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Randor the Red

March 11, 2013

Return of the Bridge

First off, we wish Postmaster General a safe and exciting journey as he delivers a sack of super-secret mail to the outer reaches of the universe! He'll be away for a few months, but don't worry, he'll be back!. Before leaving stockpiled a museum's worth of art and helped out with game-planning. With him gone, I'll have to go back to slow-mail.... I mean email!

The Next Membership Promotion Gear?

Wonderp Bread and Polistar as a team are truly amazing! As I mentioned before, they created a super-sized monster for the arena project! Get ready to test how strong you really are! As with any other game in Beta, HeroSmash's environment is ever-changing! I'd planned to update the default armor's appearance, but because of the incredible amount of work involved in that, instead I'll make those new armors available in starter shops for new players. There will be a Member-only color-customizable version AND a few non-CC versions. What colors would you like those to have?

Base, Trim ans Accessory are choice colors

Alpha testers are a really loyal bunch! I had a lot of requests for the old Overlook (Super City Bridge and game tutorial). Seems it was a great hangout and many enjoyed standing on the rock to do Super poses. Truth is it was always going to return once I updated the tutorial and other art issues. For now it will return just as a hangout spot to be called "SuperCityBridge". Overlook will be where heroes and villains can get updates and news on latest events, wars and missions. The arena's also getting some final artwork polish done and will be added soon! A few more monsters are also in development for the mall (3 levels of difficulty)! This week I will be away to get recharged. We already decided that the Blockbuster movie-plex rare events will happen more often (how does every 3 months sound?) vs the originally-planned yearly event. We've been polling on the forums to get ahead and the team's been hard at work making your requests in-game reality! The biggest projects right now are the Super City map and the world map.

Wanna hang out?

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Randor the Red

February 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Postmaster General

This week we're celebrating Postmaster General birthday, because he's leveled up in real life! Head on up to the Super City Overlook and click the shop button to see a host of happy birthday gear! The team is working on ideas to expand the Smashdome with a monster arena, but we want to know what YOU would like to see there! Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or the forum and keep an eye on the Design Notes to see what we decide!

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