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September 09, 2011

Look at the new Overlook!

The Overlook Tower has a brand new view in today’s release, along with a new World Map layout, a new Player Suggested item, and the Beta NPC has become a bit more helpful.

Overlook Tower has gotten a complete makeover! w00t!

overlook's new look

Yergen even installed a new flat-screen TV that shows yah all the great new stuff happening in HeroSmash! Heh, get it, it’s a flat-screen TV ‘cuz everything in a 2D world is flat… =D

And speaking of new looks, the World Map has an upgraded layout. Just open your H.A.L. Droid and click the Map button to check out the new 'do. This should make navigating through Super City much easier and should help point you in the right direction of where you should go next.

new map is new!

The Beta NPC dude will also be helping you out after each zone you complete. After you complete all of the missions in any given zone, Beta will show up (somewhere!) to help guide you and your super buddies from map to map. Of course, you don’t have to follow his advice—you can choose to go anywhere you so please, but if you’re stuck or wondering what to do next, seeking Beta’s help can better assist you!

Player Suggested Item—Day 10

A new player suggested item has been added to the HeroSpire DTU Kiosk!

Riprap Hook

The Riprap Hook, inspired by your fellow player Coolboypai, is only usable by those who have sided with the good-hearted Heroes. If you are a Hero, we invite you to visit HeroSpire and use the Riprap Hook to battle the evil-doers of the world!  

And speakin’ of Player Suggestions…

let me see those accessories

A new Accessory Suggestion thread has been posted on the forums! This is the perfect place to post all your great accessory ideas for helm, hairstyle, cape, glove, and mask suggestions. Let’s see all the super ideas and suggestions you come up with!

Smash ON!

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April 27, 2011

1 Day to HeroSmash Beta!!!!!

Sneak Peek – Hero Spire
1days to HeroSmash Beta gang. ONE DAY! ONE FREAKIN DAY!

Hovering over Super City is the floating city of Hero Spire. Inspired by Post Modern architecture this golden city is a tranquil inspiring location.

Guaranteed to help you focus on being the best hero you can be. I worked hard on this zone. I wanted Heroes to have a cool place that they could go and meet other heroes.

Get hero quests, and buy hero items, and powers.

Armor Sneak Peek – Founder Armors

That’s right – armors. PLURAL. Two different Founder armor rewards. I’ll give you a moment to appreciate the importance of that statement….





…… little longer…





BAM! See what I did there? Sneak Attack. This is the founder armor, made by Thyton. This is one amazing armor. Look at it. It’s just so… so…. Awesome!

This next armor is a special reward for just AQW Founders. That’s right. So if you are an AQW founder you are eligible for this AQW inspired chaos armor. For those of you who know me you know that I intend to make HeroSmash a completely original, one of a kind game, So game to game crossovers will be EXTREMELY rare.



HeroSmash Interview


Martial Artix, Galanor, and yours truly were asked some questions about Hero Smash. We had a fun time. Take a look and read everything I said. Wait. I mean see what we said… yeah.... we.


Tomorrow’s Design Notes will be the play be play from Martial Artix that you all are so familiar with. I will be too busy eating doughnuts and running around like crazy trying to get everything done.

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April 26, 2011

2 Days to HeroSmash Beta!!!

Members Zone Sneak Peek – Aquatian Ruins
2 days to HeroSmash Beta gang. To start off with, BIG thanks to Cysero who explained the AQW/HS Membership. If you missed it, you can see it here - Membership Breakdown. HeroSmash has it first Members Only zone. Welcome to the Aquatian Ruins!

This undersea reef is absolutely breathtaking. Malandria, the leader of the Aquatians needs your help. Something has fallen from the sky and landed in her Ancient Garden.

Watch out for Villonious. He may ask you to do something dastardly. If you are villain, you may be up for his special task.

Jemini and I really wanted this to be a beautiful and fun zone that players can fight and swim their way through. Not only that, but it’s an intro to a bigger and more action packed storyline.

Armor Sneak Peek
I know what you all really want to see. Armors, armors, armors! Well here are two new armors for you viewing pleasure.

You might have seen the Midnight Phantom before, however, that would be a surprise because it’s a bit of a ghost.

Last is really kick butt number from Jemini – whoa, where did it go? That’s the silly thing about ninja’s. One minute they are there, and the next they are gone. The Viper Ninja’s are especially dangerous. This costume makes me think of the Cobra Kai. In a good way. SWEEP THE LEG!

NPC Video Contest
DING DING DING! The time is up for this month’s “Who wants to be an NPC video contest”. We have a lot of amazing videos to sort through with some great characters. Tune in to find out if you will be the winner. Remember if your awesome hero/villain wasn’t chosen have no fear. This contest is not over yet. All your submissions and runner ups will be still in play in future selections. And if you want to try to make another new video feel free. We love them all.

Character Slots - This is what you need to know
There have been some questions about charater slots. Here are some answers. Currently everyone has one character slot in HeroSmash. If you purchase anything from within HeroSmash (VIP Membership, SmashCoins, ect) Then you will unlock the other two character slots. Imagine that! You could play as a Hero, a Villain, and ... well... other. Memberships and SmashCoins are account based, so all the benefits of having them applies to all of your super characters.

Tune in tomorrow for another big update on what to expect for our HeroSmash Beta launch! Tomorrow is Wednesday. That rhymes with Smed-nesday.

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April 25, 2011

3 Days to HeroSmash Beta!!

Zone Sneak Peek – The Subway

OMG! Did I type that correctly? 3 Days? Consider me officially freaking out. Anyway, you don’t care about that – you want to see cool stuff. Onto the stuff!


Super City wants to be more “green”, so they decided to build a subway system. The subway can take you anywhere you want to go. That is until it stopped working for some reason.

Rumor has it the chudlings are involved. That can never be good. I even hear they have a Mama Chudling that is telling them what to do.

Get ready, because Mama Chudling wants to have you over for dinner. Jemini did a great job on this subway/sewer system. They look distustingly great!

New Interface Sneek Peek – HALdroid
HeroSmash will have a brand new feature that will change the way you play an AE game. We affectionately call it HALdroid.

This is a special com center that you will receive at the beginning of the game. This high tech phone system will directly link you to the game. Most new missions, daily missions, and updates will be listed through this device.

Through the app system you will be able to keep track of your missions, badges, and above all, you’re Mentor.


Mentor? Is that some sort of fresh breath mint?


Your mentor is your direct link to all of your missions. With the help of HALdroid you Mentor can keep track of your progress. Keep you informed of most of your current missions and daily missons.. Plus depending on what Mentor you have, can give you special Hero or Villain only missions. While we offer our own set of Mentor NPC’s players will have the opportunity to become a Mentor as well. See? I told you it’s awesome. I give you your starting Mentors - HOTTICA, LOKOS, GENERAL SMASH, and ELECTINA


The list of lists – What is going to be Alpha Rare? 

Here is the list that everyone has been asking about.

Darkness Armor

Alpha-letric Armor (release on the 28th)

Alpha-letric Gun (release on the 28th)


Reynolds Blaster

Alpha Sword

Brain Freeze Power


WOW that was an epic update. I'm exhausted. Tune in tomorrow for another big update on what to expect for our HeroSmash Beta launch! 

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April 24, 2011

4 Days to HeroSmash Beta!

Happy Sunday gang.  It’s time for the latest update about what to expect in the HeroSmash Beta launch. I, for one am getting extremely egg-cited (ugh I know. Bah, I had to throw one in). This beta release will be out of control. So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.


Zone Sneak Peek – Skull Deep

 This one goes out to all Villains. Heroes turn away as the evil of this zone might just melt you brain. I give to you BUM BUM BUUUUUUM! Skull Deep.

Skull Deep is found deep under the bowls of Super City. In skull deep you will find some of the Villain NPCs as well as get some cool Villain themed quests. 

This is the sweet and stylin’ hangout for all villains of Hero Smash. Inspired by Las Vegas, Thyton and I really went all out to give the villains a place to call home. 


Armor Sneak Peek

Since the beginning Randor the Red has been at the front lines making everyone amazing armors. This Sneek Peek features two armors made by the one and only Randor the Red, and they look awesome! Wait I already said awesome. Well then they look Double Plus Awesome!


First off is the Steampunk Robot armor. This heavy little number is perfect for those who want to outweigh their opponents. You supply your own coal though. As a note the heads in this will also be available to buy as helms


Next is a truly wild armor. This jungle inspired armor will have you swinging from the branches. This is one of my favorites because it’s so original and creative. Note - Swingning vine is not included in the armor.


That’s it for today’s update. Tune in tomorrow for another big update on what to expect for our HeroSmash Beta launch! What will you see tomorrow? No one knows! ...Well that's not exactly true... I know... So one person knows. Hmmmm... You know lets just say Most people don't know. There. That makes me feel better.

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April 23, 2011

5 Days to HeroSmash Beta!

Beta is approaching fast on the horizon, and as promised here is you next update of what to look for in HeroSmash beta.


Zone Sneak Peek – The Corporal Building


The fiendish Dr. Insecro has chosen the bank inside the Corporal Bulding for his next dastardly plan.

His army of Bug Bots are a dangerous bunch. Will you let him succeed? Or will you take him down?

Join Llusion in this multi-story mega battle.


Head Morph Sneak Peek

Beta will see the rise of the Head Morphs. These sweet items will be the talk of the town. I guarantee. Thyton and Jemini really made these Head Morphs rock!


Weapon Sneak Peek

Your enemies won’t know what hit them. These weapons are top of the line and ready to do some damage. Big thanks to Thyton and Randor for these beauties. 



Tune in tomorrow for another big update on what to expect for our HeroSmash Beta launch!

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