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February 03, 2012

Let the Battle Polls Commence

Ok power people, now is the time to make your voice hear. Make it heard by beating up others that is. HA! The battle Polls have officially started! What is the Battle Polls? Well quite simply, it's your standard poll. Dogs vs Cat, Flannel vs Silk, Cereal vs Toast, Ponies vs Ponies. That kind of thing.

            But anyone can just click to vote. We here at HeroSmash do things a bit differently. We make you kick butt to vote. That's right, PvP battles will now drop War Tokens that you can use to cast your vote. You decide the outcome, by simply doing what you all do best. CRUSHING YOUR OPPONANTS! Hahahahahahaha!

            Some people may want a little "reward" for their voting. Well we've got that covered. Not only are you fighting for the "side" you want, but there is also an item that goes along with that side. The winning side gets that item made and put in a Battle Poll shop. The losing side will go in the vaults. Possibly never to be seen again... That is unless we use it for another poll :P.

            What's the fist poll? Well this one is a good one. It's an age old question that has made enemies of friends, and brought nations to their knees. The first Battle Poll is.... SCI-FI vs FANTASY. Thyton has sketched up two amazing swords for you to battle for. One being forged with magic and dragon breath, the other is a fine tuned killing machine created from nano particles and devious robots. Which will be the victor? It is entirely up to you.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... Have at thee!


Step Up and Say Hello – Randor the Red

A certain (not so) secret project has been eating my time lately. I have asked a long time HeroSmash artist to step up and help me out with some things in HeroSmash. Randor the Red will be helping me out. He accepted the challenge and has been hard at work learning to do some of the stuff I do on a daily basis on HeroSmash. One of the main things that he will help me out on is the Design Notes. I enjoy writing them, but unfortunately have had my hands more than full lately. Randor will be helping out, letting you know some of the new items, and ideas that are going on. So expect to see some red DN posts mixed in with the yellow ones.

Randor has been doing really good, and has really stepped up to the new challenges. Let’s hear it for Randor!!!

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