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March 21, 2013

St Patrick's Day

This week we re-launched St Patrick's Day in the Park with some new items, so please do check those out!

Last week, though I was away, I found myself keeping in touch with Wonderp Bread and Polistar. I am glad I did as Wonderp (Bread) created a new monster "Zombie Terrornator". After a lot of tweaks to the look, it came out very cool. As the monster was being developed we learn how sound effects are done properly on monsters (I am hoping that what we learned will allow us to make SMASHables to have working sounds as well).

I have also finally found a way to deal with death lag on monsters which needs more refining. Now we have all the monsters designed for the mall, the Super City Mall will come out in phases:
Phase 1 - Mall and monsters; so we can test for issues with monsters.
Phase 2 - Storyline/Quests.
Phase 3 - Monster level balancing; to make that it is possible to raise level cap in the future.

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