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June 08, 2012

Zheenx Bow Shop and DrDot!

Hey Smashers! Cinderella here again with your weekly dose of Design Notes.

Things have been crazy inside and out of Randor the Red’s mind this past few weeks (a location with which Randor is only transiently familiar). His mastery of typos almost equals that of Artix. Luckily for you, his insanity has been paying off as he has been slowly building a new HS team. In fact lets welcome DrDot to the team! drDOT will be joining us as an artist and (possibly) an animator, so hopefully that means bigger and better things. We are excited about him, and have the utmost confidence in his abilities.

Many of you have asked for more bows so Randor asked Zheenx to make a bunch. Which he did- so much so he made a whole new shop for it. You can visit Zheenx’s shop on East Main ( /mainstreeteast ,next to BOOM-ingdales) to pick up the latest projectile weapons available in-game!

I’m told other things have been happening but they are still classified as “under construction”. Or so it says on Randor’s door. I hear the occasional noise, so I assume he’s sleeping. Occasionally there’s an invitation to come in for cookies. Not sure I trust him, but then again, cookies...

The next big task is to get the team working as a unit and planning out the storyline. While we’ve known each other for a while, Randor and I have never worked as a creative unit before. This presents some unique challenges- from my perspective, I’ll have to adapt my writing style to a different storytelling medium, and adjust the existing framework to accommodate a smaller staff that’s already spread pretty thin (I’m also the staff writer for EpicDuel). But before we can handle a storyline release, the plan is to have another player suggestion release and a movie plex release in the upcoming weeks.

Hope you enjoy the latest gear, and thank you for your continued support!
Smash On!

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