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Hero Smash

About HeroSmash

Look... up in the sky! It is a jet... a pterodactyl... no wait... it is HeroSmash! The free super MMO that plays right in your web browser. <"Dunnn dunn dunnn!" pretend there is dramatic music here, ok?> Create your own super character and become a legend! Featuring real-time combat, original stylized “vinyl” characters, and you can mix and match super powers. Battle evil as a hero (or become evil as a villain) wielding your very own combination of super powers!

Save Her!


  • On-going releases!
  • Cooperative Multiplayer with Real time combat
  • Cutscenes
  • Highly customizable characters
  • Mix-and-match super Power Skill System
  • Secret Identities (Coming soon)
  • Home & secret pathway to your Secret Lair (Coming Soon)
  • Player vs Player combat (Optional & Coming soon)


A game for everyone

Like our other hit games, HeroSmash is intended for all audiences. The game contains mild cartoon violence, no swearing, no blood, no obscene things, but we do have LOTS and LOTS of really bad puns. Players under the age of 13 play on our "safe servers" where chat is restricted to pre-selected canned messages. Our normal servers offer full chat with filters.


Super Releases

As you read this, we are working on new areas, quests, monsters, superpowers, special events and more for HeroSmash. Unlike other games, we continue to build our games right under your feet. What we build next is based on what you and the other great players suggest. Some players will even end up becoming official game characters! Join our Forums with your fellow Heroes and tell us what you want to see next. Here is your HeroSmash Team:

  • Project lead: Galanoth (from the original AdventureQuest)
  • Art: Thyton & Jemini (From MechQuest)
    Animation: Yergen Von Smergenbergen
    Apprentice Artists: Xyo, Polistar, Ichidor and Zheenx
  • Moose-ification & Game stuff: Dumoose, Safiria & Randor the Red
  • Coding: Zhoom (Engine) & Llussion (Interface) using a lot of the awesome code created by Minimal who is still working hard on AQWorlds.


Plays in your Web Browser - No Downloads or Installs!

HeroSmash was created using Adobe Flash so it plays right in your web browser. Flash is pre-installed and comes with most web browsers.


HeroSmash, and all of our new games use the Artix Entertainment, BattleOn! Games Dragon Login!


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