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Randor the Red

April 27, 2012

Player Suggestions!

Hiya fellow gamers! Another week is pass and with that another DN update.

This week the plan was to release a bunch of player suggestion items, but unforeseen issues have caused a delay for at least another week. But I don’t want to leave you all empty handed so I picked at random 4 weapon ideas that fit well into HS. Hopefully next week we can get other types of suggestion in as well. One item I’ve been working on is a gun and blade (err... gunblade?) designed by Coolboypai: the "Dragon's Breath". This sword... gun... blade... starts as a sword, but transforms into a gun when attacking. Wow! More complex feats of code tweaking should allow more more interesting weapons in the future and hopefully inspire ever more cool suggestion ideas, so keep ‘em coming!



The battle poll is still going strong and so far it’s anyone’s game. Keep fighting, players!

In addition to updating the suggestion shops, next week is going to be pretty special. As you may know, next week is Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) which just happens to also be my birthday. So expect at least one crazy item as usual  Have a great weekend all.

NEW: In from Dumoose! "Ice barrage now propperly requires Team Veteran Medals instead of Veteran Defender Medals". thanks to CrownedPrince on the AE Forums for reporting the issue.

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Randor the Red

April 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning!

As our veteran players know, we are still in Beta which inevitably comes with the ever so popular bugs. Recently players have been seeing some overdue fixes to improve certain items (especially ones that carried over from Alpha). The bridge between artist and coder is not always clear; since Dumoose has been running me through the basics, I am able to be both when is comes to certain items starting with the guns. With this new-found knowledge, I have been tweaking long guns so that they will no longer look like they sticking in the ground and reposition them more correctly while keeping firing animation the same (though some items had to have "extra" animation to make more sense and run more smoothly). With help of our testers like PostMaster we are compiling a list of things to fix over the next few months such as CC (ie. color customization) errors in armors and items. This week there will be no extra release as we have been uber busy (eg. rolled out PvP and BP war begining of week *see last DN Post*) fixing and testing to get a new system of doing the guns which will now go much faster... go team go!

Next week we’ll be releasing some Player Suggestion Items! Polistar has already started on this project, and I myself will be doing some. The plan is to have player suggestions much more often, but our first priority is to clean out the older files and optimize the item system. After we get things organized we can move forward. Cinderella has been helping out with writing (as a testament to her infinite patience with me, she is correcting all my typos now) and with her help, we will be getting the HS storyline back in motion.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Yergen for his mentoring while he uses his amazing skills on AQ3D ( While working on AQ3D he still the time to make sure I don’t blow up HS anytime soon (he has dibs on that lol)!

Many players have been asking for a Movie Plex update, Soon as things speed up again, we will do a Summer Blockbuster themed update (I’m sure they not going to run out of those any time soon). To all our players who support HeroSmash we at Artix Entertainment thank you and will continue to provide best fun games possible. Battle On!

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Randor the Red

April 16, 2012

New Battle Poll and Info

This week a new Battle Poll has started. This time it is not an sword but the start of an armor set! In this poll you decide the type of armor you perfer heavy leather vs steel and cloth tunic. Winning armor will be made and other lost in time forever. The poll after this one you get to vote how the armor evolves (extra padding, clickable shields, etc.).

Next few days the long overdue of Polistar items will be added to PvP Shop, the armors and helms were added on the weekend.

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April 13, 2012

Friday 13th!

Even with the warmth of spring over the horizon, today the wind feels a little bit colder. That is the signature of the return of the Cirque du Muerte and its insane proprietor, the man known only as Zazul. 
Come and see the freakish delights that Zazul has in store for you. These items are specially crafted by Zazul and those in his employ to entice even the most strong-willed of heroes, so be careful you don’t fall in too deep. The Cirque only opens on Friday the 13th, and the employees are rather mum about what happens in the interim...

In addition to the Friday the 13th seasonal items, keep an eye out for NEW items added to the PvP shop over the weekend courtesy of Polistar. Randor the Red has taken it upon himself to update the Lion Tamer whip, transforming it into the Flame Whip.You can find this and more in the PvP shop!

Battle Polls are wrapping up, so look for the winner in the Battle Poll shop, and PvP On to duke it out for the next special item!

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Randor the Red

April 08, 2012

Merry Easter Everyone!

Hop over to Fairgrounds to see Fool's Day shop is gone for another year. In place of Fool's Day is the Easter Shop! Get what you can as its gone on Friday the 13th!

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April 06, 2012

Cinderella in... Nightwraith out!

Hey there Hero... smashers? This is Cinderella from over at EpicDuel with your daily dose of Design Notes!

Happy Hoppy Easter to all of you on the Julian calendar, and what goes better with Easter than bunnies? Head over to the Fairgrounds to get your seasonal goodies from the Fool’s Day Shop as it will be leaving on Sunday, at which point the April Fool’s items will be gone for another year. So grab the silliness while you still can!  Speaking of Sunday, head back to Fairgrounds and check out Pyotr Rabbit and his carrot cache for a healthy and delicious springtime snack! You'll also find awesome Easter items, but for a limited time only so hop to it! The Easter goodies will be going live on Easter Sunday! 

Today Nightwraith will also be going back to Delta V (he finally got that teleporter fixed), so if you missed his gear, you’ll have to wait until Nightwraith’s real-life birthday in November to grab it again.

For those of you wondering why I've brought my special brand of insane over to HeroSmash: as you know I'm the staff writer for EpicDuel and because I guess I don't have enough on my plate already I'm getting shared with HeroSmash. This does not mean I'm leaving EpicDuel, just that I'll be helping out with words and such over here as well. 

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Randor the Red

April 06, 2012

It's Good Friday!

Since it is Good Friday I added a new item to the Fool's Day Shop! Head over to Fairgrounds and get your own Teddy Bear :)


Another DN update coming shortly!

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Randor the Red

April 01, 2012

Happy Fool's Day

Happy (unless you already a victim of a prank) Fool's Day! Head over to Fairgrounds to find the new seasonal shop. Some armors already in but other items will be added during the day! Polistar has made some new gear for all to enjoy!

Fool Day Shop

Special THX to Plasma Charge and Mecha for help with game testing :)

UPDATE: More items are in shop and new BAN HAMMER! which will be PERM Rare!

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