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December 09, 2011

Package Supremo SmashCoin Package is available now!

The Package Supremo is a great new package avaialable for everyone. The bonus rare item set gets you the best of the best. Not only do you get 6000 SmashCoins to spend on some amazing items, and super powers in the game. But you get a special rare item set. The first set is designed by Dage the Evil, from AQW. As his first design for HeroSmash he created the SkyFrost set, which includes an amazing armor, a color custom helm, exciting cape/jetpack, and a matching gun. This item will only be around for a limited time, and then it will get replaced with a new item set, making it forever rare. This is an incredible item, and is not to be missed.

Once you purchase the 6000 SC pack, the items will get immediately get put in your bank (you might want to refresh first), and get delivered to all your characters. You only get ONE set of the items. If you purchase the package again you will receive a special bundle of 15 PvP Tokens. Remember – you will only get ONE set per character. If you delete or sell the items, you will not get them again, unless you purchase the package again.

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