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Randor the Red

September 23, 2012

Talk Like a Pirate Day Update.

Whats a pirate without a hook? New "Gloves" have been added to the TLaPD shop! Many are asking why they not Good or Evil Versions? Will not all Pirates are evil and not all Privateers were good. Will be adding PEG leg versions later today.

Tags: Randor


September 19, 2012

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Yaaaar! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day in Ye Olde HeroSmash. Seafarers and Landlubbers alike should head on down to /marketstreet and see that salty sea dog Cap'n Skampy for the 2012 selection of ye lode pirate booty. Just visit him right outside of Captain Mack's. What are ye waiting for? Hoist the mainsail, weigh anchor, and sail on down to HeroSmash!

Tags: Cinderella TLAPD


September 10, 2012

Scamp's Groceries opens up on Market Street

Breaking NEWS! Randor the Red's Secret Outpost is under attack by hurricane! Randor was able to update /MarketStreet by using the SUPERnet early Monday. This map also has a few test SMASHABLES as well as a mysterious Phone Box (wonder if it's really bigger on the inside?). Next week is Talk like a Pirate Day! Yaaaar! The HeroSmash team is hard at work again making all kinds of super gear for you landlubbers. Cindy Allen, K-SMASH News: Signing off.

Tags: Scamp's Groceries Cinderella

Randor the Red

September 05, 2012

Labor Day Items!

Just added last of the Football themed items to the Labor Day Shops! Most will be returning and a few things are seasonal rares. Later we will be adding those football outfits as Red and Blue Team ones to the PvP shop. For Smashcoins you can also get Shadow versions of some of the gear while the Labor day Sale lasts. Next year we will thinking of new teams to add.

As mentioned before releases will be aimed towards Mondays instead of Fridays.

Tags: PvP Labor Day

Randor the Red

September 03, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

Greetings SMASHERS!

Happy Labor Day to all and wish a safe trip to my fellow AE Staff that survived DragonCon!

First major NEWS of the week. HeroSmash will be doing releases on Mondays instead of Fridays. This will be a major change for the team but will allowed the team to continued with school and such.

Blockbuster Event is now gone for another year (So all items from that shop are officially RARE!). Until then we will have a monthly poll on the forums.

Labor Day sale happening now at /mainstreeteast (Overlook has a button that will take you directly to the update). Giant Treetrunk of Klunk has been remove from the Battle Poll shop making it RARE! Tuesday the Labor Day items will include football themed gear.

Tags: Randor the Red Blockbuster Fest Labor Day Movie Poll

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