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September 09, 2011

Look at the new Overlook!

The Overlook Tower has a brand new view in today’s release, along with a new World Map layout, a new Player Suggested item, and the Beta NPC has become a bit more helpful.

Overlook Tower has gotten a complete makeover! w00t!

overlook's new look

Yergen even installed a new flat-screen TV that shows yah all the great new stuff happening in HeroSmash! Heh, get it, it’s a flat-screen TV ‘cuz everything in a 2D world is flat… =D

And speaking of new looks, the World Map has an upgraded layout. Just open your H.A.L. Droid and click the Map button to check out the new 'do. This should make navigating through Super City much easier and should help point you in the right direction of where you should go next.

new map is new!

The Beta NPC dude will also be helping you out after each zone you complete. After you complete all of the missions in any given zone, Beta will show up (somewhere!) to help guide you and your super buddies from map to map. Of course, you don’t have to follow his advice—you can choose to go anywhere you so please, but if you’re stuck or wondering what to do next, seeking Beta’s help can better assist you!

Player Suggested Item—Day 10

A new player suggested item has been added to the HeroSpire DTU Kiosk!

Riprap Hook

The Riprap Hook, inspired by your fellow player Coolboypai, is only usable by those who have sided with the good-hearted Heroes. If you are a Hero, we invite you to visit HeroSpire and use the Riprap Hook to battle the evil-doers of the world!  

And speakin’ of Player Suggestions…

let me see those accessories

A new Accessory Suggestion thread has been posted on the forums! This is the perfect place to post all your great accessory ideas for helm, hairstyle, cape, glove, and mask suggestions. Let’s see all the super ideas and suggestions you come up with!

Smash ON!

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