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Randor the Red

February 23, 2012

Hero Heart Day Ended

Hope all enjoyed the Hero heart Day items! The shop now gone until next year. Keep an eye out on the Daily Shop as I will be throwing in some special items called Basic and Legendary Power Cores for both Good and Evil doers! 

So what are Power cores for? Will they will be one of the pieces needed to forge (merge) an upcoming item, which will be hard to get as the rest of the pieces could be anywhere (drops, quest, etc.). The rest of the parts needed will not be ingame just yet (will post when that happens) but since the Daily Shop is random I giving you the chance to hunt for the first part starting after Midnight EST (Eastern Standard Time). So after that check the shop each day. More about this will be posted here soon.

NEW! Random Shop has been updated once again... happy hunting!

TIP! Did you know some items are clickable and are clickable while previewing item in shops and inventory!

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