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Randor the Red

March 30, 2012

Nightwraith comes to Town!

Reports are coming in a strange lights have been seen at the park! That's right EpicDuels infamous Nightwraith has landed (by accident) here in the HeroSmash universe. Like a great "Doctor" once said time will always correct itself so hurry up to meet Nightwraith as he will only be here for one week! Also will once again for one day in November this year (Wibbly Wobbley! time warps!) 

Nightwraith Armor

As usual the Daily Shop continues to grow so keep an eye out each day :) As of now the RARE Ancient Aquadia Trident at Golden Claws shop is gone forever! But newer items will be added in the future!

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Randor the Red

March 23, 2012

Scavenger Hunt!

Now in HeroSmash! Go scavenging for treasure! Golden Claw in the "Ruins" has found a treasure chest full of exquisite, but damaged, treasure. If you help Golden Claw repair the treasure, he'll gladly share it with you! You will have to search all over HeroSmash to find what creatures and monsters has the items you need.

St. Patrick' Day is gone for another year, hope you all enjoyed.

New armor with clickable arms has been added to Treasure Shop (visit Golden Claw) and a Rare Trident (Leaving next Friday). No difference in Member or SC versions just different pricing options.

In the upcoming updates we will be adding to the Player Suggestions Shop. Please note to post suggestions on AE Forums not Twitter. Twitter can be use for fanart and game related questions.

Next Up: Fool's Day! (or am I just fooling you?)

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Randor the Red

March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day!

This weekend we celebrate St. Patrick's Day! If you can find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow then you be in luck! (head over to the Park now!). Polistar has made a special gun for the shop :)

St Patrick Day


Also St. Patrick's Day is my Grandmother's and Sister's Birthday! Happy Birthday to them and to all that celebrate their birthday this day

Next week the scavenger hunt to find parts of a lendary sword begins! (One part the "Core" is found in the Daily Shop)

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Randor the Red

March 09, 2012

An update you Axed?

Tonight when the Daily Shop rolls the dice and updates (Midnight - Eastern Standard Time) you will find the Axe Bladed Swords! get them quickly as they go random 24h hours after that! (Faction and CC versions) below you see Axe-bladed Swords. Also can be found in the Daily Shop are Double-bladed Axes (one even doubles up for double trouble!)

As usual the Daily Shop displays items each day at random so check it out each day until you find what you looking for!

Axe swords

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Randor the Red

March 01, 2012

New Battle Poll!

Head over to HeroSmash and read the news for the newest Battle Poll! winning item gets in the put into BP Shop in the game item while the loser is gone forever! The next upcoming Battle will have some changes as you the players will fight to customize a new gear set! (More on this next round). Also keep an eye on the Daily Shop as I added some new Chakrams!

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