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April 26, 2011

2 Days to HeroSmash Beta!!!

Members Zone Sneak Peek – Aquatian Ruins
2 days to HeroSmash Beta gang. To start off with, BIG thanks to Cysero who explained the AQW/HS Membership. If you missed it, you can see it here - Membership Breakdown. HeroSmash has it first Members Only zone. Welcome to the Aquatian Ruins!

This undersea reef is absolutely breathtaking. Malandria, the leader of the Aquatians needs your help. Something has fallen from the sky and landed in her Ancient Garden.

Watch out for Villonious. He may ask you to do something dastardly. If you are villain, you may be up for his special task.

Jemini and I really wanted this to be a beautiful and fun zone that players can fight and swim their way through. Not only that, but it’s an intro to a bigger and more action packed storyline.

Armor Sneak Peek
I know what you all really want to see. Armors, armors, armors! Well here are two new armors for you viewing pleasure.

You might have seen the Midnight Phantom before, however, that would be a surprise because it’s a bit of a ghost.

Last is really kick butt number from Jemini – whoa, where did it go? That’s the silly thing about ninja’s. One minute they are there, and the next they are gone. The Viper Ninja’s are especially dangerous. This costume makes me think of the Cobra Kai. In a good way. SWEEP THE LEG!

NPC Video Contest
DING DING DING! The time is up for this month’s “Who wants to be an NPC video contest”. We have a lot of amazing videos to sort through with some great characters. Tune in to find out if you will be the winner. Remember if your awesome hero/villain wasn’t chosen have no fear. This contest is not over yet. All your submissions and runner ups will be still in play in future selections. And if you want to try to make another new video feel free. We love them all.

Character Slots - This is what you need to know
There have been some questions about charater slots. Here are some answers. Currently everyone has one character slot in HeroSmash. If you purchase anything from within HeroSmash (VIP Membership, SmashCoins, ect) Then you will unlock the other two character slots. Imagine that! You could play as a Hero, a Villain, and ... well... other. Memberships and SmashCoins are account based, so all the benefits of having them applies to all of your super characters.

Tune in tomorrow for another big update on what to expect for our HeroSmash Beta launch! Tomorrow is Wednesday. That rhymes with Smed-nesday.

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