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September 08, 2011

Cold Blooded

for Hot Blooded Villains!

WOAH! Just look at this killer battle axe inspired by your fellow player Omega!

cold blooded axe
"A super villain's eyeshadow should always match her weapon." --Beleen

That thing is far too evil lookin’ to be used by good-hearted Heroes. A weapon of that caliber is only suitable in the hands of a super villain. So you know what that means: the Cold Blooded axe can only be obtained by Villains in the Skulldeep DTU Kiosk!

Where in the world…?

Where…where did Dark Vengeance pose for this snapshot?

Wish you were here!

I know where—but you don’t. Nope. Not yet! But tomorrow—ohhh yess, tomorrow you will find out!

Hooray for super vague spoilers! ^____^    

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