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Randor the Red

May 23, 2013

A New Direction

Hiya Smashers!

This week we updated the Cinco de Mayo shop with the updated Cinco De Mayo outfit (and have added a CC Version). Next update will include weapons and Memorial Day items, and then after that, I will be ending the 5 weeks of the Cinco de Mayo shop with special items I have personally made in the past year that have not yet been released (I have been saving them for a special occasion!)

Also this week I was promoted from Creative Lead to Project Lead (Yergen is still Game Lead). This will lead to new resources and a little more power in decision making. One decision I have made is to begin a revision of Fame and Smashcoins items and pricing; currently we have non-member gear (non-CC), member gear (CC - color customizable) and Smashcoin Items (partially CC, more likely animated). This has caused a lot of issues for the art team and has also made members feel they are not getting what theydeserve. Smashcoin items do not count towards bank space as the Smashcoins are actually paying for the space (Like buying extra bank/inventory space) for those items. So the planned changes once finalized and approved will hopefully make everyone much happier!

We will be making only two versions of items, Normal and Special versions. Normal will as always be basic non-CC items, while Special (CC, Animated and click-able options) will come in two pricing options (Fame and Smashcoins). The Smashcoin option will continue to take up no bank space. This will allow artists to just make two versions instead of three of each item, giving them more time to finish projects sooner. Members and Smashcoin spenders get the same items, but Smashcoin versions have the following advantages - Do not take up bank space and even if you are not a member it is still CC gear. Before this happens (will only affect new items once they have been approved) we need to work out the value of Fame to Smashcoins as we want to start making gear scale much more fairly in Fame price, but also at a fair rate for Smashcoin versions. A lot of players
have banked up Fame and many love to farm - we want all of you to be happy playing HeroSmash, so expect new ideas and changes (remember we still in Beta!)

New Battle Poll is up - Wonderp Bread will make a Wolf or Unicorn head based which side wins!

Have a great weekend everyone :)

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Randor the Red

October 30, 2012

PumpCON Returns!

PumpCON has returned to /fairgrounds once again with a few minor updates. There will be a few more items added on Wednesday.

Battle Polls is on once again this time its Samurai vs Ninja! As for last poll please note artwork is not completed until a winning is decided, then artist completes the winnning item(s) and the loser never gets made. Soon as Steampunk is finished it will be added to the shop.

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Randor the Red

August 24, 2012

Another Crazy Week!

This week been a busy one as we plan and testing new features for the game like SMASHable (via mouse click) objects (trash cans, lamp poles, fire hydrant and mail boxes.. do all smashables have two words in them?). Another feature we have planned is the phone booth (still in concept stage) where you can change your appearance like at Beleen's shop.

Nulgath vs Dage Battle Poll ended with Tree Trunk of Klunk as winning item (Giant Rare version also in shop!). Join in the newest Battle Poll "Tech vs Steampunk"...winning item will be finished shaded and colored to be added to BP shop and other gone forever!

The HS team is working on different art projects all at once (we were working on updating Scamps Groceries to be a walk around room with food fighting items!). But I had forgot about Dragon Khan (that due to there was not one last year instead we had the 30 days of suggestions). I designed a Dragon Khan booth and assigned the team to start working on dragon themed gear for next week. Scamps is still on list for an update (just no release date). Also we will also be doing something for Labor Day!

While people start heading back to school we will be working even harder as the plan is to get storyline in motion. Since I started as Creative Lead I had not realized there were so many holidays in a year!

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Randor the Red

August 19, 2012

Late Update Info

Many things this past week have caused delays in plans. Cinderella was out of town, and Polistar, Zheenx, DrDOT and Postmaster general all have things to deal with in their lives (school, work, vacations, etc.). I took advantage of their absence to take the time to upgrade my hardware.

Updating a computer at some point comes to an end and one needs a clean start. So, I overhauled the OS (Operating System) and at same time installed major updates I could not use in the past- what this means is that I’ve modernized my system and should be able to work with a greater variety of file types, and run new top of the line security software to keep my files and everyone else safe. I’ve also upgraded my memory so my system can handle the new operating system coming out next year. 

Then death came in form of a power outage which killed my hard drive with all my artwork! As I began hard drive repair software my network died (power outages are a tech nightmare!) leaving me without a way to access to the lab to get latest files to work with while I repair the HDD. Being your own PC repair person is an asset! Good news is the PC is running better than it was two years ago and I was able to save all major files (four years worth!). So, that’s been my week. Now I’ll working hard to get last of the Blockbuster items this week. This will be last week for any new items as we move onto Labor (or Labour) Day Event.

As I said Cinderella was out of town this week but she did help as much as she could, and we all thank her for that... (too bad she not here to fix my typos LOL). Edit from Cinderella- I’m back home now, so yes I am here to fix your typos. How do you function without me? 

Special thanks to the assistant developers as they learn the HeroSmash way of life as they try keep their own lives in balance. They been creating some amazing stuff and are getting even better!So in short sorry for the delays, but you know chaos it does not give any warnings... Speaking of which the Dage vs Nulgath Batlle Poll is coming to an end... who will win!?!

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Randor the Red

July 07, 2012

Dage vs Nulgath

Hi everyone! Quickie Design Notes today, perfect for a bite-sized snack! This week in HeroSmash, we stocked the Freedom Day with some brand new items! Get them while you can, since the Freedom Day shop will only be available until July 13, when it will be replaced with Zazul and the Friday the 13th shop! Last time, we announced that the new Battle Poll would be commemorating a special event: AQW’s Dage vs. Nulgath war! Two weapons representing these masters of Evil go in, only one comes out... and it’s all up to you!Happy Smashing!

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Randor the Red

May 09, 2012

Mid-week Update

Today we added a few more Player suggestion items to the game. Polistar and Zheenx helped out with the suggestions. Cinco de Mayo shop be here for another week to allow more time to farm to get the perm rares. Bug fixing is still ongoing as so does the Battle Poll event which as in the past will be a close one.

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Randor the Red

April 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning!

As our veteran players know, we are still in Beta which inevitably comes with the ever so popular bugs. Recently players have been seeing some overdue fixes to improve certain items (especially ones that carried over from Alpha). The bridge between artist and coder is not always clear; since Dumoose has been running me through the basics, I am able to be both when is comes to certain items starting with the guns. With this new-found knowledge, I have been tweaking long guns so that they will no longer look like they sticking in the ground and reposition them more correctly while keeping firing animation the same (though some items had to have "extra" animation to make more sense and run more smoothly). With help of our testers like PostMaster we are compiling a list of things to fix over the next few months such as CC (ie. color customization) errors in armors and items. This week there will be no extra release as we have been uber busy (eg. rolled out PvP and BP war begining of week *see last DN Post*) fixing and testing to get a new system of doing the guns which will now go much faster... go team go!

Next week we’ll be releasing some Player Suggestion Items! Polistar has already started on this project, and I myself will be doing some. The plan is to have player suggestions much more often, but our first priority is to clean out the older files and optimize the item system. After we get things organized we can move forward. Cinderella has been helping out with writing (as a testament to her infinite patience with me, she is correcting all my typos now) and with her help, we will be getting the HS storyline back in motion.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Yergen for his mentoring while he uses his amazing skills on AQ3D ( While working on AQ3D he still the time to make sure I don’t blow up HS anytime soon (he has dibs on that lol)!

Many players have been asking for a Movie Plex update, Soon as things speed up again, we will do a Summer Blockbuster themed update (I’m sure they not going to run out of those any time soon). To all our players who support HeroSmash we at Artix Entertainment thank you and will continue to provide best fun games possible. Battle On!

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Randor the Red

April 16, 2012

New Battle Poll and Info

This week a new Battle Poll has started. This time it is not an sword but the start of an armor set! In this poll you decide the type of armor you perfer heavy leather vs steel and cloth tunic. Winning armor will be made and other lost in time forever. The poll after this one you get to vote how the armor evolves (extra padding, clickable shields, etc.).

Next few days the long overdue of Polistar items will be added to PvP Shop, the armors and helms were added on the weekend.

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Randor the Red

March 01, 2012

New Battle Poll!

Head over to HeroSmash and read the news for the newest Battle Poll! winning item gets in the put into BP Shop in the game item while the loser is gone forever! The next upcoming Battle will have some changes as you the players will fight to customize a new gear set! (More on this next round). Also keep an eye on the Daily Shop as I added some new Chakrams!

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Randor the Red

February 25, 2012

Battle Poll Ends

Battle winner was the "The Destroyer"! it has been added to the BP Shop. Well be updating asap and starting the next round!

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Randor the Red

February 17, 2012

Error in your Favor

Due to the Battle Polls not working properly last few days we lowered the total! Keep up the good (or evil) fight!

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Randor the Red

February 14, 2012

Hero Heart Day

Tonight we bring back the Hero Heart Day shop from last year with some new additions!

Also the Battle Polls are really heating up! soon we shall have a winner. The winning item will be added the the Battle Poll shop! Plus keep an eye on this page as later this week I be posting about an update to the Random Shop!

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February 03, 2012

Let the Battle Polls Commence

Ok power people, now is the time to make your voice hear. Make it heard by beating up others that is. HA! The battle Polls have officially started! What is the Battle Polls? Well quite simply, it's your standard poll. Dogs vs Cat, Flannel vs Silk, Cereal vs Toast, Ponies vs Ponies. That kind of thing.

            But anyone can just click to vote. We here at HeroSmash do things a bit differently. We make you kick butt to vote. That's right, PvP battles will now drop War Tokens that you can use to cast your vote. You decide the outcome, by simply doing what you all do best. CRUSHING YOUR OPPONANTS! Hahahahahahaha!

            Some people may want a little "reward" for their voting. Well we've got that covered. Not only are you fighting for the "side" you want, but there is also an item that goes along with that side. The winning side gets that item made and put in a Battle Poll shop. The losing side will go in the vaults. Possibly never to be seen again... That is unless we use it for another poll :P.

            What's the fist poll? Well this one is a good one. It's an age old question that has made enemies of friends, and brought nations to their knees. The first Battle Poll is.... SCI-FI vs FANTASY. Thyton has sketched up two amazing swords for you to battle for. One being forged with magic and dragon breath, the other is a fine tuned killing machine created from nano particles and devious robots. Which will be the victor? It is entirely up to you.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... Have at thee!


Step Up and Say Hello – Randor the Red

A certain (not so) secret project has been eating my time lately. I have asked a long time HeroSmash artist to step up and help me out with some things in HeroSmash. Randor the Red will be helping me out. He accepted the challenge and has been hard at work learning to do some of the stuff I do on a daily basis on HeroSmash. One of the main things that he will help me out on is the Design Notes. I enjoy writing them, but unfortunately have had my hands more than full lately. Randor will be helping out, letting you know some of the new items, and ideas that are going on. So expect to see some red DN posts mixed in with the yellow ones.

Randor has been doing really good, and has really stepped up to the new challenges. Let’s hear it for Randor!!!

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January 13, 2012

F13 Item Sneak Peek, and more Battle Polls info

Hey power people. I know, I can't just start off with a header like that, and not deliver, so I'll just jump to the good stuff. 

Pretty sick, huh? If things go the way i have labeled them, expect lots of rares! However - I tend to over-rare, and then things get medium well, and then you have a steak sandwich. So we'll see how things go.

There has been a lot of questions as to Battle Polls. Here is some more info on those. With all these wars between good and evil we have it lead me to realize one thing. EVIL WILL ALWAYS WIN. It's not a bad thing. And it certainly doesn't mean that the good guys don't try. They put up a crazy fight. But Super Death and I have noticed that when we oversee all these wars the villains always end up on top. So it got me thinking... How can we still pit player against player in epic wars that are still fun, and always find a way to make it fun, while giving everyone a chance? Zoinks! Thats a big question. Well I came up with one good idea. Battle Polls. Take any two things. Dogs vs Cats, Action vs Comedy, Sprinkles vs Chocolate Chipe, or maybe even the epic choice - Pirates vs Ninja. Which is the best? That's where you come in. You decide who wins by turning in PvP war tokens. The choice is yours when the lines are drawn. Win a winner emerges, an item will appear in the Battle Poll shop that is inspired by what you were fighting for. Now we can always have epic wars, and the outsome will always be unkoown! Man this is going to be fun. Expect the first Battle Poll in the next couple of weeks or so (sporatic release schedule, remember). If you have any ideasfor what the first Battle Poll should be let me know on Twitter with a #BattlePolls tag on it!

~Yergen Von Shmergenbergen

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