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Randor the Red

May 25, 2012

Daily Shop and Memorial Day

Many asked to have an armor set added to the Daily Shop and so Polistar has created the "Practel Enforcer Gear" in both CC and non-CC versions. Also keep an eye out each day for the matching helms and weapons!

memorial day

Been a busy week but Zheenx and Polistar have made some Memorial Day items. Expect to see a shop on Sunday.

Wow alot of people were excited to see bows come to HersoSmash :) So I will be adding some to the Daily shop as soon they are setup (there will be a fire and water theme ones by Zheenx, they are really cool looking!)

For all those that celebrate Memorial Day have a great weekend!

Tags: Daily Shop

Randor the Red

May 16, 2012

Founder Bows!

I just released in the Founder Shop a new special item, the Founders Bows! One Golden, one Shadow and a CC version [Members Only].


Things were very busy this past week but I did not forget about the Founders and Members of HeroSmash. Soon the Battle Poll will be coming to an end, both sides are fighting hard but only one will win and be made into an ingame item.

Tags: Founders Randor the Red

Randor the Red

May 10, 2012

Server Restart

Todays server restart was to correct a bug in the BP meter, which kept stopping after a server restart. Thanks to Llussion for his coding powers. Any problems please report on the AE Forums.

Tags: Randor the Red Llussion

Randor the Red

May 09, 2012

Mid-week Update

Today we added a few more Player suggestion items to the game. Polistar and Zheenx helped out with the suggestions. Cinco de Mayo shop be here for another week to allow more time to farm to get the perm rares. Bug fixing is still ongoing as so does the Battle Poll event which as in the past will be a close one.

Tags: Randor the Red Cinco de Mayo Battle Polls

Randor the Red

May 04, 2012

Cinco de Mayo and Randor the Red's Birthday!

What a week! few more of item bugs have been dealt with and then built a Cinco de Mayo/ Birthday shop and filled it with seasonal goodies! There maybe one more item to be added later when finished that will be perm rare.

may 5

Polistar is working hard on getting player suggestion stuff on track. Zheenx also now helping with suggestions so expect to see some soon.

Tags: Randor the Red Cinco de Mayo Randor Birthday


May 03, 2012

News Update!

Many have asked about the HeroSmash anniversary. Since the game still in Beta there is no official anniversary until the game is considered officially Live (meaning out of testing). Randor is planning something for Founders just as soon as he is able to get coding to work way he likes first. It will be- dare I say it?- “Smashing”. 

As for the Player suggestions for this week, it has put on hold little longer. Sorry! Polistar ran into computer problems and Randor been busy creating a new seasonal shop and all the items for it. Keep an eye out for next update as we celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

May 5th sounds familiar for another reason... take the time on the 5th to wish a very happy birthday to my wonderful HeroSmash boss, Randor the Red! The Cinco de Mayo shop will also contain weird, wacky, and wonderful items themed around everyone’s favorite #FF0000-obsessed individual.

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