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Obrigado Brasil!

September 07, 2011

Sete de Setembro!

Happy Independence Day, Brazil!

One hundred and eighty nine years ago on this day, the country of Brazil declared their independence from Portugal. And today, we are celebrating their independence with some special Brazilian themed in-game items!

brazil independence day11

Our fellow Brazilian amigo Zheenx crafted these items just for this special day. And his friend, Ultimo Vaqueiro, is waiting for you in Market Street with a shop full of Seasonal Rare goodies. Show off your Brazilian independence day spirit with the Escudo shield, Mascara neckerchief, Espada blade, Tatuagem face paint, and the óculos glasses!

Day 8 of Player Suggestions

A new player suggested item has been added to the DTU Kiosks!

Antroids buggin’ you? Not any longer!

Feast your eyes on the Bionic Cleaver, inspired by your fellow player Mieteor. And for just 24 DTs, you too can own this part metal part machine bionic blade!

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