IS STILL SHOWING – Not any more. In your player avatar you would sometimes see your head peeking behind head morphs. That’s been fixed.

STUN RHYMES WITH PUN – When you are stunned and try to use your super abilities, you will no longer start that cool down timer. It will just say that you are stunned, and can’t use that power yet.

STAT_TASTIC! - Stats now showing in all battles. Before, we were not showing ALL the stats, when they were not important to your score. Now, just for funzies we are showing everything. People like seeing everything.

Whats next on the snowy horizon?

Hermie and Doodie are getting ready for Smashmas next week. Something has gone wrong, and radioactive mutated snowmen are on the loose. This is going to be one messy Smashmas!

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December 13, 2011

HeroSmash Needs Testers

Have you always been passionate about video games? Have you always been good at breaking or exploiting game mechanics? Do you have access to the internet? Do you generally eat more than one meal a day? Do you skip showering for the day because you have a video game to play?

If you have answered to any or all of these questions then visit our forums here to find out how to apply.

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December 11, 2011

PvP is Live for all players

Hey Power People! It’s time to smash some heads, big time. PvP has officially come to HeroSmash. All players can now head into the Smashdome and battle their friends, and destroy their enemies.

PvP Games Option

We have made 4 distinct PvP game styles that will require you to use different tactics, and strategies.

1v1 – This is the classic duel. It’s you vs your opponent. You can either enter a 1v1 queue and battle a random player, or you can select an opponent, and then use the drop down menu to Duel that person directly. 1v1 is a fun, fast paced battle. What strategy will you use to dominate?

3v3 – This action packed game pits two teams of three. Teamwork is key in this battle. Help your teammates, while destroying the other team. The first team to 1000 points is the winner.

Battle Royal – This is a no hold barred action extravaganza. 6 players enter, and only one will leave victorious. Queue up and prepare for all out war. First player to 1000 wins this crazy all out tournament.

Power Defense – This is a unique game that pits two teams together in a giant ever changing map. There are three power nodes on the map, one will randomly open up. All players must find which one is open, and stand on it. Once they are on it, they will start absorbing the power from the node. The other team will want to get all the power too, so you will have to defend it like crazy to make sure your team gets all the power. Eventually the node will close and another node will open up, somewhere on the map. Run, Defend, Repeat. Once your team has absorbed enough the other team will lose.

Rise To The Top

You battle and battle and battle. Your score rises, higher and higher. Are you the best of the best? See the PvP Score Board to find out. Simpley click your avatar on the top of the screen and select PvP Score from the drop down menu.

You can see what your score is daily, for the month, and your all time score. You can also see if you have made it into the top 10 daily, monthly, and all time scorers.

Achievement Unlocked

Another new feature added is the Achievement Medals. As you play PvP you will earn medal as you complete achievements. The more you complete the achievement the more you medal levels up. You can access the medal list from the HALdroid.


There you can see the list, and what you need to do to obtain the one you need. Will you be able to get them all?

That’s it for my update on PvP – It’s a lot of stuff. Wow – All this in a month! Big props to the ENTIRE HeroSmash team. They continuously make HeroSmash better and better. Most importantly is Llussion. He has made PvP his life this past month, and he's not done yet. We have more stuff to add, and a lot more bgs to squash.

What’s next on the horizon? I hear the jingle bells of Smashmas in the distance. What will Hermie and Doodie have in store for us this year?

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December 09, 2011

Package Supremo SmashCoin Package is available now!

The Package Supremo is a great new package avaialable for everyone. The bonus rare item set gets you the best of the best. Not only do you get 6000 SmashCoins to spend on some amazing items, and super powers in the game. But you get a special rare item set. The first set is designed by Dage the Evil, from AQW. As his first design for HeroSmash he created the SkyFrost set, which includes an amazing armor, a color custom helm, exciting cape/jetpack, and a matching gun. This item will only be around for a limited time, and then it will get replaced with a new item set, making it forever rare. This is an incredible item, and is not to be missed.

Once you purchase the 6000 SC pack, the items will get immediately get put in your bank (you might want to refresh first), and get delivered to all your characters. You only get ONE set of the items. If you purchase the package again you will receive a special bundle of 15 PvP Tokens. Remember – you will only get ONE set per character. If you delete or sell the items, you will not get them again, unless you purchase the package again.

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December 06, 2011

Countdown to PvP Has Begun

Hey Power People - Who’s ready for PvP in HeroSmash? I know I sure am! Let me give you the run down, on what we are working on this week. Let’s see, on my list for this week are leader boards, powers, achievements, rewards, new maps, pnpc, PvP Founder badge, new game option, and new smash coin package featuring a guest artist.


We are setting up leader boards for HeroSmash PvP as I type. The leader boards will keep track of your current PvP score, and also list the top 10 PvP players. You can sort the list by Daily, Monthly, and All Time. Do you have what it takes to be part of the elite? Battle your way to glory.


Another thing we are adding to PvP is Medal Achievements. We will track your game play and award you medals or trophies based on if you reach the achievement requirements. The Medal List will be found in your HALdroid as a new app. You can see what you have completed, and what is left to achieve. The medals and trophies can be upgraded as well. How cool is that?


When playing HeroSmash PvP you will receive tokens. Those tokens can then, in turn be traded in to gain xp, fame, items, or even powers. Did I just say you could buy xp? You bet I did. Wow, why am I doing that? Beats me. This game just got interesting.


This week we are doing a big balance overhaul on the current powers. Some that were too overpowered are getting adjusted, as well as those that are underpowered. Dumoose is working on those and will be posting a design note about that later today. As well as balancing the current powers we will be making 10-20 new powers. Some of these new powers will incorporate various elemental abilities into heals, allowing you to fine tune you powers to better suit you. There will also include some enhanced attacks, with new elemental animation. WOO HOO! I love animating effects!


To top it all off, we are adding a NEW game to the PvP line up, Power Defense. This giant map has three power portals somewhere on it.

When a portal opens up your team will have to run around and find which one is open, and stand on it to absorb its power. Once you have drained its power it will turn off, and another one will open up somewhere on the map. Run, and repeat. The other team is doing the same thing, so you must beat them up, and defeat them to get them off the portal. The first team to 1000 uses all that power to summon a wicked attack on the other team, and wins the game. This is a new and unique game that requires players to remember where the portals are, and work as a team to win.


Those that have helped us test HeroSmash PvP we thank you so much. I have made the PvP Founder Badge just for you all.

Remember those that want this badge must be a member and played HeroSmash PvP. If you were a member and your membership ran out before this Friday, but you were able to play PvP, then you are still eligible for the badge.


The Smashdome will have its own PvP shop. And this shop needs a shop owner. We decided to make this shop owner a guest PNPC (Player NPC) that would be there, until, well, until we get around to changing it. As a special thanks to our members the first guest shop owner will be chosen from those who our PvP Founder list. Who will it be?


We will be adding a special SmashCoin package to the list. It’s a $25 package (6000 SmashCoins) that will also include a special pack of rare items. The set will only last for a while, and then it will get replaced with a brand new set. The first set features a special set created by Dage the Evil, of AQW fame.

It’s the SkyFrost set, and it includes and armor, helm, gun, and cape. Once you purchase the SmashCoin package the items will automatically be put in your inventory. While you can buy the SmashCoin package as many times as you like, you will only get ONE COPY of the item set. This is one good lookin set, and not to be missed.


Whew – That’s a lot of stuff to do this week. I better get to work!

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December 06, 2011

I Can Has Balance #1

In order to fully prepare Hero Smash for our Player Verses Player release, several powers needed to be balanced. Today the first wave of Power Balances have been implemented. For the full list of changes made today or to give your comments please visit�.

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December 02, 2011

Paint the Town Yellow… Literally!

So as much as I would like to jump for joy, being my birthday and all, there is a slight problem with the clones. You see, at first the clones were working great! They were busy all throughout the town, decorating for my birthday, but we needed more. To save time we made copies of the clones. But then we needed more, so we made copies of those copies. Well – the guys at the lab got a little sloppy, and I think some Chuddling DNA got mixed with mine. And well, that’s never good. So while I am happy that it’s my birthday, I’ve got a city full of Yerglings running amok. You can see my predicament. Help me out, and I’ll make it worth your wild.

I have set up a Merge shop, and if you help me out, I’ll give you yellow tickets. You can get some cool yellow gear to load up on, and show your Yergen Spirit. There will also be a smash coin shop giving out some Yer-tastic items as well.

There are even some past armors that I have Yergen-ized. They are important armors to me, and give a little insight to who Yergen really is. For those that complete the entire Yergen Birthday event there will even be the special Big Yellow Badge awarded.

Have fun at my birthday! It was a blast to make, and I hope you have a great time playing it! BTW - Big thanks to Dumoose who helped me with the quests. I was so busy making stuff - I didn't have time to give y'all something to do!

Next week – PvP

That’s right, PvP opens up for ALL players. So get ready to do some smashing. Who knew that spontaneous releases meant every week. Sheesh. I gotta have a stern talk with myself about this.

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