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Randor the Red

September 03, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

Greetings SMASHERS!

Happy Labor Day to all and wish a safe trip to my fellow AE Staff that survived DragonCon!

First major NEWS of the week. HeroSmash will be doing releases on Mondays instead of Fridays. This will be a major change for the team but will allowed the team to continued with school and such.

Blockbuster Event is now gone for another year (So all items from that shop are officially RARE!). Until then we will have a monthly poll on the forums.

Labor Day sale happening now at /mainstreeteast (Overlook has a button that will take you directly to the update). Giant Treetrunk of Klunk has been remove from the Battle Poll shop making it RARE! Tuesday the Labor Day items will include football themed gear.

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Randor the Red

August 19, 2012

Late Update Info

Many things this past week have caused delays in plans. Cinderella was out of town, and Polistar, Zheenx, DrDOT and Postmaster general all have things to deal with in their lives (school, work, vacations, etc.). I took advantage of their absence to take the time to upgrade my hardware.

Updating a computer at some point comes to an end and one needs a clean start. So, I overhauled the OS (Operating System) and at same time installed major updates I could not use in the past- what this means is that I’ve modernized my system and should be able to work with a greater variety of file types, and run new top of the line security software to keep my files and everyone else safe. I’ve also upgraded my memory so my system can handle the new operating system coming out next year. 

Then death came in form of a power outage which killed my hard drive with all my artwork! As I began hard drive repair software my network died (power outages are a tech nightmare!) leaving me without a way to access to the lab to get latest files to work with while I repair the HDD. Being your own PC repair person is an asset! Good news is the PC is running better than it was two years ago and I was able to save all major files (four years worth!). So, that’s been my week. Now I’ll working hard to get last of the Blockbuster items this week. This will be last week for any new items as we move onto Labor (or Labour) Day Event.

As I said Cinderella was out of town this week but she did help as much as she could, and we all thank her for that... (too bad she not here to fix my typos LOL). Edit from Cinderella- I’m back home now, so yes I am here to fix your typos. How do you function without me? 

Special thanks to the assistant developers as they learn the HeroSmash way of life as they try keep their own lives in balance. They been creating some amazing stuff and are getting even better!So in short sorry for the delays, but you know chaos it does not give any warnings... Speaking of which the Dage vs Nulgath Batlle Poll is coming to an end... who will win!?!

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Randor the Red

August 03, 2012

Blockbuster Feast!

Wow what a crazy week! Head over the /MarkeStreet and see the latest update. Summer Shop is gone for another year. Movie Mega Plex has a facelift and new perm Popcorn shop where one can buy popcorn theme items. This week we open the "Blockbuster Fest" this is an "Ulta Rare" shop event as unlike seasonal events the theme of the shop items is based on some of popular hit movies of the year. Also note more items coming to the Blockbuster shop next week! Blockbuster will last until end of August then items are gone forever to be replaced next year with items of the newest hit movies.

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