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June 19, 2015

We did it, Hero!

Our 1st mobile game just hit 1,000,000 downloads! But here is the crazy part... less than 1,000 have reached the end of the map and defeated Dargon the BOSS DRAGON. In fact, most players do not make it past level 10... can you do better? Battle on!

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Martial Artix

November 14, 2013

2014 Poster Calendar Story

My favorite part of the design notes is sharing the behind the scenes stories of how we make things. Many of you have been with us for many years-- you have seen what I am about to talk about first hand. But if you are just joining us, this is an interesting point in the story to jump in! Behold, this year's brand new 2014 Artix Entertainment Calendar Poster!

2014 Artix Entertainment Poster Calendar

We created our first calendar 4 years ago. We worked really hard on it, using mostly Oishii's art (Oishii was the first artist to join the team.) It featured all of our female characters. The reaction was overwhelmingly "Uh... this is girly!" We even recieved a phone call from a parent asking if we had any that were more... you know... for boys.

So, LOL, the next year Diozz joined the team. He created a more villain oriented calendar and it was recieved really well. We were able to make it thanks to Toys"R"Us to helped cover the costs of production. It sold out completely HeroMart, but, unlike our card game, it did not do well at all in Toys"R"Us. We actually bought calendars back from Toys"R"Us to put more on HeroMart that year. The following year, we created our first Calendar Poster. It was the coolest thing we had ever created. We made it double sided. The front side had the calendar on it. The idea was, when the year was over people could flip it over and it would be an awesome stand-alone-poster. Players loved it!

This year, Diozz drew the scene above as a personal gift to me. It was so... dark, dangerous, with a feeling of action and no matter how many undead surrounded Artix he was going to fight and fight and fight and win! I asked Diozz if we could use his art for this year's 2014 calendar and he smiled and said he was honored.

Dage spent several days digitally painting it. It was tricky because the original picture was landscape. We tried it, but a sideways poster just felt weird. So Diozz and Dage spend a lot of time repainting and re-editing it to fit perfectly on a tall poster. You probably want to hear about the class and items that come with it, but you can see all of that on the HeroMart site.

I really wanted to share the story and love that went into creating this. The poster/calendar has become a new yearly tradition and this one...  perfectly matches the new dark, epic, and heroic feel that we want to put into our games. If you get one -- I would love to see a picture of it on your wall!

NOTE: To give our support and help those affected by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, we will be donating 20% of all calendar profit to the Red Cross in the Philippines through the end of November. AdventureQuest Worlds has 1,329,791 players who live in the Philippines.  So if you are going to get a calendar, order it now—it feels better knowing your game stuff is chipping in for a good cause!

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October 05, 2012

Next Week: 10th Anniversary!

A special event across ALL our games

When did you first start playing AE games? How long have you been playing? How is it possible that we will have been creating weekly releases together for 10 years next week? 10 YEARS!?!?!? We need to do something special. Not just special, we need to do something bigger and crazier than we have ever tried before. We need to do a new "1st!" you are hereby invited as a VIP guest, October 12th @ 6pm EST for a special event that will take place not just here in HeroSmash... but in ALL 6 of our major games! (Next Friday!)

Artix Entertainment's 10th anniversary special event

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April 14, 2011

New Hero Stuff coming!

New areas, 60+ Monsters and 500+ Items

Galanoth (Erm... sorry. "Galanor") is either the best project lead of all time, or he is an insane super maniacal slave driver. Because he has the team creating an unthinkable amount of content for you in the short time we have before release. (Go team go!) There will be 4 more new areas than were originally planned, over 60 monsters and... *gulps* over 500 items! The best part is... some items are super powers. In HeroSmash you will be able to get super powers from: monster drops, in-game shops, and quest rewards!

New items!

Also, we are working on the NPCs for the 1st round of winners from the "Who wants to be an NPC" contest. We have room for just 1 or 2 more winners before Beta begins....

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March 23, 2011


If you think about it, it would be really wierd for a Hero to beat up a bad guy and then... take his money. So we needed something else to be the official currency of HeroSmash. After many discussions we thought... every time you defeat a foe... regardless of wether you are a good guy or a bad guy, you would become more famous. So the currency in HeroSmash should be... Fame!


Each time you defeat an opponent you will gain fame. You can use fame obtain new powers, new costume pieces, and pretty much eveything else!


Woah! while I was writing this... Cysero sent me a link to fan art he made of his character for HeroSmash!

Super Cysero


Also, I posted some updated rules for the Who Wants to be an NPC contest on the forums.

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March 23, 2011

HeroSmash ALPHA III is LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have ever supported ANY Artix Entertainment game by becoming a Guardian, DragonLord, Star Captain, AQWorlds Member, or EpicDuel Varium (We really need a name for them.), you can now log in and play in the ultimate and most important segement of the HeroSmash Alpha Test! You will get a badge, be the first to level up, and collect rare items that will only be available in Alpha! .... and help us smash bugs. Lots... and lots.... of big evil squishy bugs! FOR JUSTICE! Plus: Level 10s can get the Horrible Dr. costume. It's in the Titanium Threads shop on Main Street.


Alpha III is LIVE!!!

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March 23, 2011

Mix & Match Powers!

Today, we are releasing the first mix-and-matchable super powers for you to test! Zhoom has been working on this for the past several weeks. This will ultimately allow you to create any type of hero with whatever powers you want!


The 1st round of powers for you to test!

Remember, this is still Alpha -- we are not even sure if this is going to work, LOL! Help us test out the first round of super powers. We will be balancing them and changing them as you play. If you want something changed, please let us know!


  • Brain Freeze -- Smash your opponents with icy power!
  • Lazer Eyes -- Blast monsters with fire from your eyes!
  • Horror -- Strike fear into your enemy's heart with this mental ability!
  • Siphon Life -- Sap some of your enemy's health and give it to yourself!
  • Slice and Dice -- Super-powered slashing FTW!


Good luck! ... and remember test everything as wrong as you can. "With great "alpha" power comes... great irresonsibility!" FOR JUSTICE!

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