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Randor the Red

November 16, 2012

Nightwraith and PumpCON are GONe!

PumpCON is now gone until next season. Nightwraith once again traveling the dimensions. His personal gear now PERM rare. Infact it is rare that staff allow players to have some awesome personal gear, so all give a BIG thanks to Nightwraith! His Npc will return again one day with new gear from EpicDuel. Ok with luck you will see a Thankgiving release begining of next week. The Super City Mall is getting major tweaks as we attempting to have a quest zone release as soon as possible. Have a great weekend! Also check out Oversoul BETA release!

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Randor the Red

November 10, 2012

Overlook Again!?!

Woke up this morn thinking, so much to do but overlook is done... Until reports came in say that the menu was acting up. Bugs, Bugs and more Bugs! HeroSmash keeps evolving and so does Flash. Most of us updated to lastest flash making software which is a few generations from ones I started with. Each new Flash making software causes old coding to act up. This time it was my fault! Why? Well I wanted not only update Overlook with Faith but also throw in some of the new features we created. Sadly this made older layers go little crazy. Lucky for me I usually break alot of things and have Dumoose and Yergen look at me and *sigh*. But that how we learn, by understanding why things break you can understand how to fix and so was the case today.

As I was fixing people asked when Nightwraith coming? Well NOW! As of now Nightwraith is at Overlook until next Friday. This does not mean hes gone for good, just last time to get he awesome gear. We plan to bring back his npc in the future with new gear from EpicDuel (maybe Titan gear?). Also PumpCON leaves when Thanksgiving stuff(ings) releases. The Super City Mall is coming along good just waiting on some more monsters and items. The art for the monsters was done by Wonderp Bread and animated by Yergen. 

I off to get more things done as art is flowing into my inbox. Enjoy your weekend and as always be safe and have fun (playing HeroSmash)!

Tags: Randor the Red PumpCON Nightwraith

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