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September 19, 2012

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Yaaaar! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day in Ye Olde HeroSmash. Seafarers and Landlubbers alike should head on down to /marketstreet and see that salty sea dog Cap'n Skampy for the 2012 selection of ye lode pirate booty. Just visit him right outside of Captain Mack's. What are ye waiting for? Hoist the mainsail, weigh anchor, and sail on down to HeroSmash!

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September 10, 2012

Scamp's Groceries opens up on Market Street

Breaking NEWS! Randor the Red's Secret Outpost is under attack by hurricane! Randor was able to update /MarketStreet by using the SUPERnet early Monday. This map also has a few test SMASHABLES as well as a mysterious Phone Box (wonder if it's really bigger on the inside?). Next week is Talk like a Pirate Day! Yaaaar! The HeroSmash team is hard at work again making all kinds of super gear for you landlubbers. Cindy Allen, K-SMASH News: Signing off.

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Randor the Red

August 19, 2012

Late Update Info

Many things this past week have caused delays in plans. Cinderella was out of town, and Polistar, Zheenx, DrDOT and Postmaster general all have things to deal with in their lives (school, work, vacations, etc.). I took advantage of their absence to take the time to upgrade my hardware.

Updating a computer at some point comes to an end and one needs a clean start. So, I overhauled the OS (Operating System) and at same time installed major updates I could not use in the past- what this means is that I’ve modernized my system and should be able to work with a greater variety of file types, and run new top of the line security software to keep my files and everyone else safe. I’ve also upgraded my memory so my system can handle the new operating system coming out next year. 

Then death came in form of a power outage which killed my hard drive with all my artwork! As I began hard drive repair software my network died (power outages are a tech nightmare!) leaving me without a way to access to the lab to get latest files to work with while I repair the HDD. Being your own PC repair person is an asset! Good news is the PC is running better than it was two years ago and I was able to save all major files (four years worth!). So, that’s been my week. Now I’ll working hard to get last of the Blockbuster items this week. This will be last week for any new items as we move onto Labor (or Labour) Day Event.

As I said Cinderella was out of town this week but she did help as much as she could, and we all thank her for that... (too bad she not here to fix my typos LOL). Edit from Cinderella- I’m back home now, so yes I am here to fix your typos. How do you function without me? 

Special thanks to the assistant developers as they learn the HeroSmash way of life as they try keep their own lives in balance. They been creating some amazing stuff and are getting even better!So in short sorry for the delays, but you know chaos it does not give any warnings... Speaking of which the Dage vs Nulgath Batlle Poll is coming to an end... who will win!?!

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July 27, 2012

Blockbuster Hit (Gear) Coming to a Future near You!

Hey there, power people! It’s everyone’s favorite Cinderella,

here with your fix of Design Notes!
Fans of the Daily Shop should prepare for a bunch of new items, as we’re preparing for next week’s release of the MoviePlex Blockbuster Event the “Blockbuster Movie Fest”! Yay!

In addition to releasing a bunch of new daily items, we’ll be adding a permanent shop to the MoviePlex: a concession stand filled with popcorn and candy-themed treats!

The Blockbuster event will feature references to several movies, as well as items from well-known summer blockbusters (Flying Squirrel Man anyone?) but once they’re gone they’re gone. Not to fret: we’ll be updating the MoviePlex with nifty items referencing films that come to theaters throughout the year.

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June 30, 2012

Freedom Day!

Hey there Hero Smashers! Or Villain Smashers, whatever floats your boat. Cinderella here with your weekly dose of Design Notes.

Things are very exciting for us North American types, as Randor the Red and the others are preparing to open (Sunday) the “Freedom Shop” which can be found in the Fairgrounds. Also, the Summer Shop has more awesome items for your summer fun!

This Battle Poll is now over- the winning side is “Battle armguard and belt” which will be made and added to BP Shop asap. The next Battle Poll will announced in a few days as we are waiting on artwork to be displayed and yes this will be a “special event BP”!

If you’re not too busy with the Battle Poll or new gear,  the Infernal Infiltration War in EpicDuel is (just about) LIVE (as you’ll recall, I’m also the staff writer for EpicDuel). Legion Administrator Silas Auer is facing off against his former mentor and sworn enemy John “The Lawman” St. Alban. Joining the war are several familiar faces- Nightwraith and Cinderella are both acting as Legion officers, while fan favorites Ulysses and Galatea are acting as Exile officers. We pulled an all-nighter trying to push this one out, so hopefully you enjoy the fruits of our labor.

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June 08, 2012

Zheenx Bow Shop and DrDot!

Hey Smashers! Cinderella here again with your weekly dose of Design Notes.

Things have been crazy inside and out of Randor the Red’s mind this past few weeks (a location with which Randor is only transiently familiar). His mastery of typos almost equals that of Artix. Luckily for you, his insanity has been paying off as he has been slowly building a new HS team. In fact lets welcome DrDot to the team! drDOT will be joining us as an artist and (possibly) an animator, so hopefully that means bigger and better things. We are excited about him, and have the utmost confidence in his abilities.

Many of you have asked for more bows so Randor asked Zheenx to make a bunch. Which he did- so much so he made a whole new shop for it. You can visit Zheenx’s shop on East Main ( /mainstreeteast ,next to BOOM-ingdales) to pick up the latest projectile weapons available in-game!

I’m told other things have been happening but they are still classified as “under construction”. Or so it says on Randor’s door. I hear the occasional noise, so I assume he’s sleeping. Occasionally there’s an invitation to come in for cookies. Not sure I trust him, but then again, cookies...

The next big task is to get the team working as a unit and planning out the storyline. While we’ve known each other for a while, Randor and I have never worked as a creative unit before. This presents some unique challenges- from my perspective, I’ll have to adapt my writing style to a different storytelling medium, and adjust the existing framework to accommodate a smaller staff that’s already spread pretty thin (I’m also the staff writer for EpicDuel). But before we can handle a storyline release, the plan is to have another player suggestion release and a movie plex release in the upcoming weeks.

Hope you enjoy the latest gear, and thank you for your continued support!
Smash On!

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May 03, 2012

News Update!

Many have asked about the HeroSmash anniversary. Since the game still in Beta there is no official anniversary until the game is considered officially Live (meaning out of testing). Randor is planning something for Founders just as soon as he is able to get coding to work way he likes first. It will be- dare I say it?- “Smashing”. 

As for the Player suggestions for this week, it has put on hold little longer. Sorry! Polistar ran into computer problems and Randor been busy creating a new seasonal shop and all the items for it. Keep an eye out for next update as we celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

May 5th sounds familiar for another reason... take the time on the 5th to wish a very happy birthday to my wonderful HeroSmash boss, Randor the Red! The Cinco de Mayo shop will also contain weird, wacky, and wonderful items themed around everyone’s favorite #FF0000-obsessed individual.

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Randor the Red

April 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning!

As our veteran players know, we are still in Beta which inevitably comes with the ever so popular bugs. Recently players have been seeing some overdue fixes to improve certain items (especially ones that carried over from Alpha). The bridge between artist and coder is not always clear; since Dumoose has been running me through the basics, I am able to be both when is comes to certain items starting with the guns. With this new-found knowledge, I have been tweaking long guns so that they will no longer look like they sticking in the ground and reposition them more correctly while keeping firing animation the same (though some items had to have "extra" animation to make more sense and run more smoothly). With help of our testers like PostMaster we are compiling a list of things to fix over the next few months such as CC (ie. color customization) errors in armors and items. This week there will be no extra release as we have been uber busy (eg. rolled out PvP and BP war begining of week *see last DN Post*) fixing and testing to get a new system of doing the guns which will now go much faster... go team go!

Next week we’ll be releasing some Player Suggestion Items! Polistar has already started on this project, and I myself will be doing some. The plan is to have player suggestions much more often, but our first priority is to clean out the older files and optimize the item system. After we get things organized we can move forward. Cinderella has been helping out with writing (as a testament to her infinite patience with me, she is correcting all my typos now) and with her help, we will be getting the HS storyline back in motion.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Yergen for his mentoring while he uses his amazing skills on AQ3D ( While working on AQ3D he still the time to make sure I don’t blow up HS anytime soon (he has dibs on that lol)!

Many players have been asking for a Movie Plex update, Soon as things speed up again, we will do a Summer Blockbuster themed update (I’m sure they not going to run out of those any time soon). To all our players who support HeroSmash we at Artix Entertainment thank you and will continue to provide best fun games possible. Battle On!

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April 13, 2012

Friday 13th!

Even with the warmth of spring over the horizon, today the wind feels a little bit colder. That is the signature of the return of the Cirque du Muerte and its insane proprietor, the man known only as Zazul. 
Come and see the freakish delights that Zazul has in store for you. These items are specially crafted by Zazul and those in his employ to entice even the most strong-willed of heroes, so be careful you don’t fall in too deep. The Cirque only opens on Friday the 13th, and the employees are rather mum about what happens in the interim...

In addition to the Friday the 13th seasonal items, keep an eye out for NEW items added to the PvP shop over the weekend courtesy of Polistar. Randor the Red has taken it upon himself to update the Lion Tamer whip, transforming it into the Flame Whip.You can find this and more in the PvP shop!

Battle Polls are wrapping up, so look for the winner in the Battle Poll shop, and PvP On to duke it out for the next special item!

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April 06, 2012

Cinderella in... Nightwraith out!

Hey there Hero... smashers? This is Cinderella from over at EpicDuel with your daily dose of Design Notes!

Happy Hoppy Easter to all of you on the Julian calendar, and what goes better with Easter than bunnies? Head over to the Fairgrounds to get your seasonal goodies from the Fool’s Day Shop as it will be leaving on Sunday, at which point the April Fool’s items will be gone for another year. So grab the silliness while you still can!  Speaking of Sunday, head back to Fairgrounds and check out Pyotr Rabbit and his carrot cache for a healthy and delicious springtime snack! You'll also find awesome Easter items, but for a limited time only so hop to it! The Easter goodies will be going live on Easter Sunday! 

Today Nightwraith will also be going back to Delta V (he finally got that teleporter fixed), so if you missed his gear, you’ll have to wait until Nightwraith’s real-life birthday in November to grab it again.

For those of you wondering why I've brought my special brand of insane over to HeroSmash: as you know I'm the staff writer for EpicDuel and because I guess I don't have enough on my plate already I'm getting shared with HeroSmash. This does not mean I'm leaving EpicDuel, just that I'll be helping out with words and such over here as well. 

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