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September 06, 2011

Day Five...Six...Seven of Suggestions

Time flies when you’re having CON!

Can you believe it’s already Tuesday?! Since this past weekend was DragonCon, and yesterday was a federal holiday in the States (meaning no work for us!), we haven’t had a chance to post some Design Notes ‘til right now.

So let me fill you in on what’s been released and what’s to come!

This past Friday, two new Player Suggested items were released in the DTU Kiosks: Fiery Wrath and Bitter Cold, inspired by your fellow player SuperB Soldier.

superb soldier

Today, the rockin’ color custom Electric Guitar, inspired by Skalybur, and the color custom Shades of Vanguish created by Black Hood are available in both the Herospire and Shadowfall* Kiosks.

skalybur and blackhood

Get yer mits on these player suggested items—and more!—by completing the Kiosks’ missions! Make sure you accept the missions before playing the minigames or else you won’t get awarded DTs…and thus, you won’t be able to buy the items in the Kiosk shop!

Dia da Independência

Tomorrow is the Independence Day of Brazil! And in order to celebrate, Zheenx has created some super awesome Brazilian gear for this special event. Log in tomorrow to score Brazilian themed items that will only be offered during this special time of year! Obrigado Brazil!

The Future of HeroSmash

There’s A LOT in store for HeroSmash’s future. And I mean A LOT—trust me, ‘cuz I’m in charge of writing EVERYTHING down that Yergen, Dumoose, Thyton, Llussion, and Jemini throw my way! O___O Quickly! Someone give my hands a +20 Agility buff!

I am not sure of what I’m allowed to reveal, and what I’m supposed to keep a secret, but as you all know, I LOVE giving out spoilers, and that’s exactly what I intend on doing =D

Right now, me and your friendly HeroSmash team are working on:

  • new map structure (should be released this week!)
  • a linear storyline to link together all of the current missions
  • start of a brand-new storyline dubbed “Story Zero”
  • new map functionality
  • renovating major areas in the world
  • system updates to the HALdriod
  • new zones with some exclusive Member Only areas

Have I  said too much? Probably. I’m sure I’ll get a frantic IM from Dumoose within a few minutes saying that I’ve said waaay too much and that nothing is set in stone…blah blah blah. Yes, yes, none of this is FOR SURE going to happen, but we ARE working on all of the above, and as such, I think you have a right to know what the future of HeroSmash looks like!

And it’s looking pretty super awesome if you ask me!

Alrighty folks—I gatta get back to work. As you can see, there’s a lot for me to be working on, and the quicker I finish them (erm…or start them, rather), the sooner you and your friends can play through it!

In the meantime, Smash On my friends!

*And by Shadowfall, I really mean Skulldeep. Skulldeep is in HeroSmash, Shadowfall is in AQW. Heheehe, whoopsies! See what happens when you spend 2 years in Lore? ^____^

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